1 One of the 5 “lesser” sacraments

2 For many, traditionally, a quiet time in church before the service is for the recollection of personal sin in order to give some content to the prayer of confession when it comes, as it does, early in the service. There is a “confession” at every service in some form or other – and the conscientious worshipper treats it just like a private confession

3 In the chapel these days you will find a more modern service: “For the reconciliation of a penitent”. It might give you an idea of what sacramental confession is like now. If you decided to do it, any priest you approach would help you with it, to reduce the anxiety about how it is done

4 The first and primary message of both Jesus and John the Baptist was “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!” – so unless each of us takes repentance seriously, we can hardly claim to be following Jesus. The thing about sacramental confession is that it forces you to take it seriously.