1 Our thanks to the Revd David Whitehall, Mirfield’s Baptist Minister, for help in producing this article

2 A small sect within the Roman Catholic church, founded by Peter Waldo, a rich merchant of Lyons, in the late 12th century. He read Matthew 19:21, took it seriously and gave his riches away and became an itinerant, begging preacher

3 Those who hold that infant baptism is not baptism at all – and that people must be rebaptised as adults

4 Famous Baptists include Billy Graham and Martin Luther King

5 Normally by “total immersion” – so you will see a large pool somewhere in most Baptist Churches for that purpose. In our own local Baptist church there is no pool, so they go to Dewsbury for Baptisms

6 all the church members meet­ing together

7 An example of this is the way that in most Baptist churches the prayer at the communion table before the congregation receives the bread and the wine is always said by a deacon or a member of the congregation and never by the minister

8 This seems strange to us – it is in the nature of the Church of England that we are all linked to our chief minister, the Bishop of the Diocese, so there is no sense in which you could call yourself an “independent” Church of England church

9 a recent local example of this is Staincliffe Baptist Church