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Study authentic Chinese Martial and health Arts

Lau Gar Kuen (Lau Family Fist)
Dao yin & Qi gong

All classes are taught by Colin MacKenzie 4th Degree black sash in Lau Gar Kuen (bkfa)
Certified Taijiquan instructor (bkfa)
Coaching Level 2
First aid certified
Enhanced DBS, teaching martial arts to children & adults
Welcome to the London Chinese Arts Academy

For detailed information about the Lau Gar style; it's history, Master Yau and the Association, please go to BKFA.

In addition to the martial arts, we also give lessons in Dao Yin and Qi Gong to strengthen the body and develop internal energy.

#Héběi Xíng Yì Quán Guǎn : Ecole de Gōng Fū de Tu Minh Tân Shīfu Paris #London Chinese Arts Academy is affiliated to: Ecole de Gōng Fū de Tu Minh Tân Shīfu Paris.

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