The Paralympic Sailing Challenge
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Picture: Skud 18 at Beijing 08 sailed by Alex Rickham and Niki Birrell


Campaigning for London 2012

At this site you can follow Michael Cogswell and Lucy Hodges's campaign to win a Gold Medal at the London 2012 Paralympics.

IFDS World Championships 09

The Skud 18 class at the World Championships in Athens last month had a very low turn out and therefore our 4th placing does not win us automatic funding as it would have done so in the past. Lucy and I were however very happy with our performance at his regatta - only our second together in the Skud 18, as we proved how competitive we have become in only a very short time. for pictures and results



The Disability Challenge

In 1999 I had a life changing moment, I fell down a mountain in France. The net result was permanent paralysis from the mid chest down. My life was instantly changed - but it wasn't necessarily changed for the worse. I spent some time recovering and taking stock with my partner Sarah. In 2000 we were married and after that I started to look for something to do that would both stimulate and challenge me physically and mentally.Read more ...

November 7, 2009

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Michael Cogswell

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