Family Day 2011


Interesting pictures

I now pronounce you husband and BBQ

And sporting a daft hat we have Sir Mattius Bollocksson

Let's go and see why they 2 are standing like that

Is this supposed to fill me?

Stick yer tongue out at him Jamie

I'll be fine once I've read the instructions

What are you shoutin' for?

I'M the referree!!


It's finally dropped fellas

It's behind you, silly!!


Wake up wee fella, we're on....


We'll decide when it's ready, OK?

No, smart ****, we are NOT the Garnets


So to get an office I need to be a P.M. then? Damn!!

It was in there all the time, you just couldn't tell

Your tea's oot big yin!!


Get it yourself, I'm busy



Will you get off that bl**** phone and take one of these?

Hey Jean, he says that's only his fourth....


Will somebody get something to hold this up? My arms are breakin'

And as they enter the final straight it's ...........


We arra peepil!!!

And this is my impression of a meerkat caught in headlights. Good, innit?

They went that way, I think

I wish I had another gob

Ah'm gonny chuck this at Benny then make a run for it!!!


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