Rainbow panel

Our 'Rainbow Panel' is the culmination of 2 years work by a team of over 20 people, and has involved over 1500 members of the community throughout our parish of Battyeford and beyond.

' Squares from around the world '
There are squares from people all around the world and a group of visitors from our Link Diocese of Mara, in Tanzania, helped in the final stages of assembly of the Panel.

' From nine days old to 105 years! '
The youngest contributor of all was just nine days old. The oldest passed her hundredth birthday more than five years ago! In this way we hope that the latest addition to our church will truly represent our determination to be involved with the whole community of Battyeford, and the world at large

The panel is composed of 2000 individually made 3 inch squares each bearing a cross. A variety of techniques has been used, ranging from knitting to embroidery, beadwork and printing.The squares come together to form an amazing sunburst through the rainbow.

The whole panel measures 5 feet high by 25 feet long, and part of its function is to brighten up the rather austere walls of our church.

' Every square a prayer! '
It Is far more than that, however. Each contributor was invited to offer a prayer as they made their cross - every square a prayer! And so the panel is a physical symbol of a great deal of thoughtful prayer and reflection about our world. The rainbow was a great symbol of God's promise to Noah and those who came out of the ark with him that God would from that day on protect his people. We hope that our panel will continue to remind us, and you, of the wonder of God's creation and of Gods promise.


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