This is the 'unofficial' site about Coate Water Country Park! This site was created as a means to share information, memories and thoughts about one of the best places to be in Swindon.

Coate Water is a wildlife haven for a whole variety of birds and animals. Surrounded by open countryside, so deservedly called an 'Area of Outstanding Beauty' (AOB), it provides a welcome 'watering hole' for many migrating birds and animals 'passing through'.

This page shows but a few of the more unusual visitors to the park, and some that have made the park their home. If you have any pictures you would like to add, or you can tell us more about the more unusual or unidentified birds on this page, please write to us at coatewater@tiscali.co.uk

photo by Sue Hulbert

Events at Coate


photo of Brazilian Ring Teal by Sue Hulbert

photo of a Grey Lag Goose by Sue Hulbert

Activities at Coate                
Photos from Coate Many of the more unusual visitors to the park are only noticed when they get themselves in trouble, this Pipistrelle bat was found after it had come out of hibernation too soon and found it too cold to survive. Luckily it was found and picked up from one of the parks footpaths, and with a little TLC, was soon fit and well enough to be let go again.

photo by Sue Hulbert

photo by Sue Hulbert
Memory Lane YOUR Memories Young owls and falcons are often taken to the local sanctuary, some fall from nests or are savaged by dogs or foxes, others are orphaned. Thanks to the care and attention of the sanctuary, most are returned to the wild fit and strong, all are returned to a spot as near possible to where they were found and many remain and flourish in the Coate area close to the park.

photo by Sue Hulbert
    One of the more well known birds, and much loved, to take up residence at Coate Water was a white Goose called George.    
To purchase the true life story about this delightful character, check out the children's wildlife story books by Jo Dunningham  where George even has his own webpage!  
Coate Water is situated on Marlborough Road Swindon. From the M4 take exit 15 and follow the signs for Swindon town centre along the A419 then A4259 until you see the sign for Coate Water Country Park.
Location Map for Coate Water can be found HERE

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