1 Our thanks to the Revd Anne Cash who assisted in the production of this article

2 At the beginning of the 18th century

3 All can be saved (Salvation). All can be saved by grace through faith (Justification). All can know they are saved (Assurance). All can be saved to the uttermost (Sanctification)

4 Have you ever been to a Methodist “Covenant” service?

5 Baptism and Holy Communion

6 Wesley said that the Bible “knows nothing of a solitary Christian”

7 There are no roles from which women are excluded

8 Each church is “in connexion” with all the others. Nationally in this country Methodism is governed by the Methodist Conference

9 Headed by a District Chairperson

10 Groups of churches with a number of ministers, each usually responsible for several churches

11Our neighbours at Nab Lane, St Andrews up at the other end of the London Park Estate, and Trinity – in the middle of town