1 One of the 5 “lesser” sacraments

2 No, not “I do”, as in American films, but “I will” – in answer to the question “will you take this woman…..?”. Note that there is no such thing as a shot-gun marriage – consent is at the heart of the principles of marriage. You must freely give your consent to what is happening

3 “I, …., take you, …., to be my wife, to have and to hold…..”

4 The church’s base line on this issue is that second marriages are discouraged – but such is the weight of opinion against that position that many clergy have performed second marriages for a long time because they do have the legal right to do them. The purist argument is that it is difficult to maintain a position on lifelong marriage if you do second marriages. The softer argument rests on other areas of Christian principle, like forgiveness, resurrection and new life – admitting that sometimes people do fail in life but arguing that that should not be the end of it. The church is currently debating this issue yet again, having at a number of times in the past failed to come to any fresh conclusions. A thorough mess! In Battyeford, we do perform second marriages, based on thorough interviews concerning the past and exchanges of letters with the bishop, as prescribed in our diocesan guidelines on such matters.