1. Book of Common Prayer – see after “Evening Prayer”, a section headed “At Morning Prayer”, subtitled from its first words in the Latin text “Quicunque vult” [“whosoever will”… (be saved)]

2.  The Episcopal Church of the USA does not recognise it as a standard of faith at all

3. Interestingly, the Common Worship service book [many of us bought a copy in 2001 when they were on offer – do you have one? If not, there are copies in the church shelves and in the chapel] prints the text of the two main creeds [see pages 213 and 140-143] but refers us to the Book of Common Prayer for the Athanasian Creed, so it is clearly not expected to be part of our modern diet

4. It does not start “I/We believe”

5. St Athanasius [296-373AD] was Bishop of Alexandria

6. Note that this is the only one of our three creeds which mentions the word

7.Verse 2: “Which Faith except every one do keep whole and undefiled: without doubt he shall perish everlastingly”.  Verse 42: “This is the Catholick Faith: which except a man believe faithfully, he cannot be saved”.

8. In spite of large church majorities for the revised Prayer Book of 1928, the House of Commons defeated it [by 266 votes to 220] on 14 June 1928, having defeated a similar attempt in 1927. The Church of England, however, published the book and, even though not technically legal, it became widely used for a variety of purposes, particularly Baptisms and Marriages