Lodge 320's Visit to

Culmore Lodge 320 I.C.

On Thursday March 8th, 2012, 9 members of this Lodge flew off from Prestwick to Eglinton Airport for our regular visit to Lodge 320 Culmore in Londonderry for their annual installation. As always, we were collected at the airport and hustled the few miles to the White Horse Hotel where accommodation had been arranged once again by the Brethren of Culmore Lodge 320. A quick dip in the pool was enjoyed by a few of us and a couple of intrepid souls headed for the gym. All too soon we were showered, shaved and dressed in our finery to be whisked to Herby's once again to meet a few of the lads and renew old acquaintances. Next stop was the Lodge where Brother Parkhill was installed into the chair of his Mother Lodge once again by P.M. Brother Maurice Lynch in a most excellent manner. Following the meeting a good feed was enjoyed, prepared once again by Brother Guthrie followed by a number of excellent speakers and no small measure of witty and humorous stories to set a fine mood for the evening. Thereafter we retired back to Herby's for a couple of hours of post harmony, harmony and no shortage of fine wines and spirits. Time always flies when you're having a good time and in no time at all we were ready to head back to the hotel for a well earned night of sweet dreams. Friday dawned a bit drizzly but unwilling to let the damp weather dampen our spirits we set of to visit The Maiden City, and as 2 of our companions were visiting for the first time, we made our usual circumambulation of the walls of the city with a stop at St Collumb's Cathedral for a short tour. Next stop a regularly visited bar for lunch and a few beers. Later, we set off back to the hotel for a shower and change, a bite to eat and back out to the Services Club for a really good evening, in the company of Bros Parkhill and Guthrie. Saturday morning saw us packed and ready for the quick flight back to Prestwick to conclude a good couple of days with our friends from Culmore Lodge 320.

Once again our grateful thanks are extended to all at Culmore and especially Brothers David, Herby, Maurice and Ferdie for services rendered. 

Gentlemen, we once again look forward to seeing you in November if you can manage and next March if you can't.

Colin Hannah. R.W.M.

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