1 See the creed you say at church

2 The Papal line of succession is claimed to come from St Peter, the first “Bishop of Rome”

3 with Bishops as the chief ministers

4 We call it “Holy Communion”, they call it “Mass”, but it’s the same thing. “Mass” comes from the way the service ended – the dismissal at the end coming from the Latin “Missio”, meaning “to send”. In the Latin rite, the final dismissal was in the form “Ite, missa est”. Those of the high church tradition in the Church of England have, since Cranmer left it out of the Book of Common Prayer, revived the term in order to emphasise solidarity with the Roman Catholics about their doctrinal view of the service. Like the Romans, Anglicans have, particularly since the Parish Communion movement of the last century, emphasised the centrality of the communion service

5 Strangely, some Anglican churches are, particularly these days, “higher” church in their rituals than many Roman Catholic churches, which have often thoroughly modernised and simplified their approach