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The Conyers Household is a 15th century re-enactment group basest in Doncaster South Yorkshire whose aims are to re-enact the Household of  Sir John Conyers and the turbulent times known as the war of the roses through the recreation of the lifestyle and battles of that period. The Lord  John Conyers was the sheriff of Yorkshire at the time of the war of the roses and was one of Warwick's Household Captains, he looked after Warwick's lands and interests in Yorkshire.

Warwick was one of the most influential lords of the war of the roses period and it is said that he could make or break a King, Warwick was knows as the King maker because of this influences. After the battle of Edgecote Warwick fled the country and Richard III was given his lands and households in Yorkshire for his own and so the Conyers became a part of the future King of England's Household  

Conyers Household aim's to be as authentic as is possible, to achieve this we use modern materials that approximate those that were available in the Middle Ages and made in the style of the 15th century man or woman’s clothing and equipment such as hose, shirts, jackets shoes, boots, belts, hats and bags ect. We uses modern Steel Theatrical Props or (STP's) such as Pole Arms, Swords, daggers, Axes, Bills, Longbows and crossbows to help achieve this goal.

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We aim to teach and help keep our history alive though the shows we put on and take part in.

Conyers Household's motto Unicus et primus voluntas factus  (Only the best will do)




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