This is the 'unofficial' site about Coate Water Country Park! This site was created as a means to share information, memories and thoughts about one of the best places to be in Swindon.

Coate Water is a LNR (Local Nature Reserve) in Swindon, Wilts. With its enviable Wiltshire countryside setting, it is a beautiful and tranquil haven for visitors and wildlife alike. Thousands of visitors every year have discovered for themselves their own special relationship with the park. For many it is their only opportunity to view wildlife close up, others see it as an oasis for refreshment from the stress of modern living (feeding the ducks is the best 'therapy' there is for 'chilling out'!) whilst for many more it is simply a perfect environment to enjoy an inexpensive day out with their family and loved ones.

Events at Coate

Vistiors to the park cannot help but notice the ducks, swans, geese, coots, moorhens, great crested grebe and squirrels but Coate Water and its surrounding area, is alive with a very wide range of wild birds and animals, many of which go unnoticed as they go about their daily business.
photo by Steve Covey Wiltshire dragonfly recorder. For more dragonfy pictures, click HERE
Activities at Coate

The sensitive management of Coate Water ensures it can sustain a wide variety of wildlife and has earnt it national recognition in its award of SSSI status (Site of Special Scientific Interest). In addition to the active and well established Heronry and a healthy population of bats, of special interest is the 16 distinct species of Dragonflies and Damselflies that have made Coate Water their home.

Otters have also returned to the area and have recently been seen near Coate Water.

Photos from Coate

Muntjac Deer, badgers and foxes can also be seen in and around the park as they forage for food and move along the natural 'wildlife corridors' between the remaining suitable habitats within Swindon.

Rare birds passing over whilst on their migration journey will rest at the lake whilst owls and falcons are more regular visitors.

Memory Lane YOUR Memories

Photo by M.Wheaver
These pictures of Muntjac deer were taken by M. Wheaver at Swindon's 'Front Garden'
An abandoned duckling is put into a Rangers pocket to keep it warm
Coate is rich with wildlife, as you walk around you will regularly see squirrels and a whole range of different birds. On a hot day, when there are not too many folk about, as you walk through the cool shady areas amongst the trees, watch out for the small finches, tits and robins as they take a 'dust bath', darting through the trees just a few feet from the ground! Checkout these pages too for some more wildlife photos wildlife photos including owls and bats
Wildlife Watch is a fantastic opportunity for children and young people to learn more about the wildlife around them. The Wiltshire branch meets regularly at Coate Water. To find out all about Watch events and activities contact Wiltshire's local Watch organiser, Sarah Wood, by clicking on this email address link - SarahW@wiltshirewildlife.org
photo by M.Wheaver  

In addition to the 'Rangers Events' programme, local children may be interested in the 'Passport to Nature' scheme launched in October 2004. This is a free collection of events being offered by Swindon Borough Council where children can explore and learn more about the wildlife around them.


Photo by Kev Sargeant

in flight
Photo by Kev Sargeant
Coate Water is situated on Marlborough Road Swindon. From the M4 take exit 15 and follow the signs for Swindon town centre along the A419 then A4259 until you see the sign for Coate Water Country Park.  
Location Map for Coate Water can be found HERE

For more photo's of wildlife taken by visitors to the park click HERE

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