May Buzz is now on line

Battyeford Buzz, Christ the King's magazine can now be read on line

Buzz aims to be ‘a Christian voice in Battyeford’ and as such it is part of our evangelistic effort and aimed at a much wider audience than our congregation. It is also more expensive to produce than our previous magazine – as you can see from its professional look – and we welcome help with the cost. The easiest way is to ‘be an angel’ and give us more than the modest cover price of 80p. A secure money box is in the entrance hall.

While it is much better to to hold and read the actual magazine (The editorial team would prefer you to pay for it anyway) we are now making it available for you to read on Line.

Buzz is available as a Pdf slideshow. Left click to move on a page, right click to move back a page. Hit your Esc key to view as a normal Pdf.

Click on the Magazine