1. Although this article deals specifically with what the creed says about the Holy Spirit, there is a lot more to say – the subject of another series later on

2. See the Athanasian creed on this

3. If you are old enough to have grown up in the era of the Book of Common Prayer –  you will be familiar with the term “Holy Ghost”. Understandably modern versions of the creed tend to avoid “Ghost” because it has other connotations

4. something which is underlined by the idea that the Spirit has “spoken through the prophets” – that is, was there before Christ, active in the world as part of God’s work

5. For those familiar with Latin or who have read the relevant theology books, this is the famous “Filioque” clause

6. So important has this matter been that, even today, in our own Common Worship books we have two versions of the Nicene creed, one with the clause [page 173], one without [page 140], the latter being for use “on suitable ecumenical occasions”, that is, when we worship with Christians for whom this clause is a difficulty [eg Orthodox churches]