Christ the King

Site cleared September 1972

The Rev. Crow and the children of Battyeford school

The building continued over the next 12 months until the church was ready for consecration in September 1973

February 1973

July 1973

Sept 1973

On the 22nd September 1973 the new Christ the King congregation arrives in procession from St Peters for the consecration of the new Building.


After the devastating destruction of Christ Church it was decided that a new church would be built on the site, and by September 1972 the Site was cleared ready for the new building. In November 1972 the building was started. With the Rev Eric Crow presiding over the laying of the foundation stone with the children of Battyeford C of E School.

Built originally to seat about 150, and with a growing congregation, it soon became clear that the worship area was not big enough to seat everyone at big celebrations. So 10 years after the foundation stone was laid the builders were back again to build an extension on to the church.

12 months on and the extension is finished adding a further hundred seats, giving Christ the King room to grow. With added seating 300+ have been accommodated.

Community involvement has always had a very important role at Christ the King. Anyone visiting the church will see a large example of this involvement dominating and brightening the north wall. The rainbow panel is made up of 2000 3 inch squares and involved the whole community young and old.  For More information     Click Here

For many years [chiefly through the 90s, but before that too] the church here has attempted to grapple with the difficult question of a deteriorating building known as the “Parish Rooms”, two doors down from the church. The building, used by many organisations, mostly not directly linked to the church, had deteriorated over the years and needed radical renovation work. The problem raised questions about the advisability of spending a huge amount of money on renovation.

Ideas began to emerge through the late 90s for selling the parish rooms. Soon after 2000 we began seriously to look at that possibility. In addition to our community focus there were continuing maintenance problems with the main church building which were severe enough to suggest the need for new heating and lighting systems as well as the need for a completely new roof.

We planned to address all these issues by putting the factors together in the Development Project. This would provide, on one site, a church building with sufficient flexibility for use by various local groups and present us all with a challenging opportunity for the further development of our links with the surrounding community

Initial schemes proved to be very expensive, demanding the raising of significant sums of new money.

After a long time in discussion, things got started.

In September 2005 the Big Lottery Fund awarded us £282,163 to make up the amount we need to redevelop our church premises for wider community use.

The total sum available for this redevelopment was augmented by the proceeds from the sale of our former Parish Rooms and the considerable sums we have raised through our own members’ fund-raising work, together with donations from many sources. Altogether, we expected to spend some £550,000.

Building work began in February 2006 and proceeded in two phases, with all our activities packing into one half of the building while work is being done on the other half. Building was expected to finish in July, unfortunately this did not work out and it was October before the work was finished.   

On Friday the 22nd of February the ground breaking ceremony was carried out by the Butterflies.

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