Christopher Priest

A Dream of Wessex


Earthlight, 1999. ISBN 0 671 03389 1 [paperback 6.99; pp.199]. First published in hardcover by Faber. This edition is a joint publication with The Space Machine (as 'Omnibus 1'). Also available in translation.

What they say

"Christopher Priest is one of our most gifted young writers of science fiction. I recommend A Dream of Wessex. I can best convey its quality by saying that I think not only H. G. Wells but Thomas Hardy himself would have enjoyed and approved of it." - John Fowles

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The novel that shows Chris Priest's novels evolving from relatively conventional science fiction into his more complex and challenging later works. A Dream of Wessex can be read as a straightforward story about a group of twentieth-century dreamers who create a consensus virtual-reality future. Once they enter their imaginary world they are unable to remember who they are, or where they are from. On another level, the novel is itself an extended metaphor for the way in which extrapolated futures are created.