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During the late 19th Century a man named Yau Luk Sau became a student of Master Tang Hoi Ching. After nine years, Yau Luk Sau continued his studies for a further six years with Master Wan Goon Wing. On his return to Kowloon Master Yau Luk Sau taught his grandson Yau Kum Wha, who brought the Lau style to Great Britain in 1961.
In 1981 aged 15, I started training in Shotokan karate under Francesco Espanosa, the then current Spanish kumite champion. Taking my first grading in front of the great karate Master: Hirokazu Kanazawa.
In 1989 I started Lau Gar Kung Fu with Joseph Payne & Sifu Neville Wray.
For the next 10 years I trained most evenings with Sifu Wray and his senior students, entering many competitions and breaking a few bones along the way, whilst later also training with Stan Brown Sifu in Acton on saturdays. This gave me a good balance between the traditional and modern sides to Lau Gar. At Sifu Wrays' request I started teaching in Harrow, until my job in the city finally forcing a relocation from Hertfordshire to East London.
Training continued with the current bkfa senior Instructor for London; Keith Baptiste in Lewisham.
In 2000 I was encouraged by Sifu Keith to sit my black sash under Master Yau.
Since then I have continued my own studies with Frankie Cooper Sifu; a high level exponent of traditional Lau Gar kung fu.
Sifu Cooper's teaching style is directly from Master Yau and Master John Russell, which simply put means do it again and again and again until you get it right.
There are no short cuts to kung fu skill, no magic and few secrets, just hard work repetition and the guidance of a knowledgeable teacher.

In addition to the Lau Gar, living in London has given me the opportunity to practice several other martial arts including Jujitsu (in which I hold a shodan grade), Muay Thai boxing, Chow Gar Tong Long, Bak Mei and the neijia arts of taijiquan, baguazhang and in particular Xing Yi Quan which I have practiced for several years first privately with Master Lu Jun Hai (famous Mizong master), before in 2006 meeting my friend and brother Tu Minh Tan shifu, a real Gong Fu Master with an impeccable lineage, who's love of traditional Xing Yi Quan and dedication to the true way inspires me always.
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