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The Rev’d Canon Maggie McLean welcomes you to CTK online

Welcome to the website of Christ the King, Battyeford.

You will find on this site a lot of information about who we and what we do.  We are a local church community, but also one with links across the UK and around the world.  

We are a community which is rich in diversity and open to change. People tell us when they visit (and stay) that we are a welcoming community who have made them feel comfortable. We have a vibrant musical tradition, with a choir and music group able to lead lively praise as well as instil quiet reflection.

Our church building is modern in style, bringing an intimacy and involvement to worship which is affirming and care-full.

 With an average of 100 worshipers at the Sunday 10am service at CTK visitors share an experience rather than observe an event.  For those wanting a quieter service we have a words-only 30 minute communion each Sunday at 8am.  

During the week our building is open daily and many community groups use the space available. On Tuesday evenings there is always something happening from 7.15pm: a meal, a discussion, a film, quiet worship and this year we have started two new things. Firstly Just Sing which takes place on the first Tuesday of every month and we have also started our very own book club. For more information click here:

Above all the aim of our church is to be a meeting place with God.  The God who is above us and beyond us - and the God we know in spiritual companionship, service and mutual discovery.  Christ the King is not a place about regulations and judgement.  It is an open space of encounter built on the traditions and practices of the Church of England.  If this sounds interesting to you we’d be delighted to meet you.  

If you are wanting to know more about the Christian faith then can I recommend you visit the rejesus site