1 The one we say at evensong

2  The one we say at the communion service on Sunday at 8am and 10am

3  Pages 213 and 141in the black Common Worship book which many of us own [copies also in the hymn book shelves ]

4  I cannot tell you a page number because there are so many different versions with so many different paginations

5  Page 123

6  While you might understand the tightening of “We” to “I” in former times five centuries ago when people were burned at stakes for their interpretation of words, the Nicene Creed was and remains today a statement of what the Christian faith enshrines, not a detailed analysis of precise statements to which members must literally subscribe. As one scholar said “The recitation of a creed may be taken as implying no more than a general acceptance of the Christian revelation which it was built to enshrine”

7  That’s why you get the repetitive things like “God from God, light from light…”

8  For example, nobody really believes Jesus is literally “light” – he is symbolically “light”. Nobody really believes he has a chair beside God, but “seated” is the word which the creed uses