Evening Sentinel Jan. 7th 1992 Page 5. Co.
Three thousand jobs in the North Staffs mining industry are facing a twin threat, it was claimed today. Joe Wills, NUM Midlands General secretary claimed the deep mining industry is under threat from open cast mining and from plans for 30-gas fired power stations across Britain.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 15th 1992. Page 1. C.
Two hundred jobs are to be axed from Trentham super pit. The jobs will go because of the closure of workshops at Florence colliery. The redundancies, 150 at Florence, and 50 at Hem Heath.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 20th 1992 Page 23. Co.
A special day for Benjamin age 84 and Grace age 85 Cooper who are celebrating their diamond wedding. Benjamin was a miner at Holditch colliery for 47 years. Also Bill and Gladys Dooley their golden wedding, Bill worked in the coal industry for 46 years. Another golden wedding, Ernest and May Rhodes, Ernest worked at Holditch for 39 years.

Evening Sentinel Jan. 22nd 1992 Page 1. Co.
Miners at Trentham super pit to day smashed a national productivity record, while the long-time future of the pit is still in doubt. The pit broke through the 2 million tonnes barrier in just 42 weeks today, the fastest ever pit to produce the output in Britain.

Evening Sentinel Jan 27th 1992 Page 21. Co.
Councillor Bill Hughes has called for better dust suppression methods at an open cast site in Silverdale, he said it brings misery to families living there.

Evening Sentinel Jan 28th 1992 Page 3. Co.
George Stevenson, Euro MP for Staffordshire East, called on British Coal to come clean on the future of deep coal mining in North Staffs to end the present massive uncertainty in the industry. He believed secret negotiations between British coal and the electricity generating companies would end with just 12 super profitable pits in Britain. He added Silverdale and Trentham would be closed because of government dogma, not because of any desire to improve the industry as a whole.

Evening Sentinel Feb 3rd 1992 Page 6. Co.
Miners at Silverdale celebrated many productivity records. Fred Liegh is looking for miners’ recollections for a new book. He went underground to collect tales from the coalface, dramatic, humorous and tragic.

Evening Sentinel Feb 4th 1992 Page 1. City.
British Coal is preparing to launch plans for a new open cast coal site on land close to Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 6th 1992 Page 13. Co.
More than 200 families are to stage a protest meeting amid fears their homes border a proposed open cast site near Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum. British Coal plan to drill exploration bore holes in the area.

Evening Sentinel Feb, 8th 1992 Page 3 extra.
Mining could start at a controversial new open cast coal site at Chatterley Whitfield in 2 years, if the quality and quantity are high enough, a British Coal chief said today.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 12th 1992 Page 8. Cheshire.
Action is set to be taken to snuff out foul-smelling underground fires, which have plagued families on the Bentilee estate for more than 20 years. The fires are thought to have been fuelled by smouldering coal deposits.

Evening Sentinel Feb.13th 1992 Page 3 Moorlands.
More than 100 city businessmen have joined the battle against British Coal’s plans to an opencast mine at Berryhill.

Evening Sentinel Feb. 20th 1992 Page 1 Co.
More than 2.300 North Staffs miners are facing the axe, after the death knell for a British Coal official sounded deep coal mining in the county. Plans, submitted to the government by Merchant Bankers, H.M. Rothchild should just leave 12 deep mines in Britain. Mr. Joe Wills Midlands area secretary for the NUM said, this could be the end of coal mining in North Staffs.

Evening Sentinel Feb 22nd 1992 Page 2 Cheshire.
Sculptor John McKenna, is currently putting the finishing touches to the first stage of a special commission. He has hewn the figure of a miner out of brick clay for the first of three decorative panels, which will stand at the side of the new Burslem relief road.

Evening Sentinel March 12th 1992. Page 4. Co. A coal industry expert claimed opencast mining at Berryhill would speed up the closure of underground pits. Andrew Cox, editor of UK Coal Review, told a public inquiry, that coal at the site was poor to average quality, with a high sulphur content. It would have to be mixed with imported coal to keep below sulphur emission regulations.

Evening Sentinel March. 20th 1992. page. 1. Cheshire.
More than 500 people packed out a special public enquiry session to voice their anger at plans to dig an opencast mine at Berryhill.

Evening Sentinel March 31st 1992 Page 9 Cheshire.
A Knypersley man George Lomas, paid tribute to his father, when he opened an exhibition at Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum telling the story of his life. Mr. George Lomas’s father, Joseph, was born in 1906 at Brown Edge. He began work at Chatterley Whitfield at 14 and worked at the coalface and pump until his death in 1967.

Evening Sentinel April 1st 1992. Page. 3 C.F.
Miners have recorded their biggest increase in productivity as British Coal heads for a profit the second year running. The news comes as at least 200 men were made redundant at Hem Heath super pit.

Evening Sentinel April 10th 1992 Page 16
Railway enthusiasts steamed into action to organise a crowd puller at Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum’s first railway steam day.

Evening Sentinel April10th 1992 Page 10 Cheshire.
The Wolstanton miner’s welfare club closed in 1982. The financial affairs are now to be wound up 10 years after it closed.

Evening Sentinel April 11th 1992 Page 2
Mine workers leaders today forecast that the Tory election victory would lead to the demise of the deep coal mining in North Staffs. They predicted Trentham super pit and Silverdale collieries would shut over the next 5 years, as the industry is privatised.

Evening Sentinel April 13th 1992 Page 19 Cheshire.
Families at Ball Green and Brown edge are fighting plans for an opencast mine on Green belt land, have collected 1.300 names for a protest petition.

Evening Sentinel April 18th 1992 Page 13 Sentinel Plus
The canteen facilities at Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum, has been completely decorated. It features prominently a large pit picture by artist David Light.

Evening Sentinel May 5th Page 7 Cheshire.
Article by Signalman’s Diary, on coal mining outcropping during the 1926 strike.

Evening Sentinel June 1st 1992 Page 19 Cheshire.
Youngsters helped to create scenes of harsh child labour in Victorian coalmines for a TV film at Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum.

Evening Sentinel June. 10th 1992. Page. 5. Co.
Raymond Peace age 33 died last year at Hem heath colliery. An inquest heard he was crushed to death between huge metal doors, despite frantic attempts by workmates to save him. He had walked through pneumatic double doors intended for pit locos only. He should have used smaller doors along side intended for pedestrians.

Evening Sentinel June 11th 1992 Page 5 Co.
British Coal is stepping up the search for new seams to help secure the future of North Staffs super pit at the Trentham complex. Planning application to carry out drilling works has been lodged.

Evening Sentinel June 22nd 1992 Page 5 Newcastle.
Mining engineers are due to move on to farmland near Biddulph this week to begin prospecting for opencast coal. Two undisclosed sites have been earmarked for initial test drilling.

Evening Sentinel June 25th 1992 Page 12 Cheshire.
George and Dorothy Hughes are celebrating 50 years of marriage. George worked at Holditch colliery.

Evening Sentinel July 2nd 1992 page 5 Co.
Midlands area secretary, Joe Wills, voted in favour of the campaign which will include political and legal moves and possible industrial action. This was in opposition to government plans to privatise British Coal and halt the sell off.

Evening Sentinel July 22nd 1992 page 1 Co.
The future of North Staffordshire remaining pits, Trentham super pit and Silverdale, which currently employs about 3.000 men will be discussed between British Coal and the miners’ union next week.

Evening Sentinel July 22nd 1992 Page 10 Co.
Lee Clark age 9, a pupil at Mill hill primary school raised the most sponsorship of any of the 200 pupils who took part in fun run generating cash for Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum. Lee was presented with a lifetime pass to the Museum plus a commemorative plate.

Evening Sentinel July 23rd 1992 Page 5 Newcastle
Miners at Silverdale have voiced fears or the future of their pit, despite record British coal’s £170 million profit last year. They claim the mine is unlikely to be in operation in two years time.

Evening Sentinel July 24th 1992 Page 5 Newcastle
A new bid is being made to unlock a multi-million pound Common Market fund, which could provide cash to regenerate North Staffs communities, devastated by pit closures. The Midlands area has lost about 10.000 jobs since 1984.

Evening Sentinel July 27th 1992 page 21 Co.
Sid and Hilda Boulton are celebrating 50 years of marrige. Sid was a mining engineer at Chatterley Whitfield and spent 50 years at the pit, when it was a working pit.

Evening Sentinel 29th 1992 Page 4 Newcastle
Miners’ leader Joe Wills left a meeting with top British Coal management and declared, we have all got jobs in the future. Trentham super pit has turned the corner, after a difficult patch and Silverdale has been making a profit.

Evening Sentinel Aug 12th 1992 Page 35 Cheshire
Bill and Marge Blurton jet off to Cyprus on honeymoon 50 years after tying the knot. Bill age 72 worked 25 years for British Coal. Villagers fighting plans for an opencast mine at Bignall End are to be given a guided tour of the site.

Evening Sentinel Aug 12th 1992 Page 1 Co.
The future of North staffs biggest pit was in doubt today. British Coal officials confirmed a crisis meeting is to be held with union officials over Trentham super pit. Three weeks ago the men were told there were no immediate closure plans.

Evening Sentinel Aug 19th 1992 Page 6 Cheshire
Bill Taylor left Audley after working at the Rookery pit, to work in the New Zealand coalfield in 1932. When he reaches his 90th birthday next March will hold a family reunion. Bill worked in the South Island and later moved to the North and was employed by a colliery manager named Cordon, also from Audley.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 19th 1992 Page 3 Co.
Stoke-on-Trent MP Mark Fisher, demanded an explanation for the crisis meeting which threatens 1.400 jobs at Trentham super pit.

Evening Sentinel Aug 21st 1992 Page 62 Cheshire
Pit workers at the Trentham colliery, captained by John Mills have reached the West Midlands area final of the Gardiner Merchant Business golf tournament that could take them all the way to Portugal.

Evening Sentinel Aug 21st 1992 Page 4 Newcastle
Joan Walley Labour MP for Stoke North, called on the government to come clean about the future of Trentham colliery. She fears the colliery could close with the loss of 1.400 jobs.

Evening Sentinel Aug 25th 1992 Page 7 Cheshire
Organisers at Fenton community centre have launched a campaign to keep open Trentham colliery and have collected 600 signatures on a petition in one day. At the end of the campaign, they will present it to George Stevenson MP for Stoke South.

Evening Sentinel Aug. 27th 1992 Page 3 Co.
George Stevenson MP for Stoke South warned that British Coal was planning an act of industrial genocide if Trentham colliery is axed. He said, given the past record of British Coal, people are justified in concluding that a decision to close the colliery may already have been taken.

Evening Sentinel Aug 28th 1992 Page 49 Cheshire
Staffordshire Co Council leader Bill Austin, joined calls for top level talks with British Coal over the closure fears. He said the closure of Trentham colliery could knock the economy of North Staffordshire.

Evening Sentinel Aug 29th 1992 Page 1 Cheshire.
Miners have given up their holidays in a last ditch bid to save Trentham colliery. The pit has hit poor geological problems that is affecting production.

Evening Sentinel Sep 1st 1992 Page 3 Co.
An extra shift is being worked at Trentham colliery, threatened with closure, in order to boost flagging production. A forth shift has been added to the normal three.

Evening Sentinel Sep 5th 1992 Page 1 Cheshire.
Miners at Trentham colliery could lose a third of their weekly pay under controversial new working arrangements.

Evening Sentinel Sep 7th 1992 Page 3 Co.
Hundreds of miners at the threatened Trentham pit who volunteered to work through their holidays, were ordered home after British Coal told them they were not needed.

Evening Sentinel Sep 8th 1992 Page 1 Co.
Heavy losses could lead to the closure of Trentham pit it was warned today. There was a predicted loss of £20 million this year, together with a need to reduce costs could lead to British Coal to close the pit.

Evening Sentinel Sep 10th 1992 Page 17 Cheshire.
Trentham colliery could be making £1 million a week profit in just a few weeks time, a miners’ leader claimed today. Miners fear the pit could be closed after a review meeting next week.

Evening Sentinel Sep 15th 1992 Page 1 Newcastle
Trentham pit is closing with the loss of 1.400 jobs. British Coal told union leaders the bleak news at a crunch meeting today.

Evening Sentinel Sep 16th 1992 page 1 Cheshire
A four-page story on the Trentham pit closure, union leaders said Silverdale could be next.

Evening Sentinel Sep 16th 1992 Page 1 Co.
North Staffordshire economy could be devastated by the closure of Trentham pit and the loss of 1.400 jobs. Businesses warned of the impact. More on page three.

Evening Sentinel Sep 17th 1992 Page 4 Cheshire
British Coal is pressing ahead with plans to turn derelict land at Holdtich colliery into a jog boosting industrial park. The Holdtich site has stood dormant since it closed in 1989.

Evening Sentinel Sep 18th 1992 Page 3 Co.
Silverdale is not included in the confidential list of 30 pits that the Dept of Trade and Industry expects British Coal to shut.

Evening Sentinel Sep 18th 1992 Page 1 C F.
A government Minister has admitted aid for devastated pit communities is set to be desperately thin.

Evening Sentinel Sep 19th 1992 Page 3 Extra
Workers at Silverdale today welcomed news that the mine is not on the confidential list of 30 pits to close. But many fear the reprieve is temporary.

Evening Sentinel sep 19th 1992 Page 1 Late Extra
Hundreds of miners today launched a campaign to save Trentham pit from British Coal Axe.

Evening Sentinel Sep 21st 1992 page 3 Co.
Miners’ leader A. Scargill is to rally pitmen at Trentham pit at a mass meeting next month. He will address a mass meeting on October 3rd

Evening Sentinel Sep 22nd 1992 Page 3 Moorlands
Unions, Councillors and MPs are forming an action group to fight the Trentham colliery closure.

Evening Sentinel Sep 23rd 1992 page 1 Co.
Miners’ leaders at Trentham colliery are to mount a legal bid to force British Coal to keep it open and save 1.400 jobs.

Evening Sentinel Sep 24th 1992 page 3 Co.
Trentham miners will be forced to take compulsory redundancy if the pit closes next year, union leaders warned today. Joe Wills North Staffs Area Secretary said it is defiantly going to be redundancy for the men for the first time.

Evening Sentinel Sep 25th 1992 Page 9 Co.
Mining is set to start again at the site of a pit, which closed 15 years ago. Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum is on the verge of finalising an ambitious scheme to open a drift mine and create the country’ first working pit open to the public.

Evening Sentinel Sep 28th 1992 Page 8 Cheshire.
“Signalman’s Diary” A talk on mining history has been organised by the WEA at Florence colliery. John Lumsdon the principle speaker will embrace the broader mining scene in North Staffs including the Chartist riots of 1842 and Bob Anderson will talk about the more modern Hem Heath colliery.

Evening Sentinel Sep 28th 1992 Page 5 Co.
Miners’ leaders are appealing to wives and girl friends of Trentham colliery pitmen at he doomed colliery to join their fight for survival.

Evening Sentinel Sep 29th 1992 Page 21 Cheshire.
Jackie Whittaker talks to women who feel betrayed by the planned Trentham pit closure. One, here husband and son both work there and another with her boy friend. Her hopes of a new start were shattered.

Evening Sentinel Sep 30th 1992 Page 3 Co.
Output has plummeted at Trentham colliery, British Coal revealed today. Production has slumped to a third of the pit’s target level and claimed low moral was probably to blame.

Evening Sentinel Oct 3rd 1992 Page 1 Late Extra.
Miners’ leader A. Scargill today issued a rallying call to miners and their families to fight the proposed closure of Trentham colliery. He said the miners union must lead a campaign against threats by the government to massacre the industry.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 6th 1992 Page 3 Co.
The UDM and East Midlands Electricity have revealed it plans to bid for control of several pits when British Coal is privatised, and Trentham colliery could be one of the pits it targets.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 6th 1992 Page 3 Moorlands.
Energy Minister Tim Egar has agreed to meet a contingent of North Staffordshire politicians to discuss British Coal’s plans to close Trentham colliery. George Stevenson MP will head a deputation of MPs, City and County councillors leaders, who will travel to Whitehall next Thursday.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 7th 1992 Page 33 Cheshire
Actors from the London Drama Centre went underground at Chatterley Whitfield Mining Museum. They were preparing for their production of DH Lawrence’s play “Colliers Friday Night” It is for a TV series.

Evening Sentinel Oct 8th 1992 Page 1 Cheshire.
British Rail is about to axe a coal freight depot at Stoke station with the loss of up to 60 jobs, if British Coal close Trentham colliery.

Evening Sentinel Oct 9th 1992 Page 7 Cheshire
A Tory councillor in Stoke-on Trent has condemned the government over the closure of Trentham colliery and accused British Coal of lying to the miners.

Evening Sentinel Oct 12th1992 Page 1 Newcastle.
Miners at Trentham colliery could lose their jobs by Christmas, union officials fear. Moral at the pit slumped to an all time low as speculation mounts that British Coal is set to announce that the colliery will close within the next few weeks. British Coal will announce tomorrow that 30 of the 50 pits are to close putting up to 25.000 miners out of work.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 13th 1992 Page 1 Co.
Silverdale colliery is tipped to close within the next 5 months with the loss of 700 jobs. Information leaked to the Sentinel suggests that the colliery will be put on British Coal’s hit list.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 14th 1992 Page 3 Co.
Miners at Trentham and Silverdale are being held to ransom over their redundancy payments by British Coal, union leaders warned today. (Full page article plus page 4 and 5)

Evening Sentinel Oct 14th 1992 Page 1 Moorlands
Today North Staffordshire woke up to the reality that its traditional coal mining industry has been killed off, by the closure of Trentham and Silverdale pits. (Articles on page 34 and 5)

Evening Sentinel Oct 15th 1992 Page 1 Cheshire.
A senior Tory MP has accused the government of going “quite doolally” over the decision to close 31 pits, including Trentham and Silverdale in North Staffs.

Evening Sentinel Oct 15th 1992 Page 1 Cheshire.
Pit closures could cost the North Staffs economy £60 million a research group claimed today. The forecast came as campaigners claimed a £1 billion government aid package for devastated mining communities was a “charade”

Evening Sentinel Oct 15th 1992 Page 1 Moorlands
Trentham pit is to close tomorrow, a week ahead of schedule, 1.544 workers at the pit will be told to stay at home on full pay next week, as British Coal prepares to serve redundancy notices.

Evening Sentinel Oct 16th 1992 Page 1 Cheshire
Senior Tory, N. Winterton today urged Priminister John Major to reconsider plans to shut 31 pits. He said the pits including Trentham and Silverdale is unethical, illogical, fool hardy and short sited. (What next for the miners) on page 14 and 15.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 16th 1992 Page 1 Co.
Trentham colliery was today given a temporary reprieve from closure just hours before it was due to shut. NUM officials said the stay of execution was until after the weekend.

Evening Sentinel Oct 17th 1992 Page 1 Late extra
Families in Stoke-on-Trent are being urged to pack trains, busses and cars to get to a mass rally at the House of Commons in a bid to save Trentham pit.

Evening Sentinel Oct 20th 1992 Page 1 Cheshire
Two Cheshire MPs were set today to lead a House of Commons rebellion on pit closures. N. Winterton slammed the government handling of the crises as a “balls up” and called on M. Hesiltine to resign. A. Winterton Congleton MP. said she would vote with her husband against the government in the coal debate.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 20th 1992 Page 1 Co.
Miners at Trentham colliery were today, barred from going down the pit by British Coal. The shock move comes after the Board of Trade President, Mr. M. Heseltine told parliament, 10 pits including Trentham would close after a 90-day consultation.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 21st 1992 Page 1 Cheshire.
Angry Trentham colliery pitmen claimed today they face losing thousands of pounds in redundancy payments after they were stopped from mining.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 21 1992 Page 1 Co.
British Coal is stopping Trentham miners from boosting production to save their doomed pit, union officials claimed today. The men are being forced to stay at home on full pay, even though the ailing colliery could be making a profit with in four months.

Evening sentinel Oct 22nd 1992 Page 1 Cheshire
Rebel Cheshire MPs Ann and Nick Winterton, have pledged to carry on opposition to the government proposals to axe thousands of mining jobs. They and 4 other Tory MPs defied party whips and voted against the government. They said, we have lost the battle but we won the argument. The real crunch will come in January at the end of the review.

Evening sentinel Oct 22nd 1992 Page 1 C.F.
Miners from Trentham returned home from yesterday mass rally in London with fight in their hearts to save their jobs.

Evening Sentinel Oct 24th 1992 Page 1 Extra
Miners’ leaders today accused British Coal of using blackmail tactics to force frightened miners into taking early redundancy. Dozens of men were yesterday pressured into leaving the pit early and more are expected to follow. British Coal are offering more cash to workers who give up the fight and leave before the pit officially closes in January.

Evening Sentinel Oct 26th 1992 Page 1 Cheshire
A huge petition has been sent to 10 Downing St. from South Cheshire protesting at the handling of the pit closure programme.

Evening Sentinel Oct 26th 1992 Page 1 Moorlands
Hundreds of thousands of people have called with one voice “Stop the Pit Closures” Pictures of march through Stoke and Longton also more articles on page 3.

Evening Sentinel Oct 29th 1992 Page 11 Cheshire
Union leaders at Trentham colliery claim faces are in danger of collapsing, because no coal has been mined. They went underground yesterday to inspect the damage after safety workers reported problems on the new 306s face. The damage could clearly be seen on the 220 yards long, 6 feet high seam, which was only just coming into production, when production ceased about two week ago.

Evening Sentinel Oct 29th 1992 Page 3 City
Miners threatened with the jobs axe at Silverdale, are sending 100 pensioners on an all expenses paid trip to Blackpool. Miners’ leaders said it could be the end of the road for such community initiatives if Silverdale colliery closes.

Evening Sentinel Oct 30th 1992 page 11 Cheshire
Miners battling to save Trentham colliery have set up a fighting fund to help them in their mission. They are appealing for donations from the people of Stoke-on-Trent to keep their campaign going.

Evening Sentinel Oct. 30th 1992 Page 1 Co.
A major opencast company is believed to be putting together a rescue package for the two North Staffs doomed pits. The news came on the day 97 pitmen are due to leave Trentham after agreeing to take voluntary redundancy.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 2nd 1992 Page 5 Co.
Dozens of miners at Trentham have been conned into taking voluntary redundancy. The 87 men who left the colliery on Friday may have lost out on up to £300 each say union officials.

Evening Sentinel Nov 6th 1992 Page 15 Cheshire
A government committee probing pit closures will visit Trentham and Silverdale to speak to miners, part of the inquiry is to probe social and economic costs of pit closures.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 11th 1992 Page 3 Co.
Almost 500 pitmen at Trentham have ignored their unions appeal to stand and fight, have left the industry for good. There are now just over 900 miners on the books at the pit, where coal production has stopped, pending a government inquiry. Page 5 Silverdale was among Britain’s top producing pits last month when plans to shut it were unveiled.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 12th 1992 Page 5 Co.
Miners’ union leader A. Scargill and Shadow Transport Minister John Prescott are to speak at a rally against the proposed closure of Trentham and Silverdale. The rally is at Kings Hall Stoke on Sunday. Page 5 The financial viability of threatened Silverdale colliery will be examined next week.

Evening Sentinel Nov 14th 1992 Special
“The Way We Were”. A tribute to the miners of North Staffordshire. Twenty-four pages of pictures and articles.

Evening Sentinel Nov 16th 1992 Page 3 Cheshire
Arthur Scargill called for a national day of action at a 1.000 strong rally in Stoke-on-Trent. John Prescott urged continued public pressure to save pits from closure. He said this is an area, which I knew as the land of pits and pots, if the government has its way you will have no pits and it will not be long before the pots have gone.

Evening Sentinel Nov 17th 1992 Page 4 Newcastle.
The battle to save Trentham was stepped up today as miners met British Coal bosses, and took part in a huge rally. They will press for coal cutting to re-start. The rally will be at Birmingham Town Hall.

Evening Sentinel Nov 19th 1992 Page 10 Cheshire
Mark Fisher MP for Stoke Central, has demanded a meeting with the president of the Board of Trade Mr Hesletine, after failing to get financial information on threatened pits from British coal’s Chairman, Mr. Nail Clark.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 19th 1992 Page 3 Co.
Trentham miners, fighting for survival have been given a fresh glimmer of hope after a senior government advisor revealed that the colliery could be making a profit within three years.

Evening Sentinel Nov 20th 1992 page 3 Cheshire
Ten miners at Silverdale have taken voluntary redundancy since closure plans were unveiled. The NUM are urging the remaining pitmen to stay and fight for the mines future. Page 10 NUM rally will march through Hanley city centre and on to Hanley Park on December 5th.

Evening Sentinel Nov. 23rd 1992 Page 1 Co.
British Coal was today accused of acting disgracefully after warnings of redundancies were sent out to all 50 of its pits. Silverdale councillor Bill Hughes said the village jobless rate made it even more vital to save the colliery.

Evening Sentinel Nov 23rd 1992 page 5 Co.
Snow White and her seven dwarfs went to Chatterley Whitfield mining Museum to get in the mood for their Christmas panto.

Evening Sentinel Nov 25th 1992 Page 17 Cheshire
New mining methods should be introduced to ensure the future of Trentham and Silverdale, says an international expert. Continuous mining would reduce costs to below the price of imported coal.

Evening Sentinel Nov 25th 1992 Page 3 Co
Thousands of miners have opted for redundancy rather than wait for their pits to close. NUM branch secretary Roy Ward, at the Florence site of the Trentham complex, said pitmen want to get out because they can’t trust British Coal. They have no heart to carry on.

Evening Sentinel Dec 1st 1992 Page 5 Newcastle
Angry miners at Tretham colliery are battling to get bonus payments re-instated, NUM leaders claim. The remaining miners have been told they will not get their attendance bonuses in the run up to Christmas, worth about £100. They claim they have attended each shift, but have been sent home by the management without doing any work.

Evening Sentinel Dec 4th 1992 Page 7 Cheshire
Hosing estates in north staffs will become run down and health and education will suffer if the area’s last 2 pits are shut down say the local authority.

Evening Sentinel Dec 3rd 1992 Page 1 Moorlands
Sentinel News and Analysis, on a devastating report on pit closures, 8.600 job losses, run down estates, major threat to rail links and soaring home repossessions on page 17.

Dec 4th 1992 Page 1 Special
Angry miners were today given a glimmer of hope for their future. It came as four MPs of an all-party employers select committee visited Silverdale colliery, where protesters had gathered. Miners were told there was always hope of saving the pit. How far the government will listen to us, we don’t know. But nothing is a foregone conclusion.

Evening Sentinel Dec 5th 1992 page 1 Extra
Hundreds of banner waving miners today marched for their jobs. They stepped up their campaign save their pits. The protest march followed a day of intensive lobbying of a high-powered parliamentary committee. More on page 2.

Evening Sentinel Dec. 7th 1992 Page 3 Co.
Jim Dowling appealed to the UDM to return to the NUM and make a stand together against pit closures at a rally in Hanley Park.

Evening Sentinel Dec 9th 1992 Page 8 Cheshire
An article in “Signalman’s Diary” promoting Fred Leighs book on “Mining Memories”.

Evening Sentinel Dec 9th 1992 page 3 Moorlands
North Staffs 2 remaining pits could win a reprieve, following an inquiry by the Trades and Industry committee.

Evening Sentinel Dec 10th 1992 Page 5 Newcastle
Groups battling to save North Staffs the last two remaining pits were delt a severe blow today by the electricity watchdog. He gave the all clear to electricity companies to continue the “dash for gas” which has been blamed in part for the pit closures.

Evening Sentinel Dec 11th 1992 Page 1 Moorlands
A coal freight depot in Stoke-on-Trent has become the first casuality of the proposed closure of Trentham colliery. British Rail announced today that it is to axe its depot at stoke station in February.

Evening Sentinel Dec 21st 1992 Page 1 Newcastle
A decision by the government and British Coal to close 31 pits, including Trentham and Silverdale, were ruled unlawful by two High Court judges today.

Evening Sentinel Dec 22nd 1992 Page 7 Cheshire
British Coal has unveiled detailed plans for the major restoration scheme at Brown Lees opencast site near Biddulph.

Evening Sentinel Dec 22nd 1992 Page 1 City
Mining will not start at Trentham colliery, M. Hesletine announced today. The High Court ruling that the pits closures were unlawful lifted the spirits of the workers at the pit. Now their hopes of a return to work are dashed.