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10 February New intimidating photo on home page; Summary updated; Recent titles updated Intimidating photo, Summary, Recently published
13 October Added links to reviews of Nolan's film Movie Reviews
9 October Interview with CP added The Prestige Q&A page
3 October Comments on website and studio non-cooperation with the novel on which everything is based The Prestige movie page
September Chinese editions of The Prestige and The Glamour published Recently published
September Spanish book club edition of The Separation published Recently published
April - September Various small additions and corrections, usually associated with the filming of The Prestige The Prestige movie page
22 January Russian edition of The Glamour -- changes to The Prestige page Recently published - The Prestige
15 January New paperback edition of The Affirmation from Gollancz. The Affirmation
11 December Recent books: The Separation (US hardback), Futur intérieur (French paperback, The Extremes (UK paperback) Recently published - The Separation - The Extremes
28 November Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire, The Separation Summary
2 October Newmarket Films' production of The Prestige announced. Bale, Jackman and Caine to star. Christopher Nolan (most recently of Batman Begins) is to direct. The Prestige movie page
8 September Gollancz edition of The Extremes published The Extremes
20 June Gollancz edition of The Glamour published The Glamour
5 April French edition of The Separation published Recently published