Scottish Samurai Award


Sensei Watt was awarded the Aberdeen Sports Council Award for Sport in 1993. As a result A. T Mays put forward money for a special commerative award. This became established as the Scottish Samurai Award.

 Jim Wyness & Ronnie Watt


It was first presented in 1995 to Sensei Watt by Lord Provost Jim Wyness who opened the Scottish Samurai Book and exhibition in Aberdeen.

Since that time Sensei Watt has continued the Award through his sports institute for fellow Scottish Samurai.  Listed below are individuals who have supported for a long time minority,grass roots, sports clubs and associations.


Scottish Samurai Award Winners 1995-2006

Ronnie Watt, Len Ironside & Bill Berry

1 1995-1996 R Watt 7th Dan Karate.
2 1996-1997 Bill Berry 7th Dan World Judo Referee.
31997-1998 Len Ironside Wrestling.


Ian and Fiona Ellis 5th Dan

4 1998-1999 Ian and Fiona Ellis ,World and European Gold Medalists and WKC World Referees


John Reynolds with Prince Adan & Ronnie Watt

5. 1999- 2000 John Reynolds for working with young people with special needs at the Bridge of Don, pictured above with Prince Adan C. Borbon & Ronnie Watt..


Jim and Sandra Rogerson with Ronnie Watt

6. 2000-2001 - Jim and Sandra Rogerson of Monyana Engineering, Sponsors of Aberdeen 2001 and SKY World Championship Video.



Gail Watt, Compton Ross, Jackie Ross & Ronnie Watt

7. 2001-2002 - Compton Ross of Metro Technology World Refereeing Seminars Aberdeen 2002



Lord Provest Margaret Smith with Ronnie Watt

8. 2002-2003 Lord Provost Margaret Smith.


Aberdeen's Lord Provost Margaret Smith was awarded the Scottish Samurai award for 2003.  During her time as Provost, Ms Smith played a major role in securing the Karate World Championships back in 2001. Sensei Watt comments "The Lord Provost has been such a good friend to our federation over the years and has done so much to help us make our mark in the world; as she prepared to leave office, I felt it proper that her contribution should not pass without recognition".


Mike Mitchell with Ronnie Watt

9. 2003 - 2004 Mike Mitchell

Mike Mitchell, twice World Body Building Champion receives Scottish Samurai Award from Sensei Ronnie Watt

For many years now Mike Mitchell has been at the top position in bodybuilding. Ronnie Watt 7th Dan, the Regional President for the World Karate Confederation and Director of the National Karate Federation presented Mike with the Scottish Samurai award at the MRM NABBA Scottish Championships held at the Rothes Hall Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland on Sunday 16th May 2004.

A capacity crowd saw Mike Mitchell receive the Samurai Award from Ronnie Watt the Director of the National Karate Institute, which in its own right is an awarding body approved centre.

Ronnie highlighted Mike's many achievements in Body Building. Mike has 4 amateur World Titles, one professional World Title and has twice been Mr Universe and has recently expanded his horizons into films with Scotland's first sci - fi thriller as Captain Morgan and as an FBI agent in the Action Movie Life on the Line.

Mike, who runs a Fitness Centre in Turkey, has earmarked his acting fees for charity for under-privileged children.

In the words of Ronnie Watt, "Mike is a shining example of a Scottish Samurai".

9. 2004 - 2005 Peter Carry

Partner (since 1976) in Jamieson & Carry, a firm of jewellers established in Aberdeen in 1733, now offering fine jewellery, Swiss watches and other precious gifts. This entails: improving the motivation, education and comfort of our team of twenty-five people; marketing in all its aspects, jewellery design and (my favourite) assisting customers to make the right choice.
Also: building maintenance, health & safety, finance, buying and sourcing beautiful, precious gifts and generally making Jamieson & Carry a great place to work and to shop.
Organisations: a member of:
        The Rotary Club of Aberdeen, Burgess of Guild of the City of Aberdeen,
        Church of Scotland.
       Family (wife, two 20-something boys and a teenage girl), house and garden, mountain-biking, golf and life in general. The Past:        Born in Aberdeen, Scotland 1952.
       Attended Aberdeen Grammar School.
       British Army in the UK and Germany, then two years of Business Studies in Aberdeen.,br>        Trained for the jewellery industry in Liverpool, England and Lausanne, Switzerland.
       Studied gemmology - awarded Fellowship of the Gemmological Association (of Great Britain). An alumnus of the Gemmological Institute of America.
       Past involvement with excellent, local organisations that have contributed to the well-being of the area: three years as a Board Director of Scottish Enterprise Grampian, a founder member of Aberdeen City Centre Association, a trustee of Instant Neighbour Charitable Trust and a founding committee member of the Aberdeen Tourism Forum.

Ive enjoyed sport throughout my life and have encouraged my children to try many different sports. (David swam in the 2004 Olympics, Angus is a 4-handicap golfer and Malena enjoys a wide variety of sports.)

I was Freestyle Skiing Scottish Champion and a member of both the Scottish Tournament and Barefoot Water Ski-ing teams. (NB this was in the 1970's and 80's!) I have studied and thoroughly enjoyed Sensei Ronnie Watt's instruction in Shotokan Karate over several years. I have benefited from his wide knowledge of the art in many situations and transposed the basic skills to other sports, both for the benefit of others and myself. More recently my belief in my own immortality has taken a few knocks, with various sporting accidents during ski-ing and cycling, each of which were life-changing experiences!

10. 2005 - 2006 Tyrone Smith

I am absolutely delighted to have received this accolade, following in the footsteps of the many other worthy winners of the award.

As a sports journalist while focussing on the area's so called major sports ... football, rugby and golf etc I think it is important that we highlight the huge range of other pursuits enjoyed by so many, whether it is just for fun or on a competitive basis.

Martial Arts is one such activity which I have had the pleasure of covering over the years ..... and have always been amazed by the enthusiasm, passion and commitment shown by those participating and by those taking the time to pass on their skills to their students.

One event which stood out for me was Aberdeen's successful staging of the WKC Karate World Championships in 2001.

Thousands of spectators and competitors gathered from around the world for a sporting spectacle which put the city firmly on the martial arts world map and also provided evidence of the Granite city's ability to stage top class sporting tournaments.

I look forward to covering and reporting on more successes in the field of martial arts over the coming years.

10. 2006 - 2007 Jim Millar

Scottish Samurai Award
Parliament Award Ceremony
WKC Black Belt

North East man Jim Millar was awarded the Scottish Samurai Award for 2006 in a special ceremony in the Scottish Parliament. Present at the ceremony were Alex Johnstone MSP, Shuhei Takahashi, Consul General of Japan, Mr Hotta, Vice Consul of Japan, Lord James Douglas Hamilton, Bill Berry, Chairman of Judo Scotland and Ronnie Watt, President National Karate Federation.

The award, a bronze figurine of a Samurai Warrior, is specially cast each year and presented to an individual who has promoted Scotland and Scottish culture. It was first presented in 1995 to Karate instructor Ronnie Watt. Previous award winners include Grampian TV reporter Tyronne Smith, twice World Body Building Champion Mike Mitchell, two Lord Provosts of Aberdeen and Scottish skiier and jewlery designer Peter Carry.

Ronnie Watt, President of the National Karate Institute who heads the award committee said "For a number of years, Jim has promoted Scotland and Scottish culture in a number of ways. He has had articles published in American newspapers, organised substantial, historically themed events such as Viking Raids and medieval fairs which have not only raised awareness of Scottish history, but also generated income for the economy. He also researched and wrote a play on the founding of Arbroath Abbey which attracted a substantial audience. He has striven to promote sports and martial arts at grass roots level in a bid to get young people involved, and I am delighted that he is this years recipient having demonstrated true Samurai spirit in his work ."

A keen martial artist, he is a former Judo assistant club coach, and now holds WKC Black Belt in Traditional Shotokan Karate, a style for which he is also a qualified instructor. His other hobbies include history, art and researching the development of medieval armour and weapons, as well as taking part in medieval re-enactments and educational events.

Jim has been put forward as an NKF coach by Ronnie Watt for the WKC Childrens World championships to be held in Hanover Germany in October 2006

Picture shows from left: Lord James Douglas Hamilton, Ronnie Watt, Jim Millar, Alex Johnstone MSP
Back row: Mr Takahashi, Mr Hotta, Bill Berry

11. 2007-2008 Lisa Calder Children's Female Kumite WKC World Champion Gold Medallist

12. 2009-2010 Clive Layton

Clive Layton was born in Hertfordshire in 1952, the son of an architect. He began his martial arts training with judo in 1960 under Terry Wingrove (who was training in karate at the time under Vernon Bell and Tetsuji Murakami), and started Shotokan karate in 1973 under Michael Randall and the Adamou brothers, Nick and Chris, gaining his black belt from Hirokazu Kanazawa in 1977. Originally studying environmental design, he later read for M.A and Ph.D degrees from the University of London, and is a Chartered Psychologist, Chartered Scientist and teacher. Doctor Layton has appeared on both BBC television and radio in connection with his academic work. A prolific writer, with over one hundred publications, including twenty-four books on karate and numerous learned research notes, he has emerged not only as almost certainly the most productive, with well over one million published words, but, arguably, the finest writer on Shotokan in the world. He has co-authored with famed Okinawan Goju-ryu master, Morio Higaonna; former British manager/coach to the world champion All-Styles karate team, Kyokushinkai master, Steve Arneil; the founder of British karate, Vernon Bell; Michael Randall; and, fellow historian, Harry Cook, amongst others. Doctor Laytonís biographies, Kanazawa, 10th Dan, Masao Kawasoe, 8th Dan, and, Karate Master: The Life and Times of Mitsusuke Harada, along with, Funakoshi on Okinawa, a portrait of life on Okinawa in the 19th century, have been published to much acclaim, as has his two volume work, Shotokan Dawn, and its Supplement, which, along with Shotokan Dawn Over Ireland, Shotokan Horizon, You Donít Have to Dress to Kill, and, The Liverpool Red Triangle Karate Club Ö and the Formation of the KUGB, chart the first ten years of Shotokan karate in the British Isles in astonishing detail. He has been the recipient of both the Historian of the Year (2004) and Writer of Year (2008) of the International Ryukyu Karate Research Society (of which he is also a Technical Advisor). He was a correspondent for Fighting Arts magazine from 1984-1997 and has also acted for more than twenty years as a consultant reader to the journals, Perceptual and Motor Skills, and, Psychological Reports, on experimentation into the martial arts. Any spare time is taken up researching new books, pursuing his love of archaeology, genealogy and world cinema, and enjoying the peace of rural life, by the sea, with his wife, daughter and labrador. A highly innovative and deep-thinking karateka, he currently holds the rank of 7th Dan.

14. 20010 - 2011 Gordon McIntosh

Gordon McIntosh, BSc Honours Degree in Geography from the University of Glasgow followed by a post graduate degree in Accountancy Studies at the University of Aberdeen.

He spent 5 years with KPMG (Thomson McLintock), a firm of International Chartered Accountants, with most of his time being an Insolvency Manager, managing companies in receivership and carrying out procedural winding ups and disposals. He then moved to NESDA where he became an Assistant Director, principally providing Financial, Marketing and Property advice to businesses in the North East of Scotland. In 1990 NESDA became part of Grampian Regional Councilís Economic Development and Planning Department where he also became an Assistant Director. In 1995 he was appointed Director of Economic Development for Aberdeen and in 2001 he was appointed as Corporate Director for Neighbourhood Services Ė Central Area. In September 2005 he was appointed as Corporate Director for Neighbourhood Services South and was appointed in 2009 to his new position of Director of Enterprise, Planning and Infrastructure.

Outside Appointments:
Gordon has held various Directorships in outside organisations including Non Executive Directorships of Univation Limited, Grampian Venture Capital Fund Limited, Softworld Canada Limited, Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre Limited and Community Business Grampian Limited.

Outside Interests:
Gordonís outside interests include mountaineering, where he is a past Chairman and Treasurer of Aberdeen Mountain Rescue Association Limited. He is a keen supporter of Scotlandís national drink due to having been brought up in the distilling industry and is invited to speak at various engagements about whisky. He also likes spending time with his family (Neil (25), Ralph (23), Rhona (21) and his partner, Mandy, and going to their caravan in Melanudrigal.

Gordon is a Black belt WKC which was presented to him by HRH Prince Adan Czartoryski-Borbon, Dr Fritz Wendland WKC Founding President and Ronnie Watt, 8th Dan Director of Shokotan Karate WKC.

Presentation of the Scottish Samurai Award 2010-2011 at St Nicholas House Aberdeen 5/11/09

Willie Summers 1st Dan WKC, Chairman Scottish Samurai Awards
Gordon Mc Intosh Winner of the Scottish Samurai Award 2010-2011
Ronnie Watt 8th Dan WKC Founding President of the Scottish Samurai Awards, Director of Shotokan
Pat Jameison 5th Dan WKC, Scottish Samurai Award Vice Chairman

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