The Corbett One Name Study

Miscellaneous Deaths

A - Andrew
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A Corbet I 23/06/1800 STS STS Advertiser: Mrs
A E Corbett I 07/01/1931 Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington LND 00y
A G Corbet D 00/00/1900 Ashbourne DBY Red Book of Deaths 1901 page 198 #1093
Aaron Corbett I 01/04/1832 Christchurch,Coseley PR STS 07m Of Princes End,Tipton
Aaron Corbett I 00/04/1786 St Luke,Old St PR LND
Abel Corbett I 29/01/1850 Bromsgrove (PR) WOR 3y of Hill Top. GRO ref in Notes #1169
Abigail (Brown) Corbett I 19/06/1686 Habberley PR SAL No children on PR. Spouse: Samuel
Abigail Corbett D 00/00/1642 Worcestershire or Herefordshire HEF #1051
Abraham Corbet I 00/00/1623 Clerkenwell LND Boyds London Burials #825
Abraham Corbett I 18/05/1653 Belton PR LEI 14y Dau of Francis & Jane X 10/11/1639
Abraham Corbett I 04/02/1801 Wyton (PR) HUN 01y
Abraham Corbett I 08/07/1815 Isham NTH 20w S.of William & Ruth (Mayes)
Adam Corbet I 00/00/1606 St Margaret,Westminster MDX Boyds London Burials #825
Adam Corbet D 00/00/1625 Newton SAL Son of Henry
Adela Clara Corbett D 22/08/1932 QUE:Brisbane South AUS 66y Nudgee Cem MI #177
Adele Corbett D 04/01/1990 Barnstaple DEV 90y Daily Telegraph Death
Adolphus Corbett I 14/01/1882 St Mary,Nottingham PR NTT 6y GRO ref in Notes #735
Adolphus Corbett D 05/07/1923 Nottingham  78y S of John &Maria (Whitehouse) #1256
Adryan Corbet I 31/08/1574 St Mary Somerset PR LND
Agnes A Corbet I 29/05/1912 Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington LND 00y
Agnes Caroline Corbett D 00/00/1929 Rochford ESS 52y Of Rochford. Will pvd 1929.(D.of Benjamin.) #1057
Agnes Clare Corbett D 00/00/1894 Tamworth WAR 41y See Will Index. #793
Agnes Corbet D c.1585 Whittlesey CAM PCC WILL.Widow.PCC 32 Brudenell.Sp:John (D:1607)
Agnes Corbette D circa 1495 St Dunstan in the East LND See Will Index:PCC 30 Vox
Agnes Corbytt I 12/02/1615 St James,Clerkenwell PR LND Daughter of Matthewe
Agnes Louisa (Corbett) Bowley D 11/06/1964 Birmingham? WAR 82y
Aileen Corbett D 00/01/1912 Auckland NZ NZ Herald,Auckland #185
Albert Corbett D 00/00/1914 'Good Hope' War Death:A.B.
Albert Corbett D 00/10/1928 Colebrook, New Hampshire USA 79y
Albert Edward Corbett D 26/03/1917 Egypt:KIA O/S War Death #874
Albert Edward Corbett D 05/04/1917 At Home U/K War Death #907
Albert Edward Corbett D 29/03/1961 Holy Trinity,Amblecote MI WAR 55y #181
Albert Edward Corbett D 14/07/1972 St Chad's Hospital,Edgbaston STS 69y Cert. #402
Albert Edwin Corbett D 11/04/1917 Mesopotamia:KIA O/S War Death #967
Albert Henry Corben D 02/05/1918 France & Flanders O/S War Death #851
Albert Howard Corbett D 09/08/1915 Gallipoli:KIA O/S War Death #1014
Albert M Corbett D 00/00/1914 'Pembroke' War Death:Seaman
Albert William Corbett D 22/08/1948 QUE:Brisbane South  56y Nudgee Cem MI #177
Albert William Corbett D 18/02/1960
Alex Corbet D 12/04/1917 France & Flanders:KIA O/S War Death #379
Alexander Corber D 17/08/1823 Plymouth DEV
Alexander Corbet I 10/12/1823 St Mary,Nottingham PR NTT 40y Of Red Lion St
Alexander Corbet D 08/03/1867 VIC AUS 54y Son of Alexander & Isabel(Nicol) #1223
Alexander Corbet D 01/08/1879 Cypress Hills Cem.,New York MI USA 89y #833
Alexander Corbet D 07/01/1893 Edinburgh MLN Shoemaker, sp. of Ann Rulloch #1240
Alexander Corbet D 29/09/1915 QUE:Gympie 68y S.of Alexander & Margaret (Nichols) #1223
Alexander Corbet I 00/00/1798 Chelsea Hospital MDX Boyds London Burials:Captain #825
Alexander Corbet D 00/00/1874 Poplar LND 68y See Will Index.GRO ref in Notes #792
Alexander Corbett D 29/09/1603 Sedgley STS 01y? Son of Henry & Joan (Marsh)
Alexander Corbett I 21/04/1793 Nottingham:St Mary NTT #1256
Alexander Corbett I 26/09/1798 St Peter,Colchester ESS Royal Artillery
Alexander Corbett D 04/03/1827 Kirkintilloch Old PR DUN 58y A spirit dealer
Alexander Corbett D 13/11/1916 France & Flanders::KIA O/S War Death #890
Alexander Corbett I 00/02/1829 Tettenhall STS
Alexander Corbett D 00/04/1780 Sneinton NTT
Alexander Corbett D 00/12/1823 Nottingham:Red Lion St NTT A warehouseman
Alexander Corbett D 00/09/1765 Nottingham:Coal Pit Lane NTT
Alexander Robert Corbet D 30/05/1923 Cypress Hills Cem.,N.York MI USA 76y B:26/7/1847 #833
Alfred Alkenah Corbett D 06/01/1906 Clifton Hill, Victoria AUS Son of Richard & Sophia (Sterling)
Alfred Chas Corbett D 27/10/1904 Yarra Bend Lun.Asylum, Richmond VIC Hus of Sarah (Joseph)
Alfred Corbett I 14/03/1852 Trevethin PR MON 09w Sunday.GRO ref in Notes #595
Alfred Corbett I 17/10/1860 St Bartholomews,Birmingham WAR GRO ref in Notes #673
Alfred Corbett I 02/05/1862 Bromsgrove (PR) WOR 02y of Hill Top.  #1178
Alfred Corbett D 10/01/1890 Lewisham KEN 49y See Will Index. #744
Alfred Corbett I 06/03/1914 Uplands or Handsworth Cemetery STS 1y4m Of Loe Lane
Alfred Corbett D 13/09/1914 At Home U/K War Death #995
Alfred Corbett D 14/04/1916 3 Sherborne St, Islington LND Son of Benjamin & Harriet (Collins)
Alfred Corbett D 09/04/1917 France & Flanders:DoW O/S War Death #360
Alfred Corbett D 14/04/1917 France & Flanders:KIA O/S War Death #1007
Alfred Corbett D 06/09/1918 France & Flanders:DoW O/S War Death #914
Alfred Corbett 05/07/1934 Auckland NZ NZ Herald,Auckland #185
Alfred Corbett D 25/08/1935 St Nicholas,Kings Norton MI WOR 65y #98
Alfred Corbett D 12/07/1951 St John's chyd,Haverton Hall MI DUR 58y s #27
Alfred Corbett D 11/10/1958 Ebbvale GWE 65y Coal miner.Sp:Gwladys (Bull)
Alfred Corbett D 11/10/1958 Ebbwvale GWE Son of William & Charlotte (Spacey)
Alfred Corbett D 06/12/1966 Hove SSX Son of Charles Henry & Catherine (Hicks)
Alfred Corbett W OO/O6/1966 Hove SSX 71y #818
Alfred Corbett D 00/00/1860 China O/S
Alfred Corbitt I 12/12/1861 Chilvers Coton PR WAR Inf  #678
Alfred Edward Corbett D 01/07/1916 O/S War Death #1051
Alfred Ernest Corbett D 23/03/1928 Uplands Cemetery,Smethwick STS 10m #484
Alfred George Corbett D 05/03/1887 Kensington LND See Will Index. #476
Alfred Henry Corbett I 26/08/1858 Walthamstow:St My (PR) ESS 3w oOf Marsh St. #1260
Alfred Henry Corbett D 22/12/1924 St Michael,Baddesley Clinton MI WAR 38y
Alfred Henry Corbett I 09/11/1925 Handsworth Cem STS 70y Left a Will. Probate 5 Dec 1925. #469
Alfred James Corbett D 17/04/1917 At Sea War Death #363
Alfred Malling Corbett D 24/12/1964 USA Son of Charles Hodge & Minnie Cousen (Webster)
Alfred Marcellino Corbett D 19/08/1967 NSW:Leeton Cem.R.C.Section 2 MI AUS 73y P9.Sp:Jane Elizabeth d:3/9/1976 84y (same grave)
Alfred Robert Corbett 16/07/1962 Birmingham WAR 63y #972
Alfred Thomas Corbett D 22/04/1813 St Mary,Whittall St,Birmingham WAR 10m S.of Joseph & Elizabeth (Levett):New Meeting St #1105
Algernon James Corbett D 01/07/1916 France & Flanders:KIA O/S War Death #367
Alice (Corbett) Gresham D 01/09/1682 Titsey (Buried) SRY Dau of Richard & Alice (Hutton/Milton)
Alice (Meers) Corbett D 00/00/1710 Salcott/Calcott SRY 70y Father:George of Milbrooke.Sp:John.
Alice Ann (Woods) Corbett D 14/08/1871 Te Henui Cemetery,New Plymouth NZ 37y #705
Alice Corbet I 12/04/1628 Westminster Abbey MDX Coll.Top.& Gen.v.7(Note 1091):Mrs #148
Alice Corbet I 25/01/1646 St Dunstan in the East PR LND #546
Alice Corbet I 11/08/1736 Cleobury Mortimer PR SAL A poor woman #1087
Alice Corbett I 02/03/1546 Bedford:St Mary PR BDF #1051
Alice Corbett I 09/04/1584 Sutton PR BDF
Alice Corbett D 17/10/1613 Tatsfield Church MI SRY
Alice Corbett I 05/12/1682 Alberbury PR SAL Spouse:Hugh #1090
Alice Corbett I 23/04/1694 St Botolph,Bishopsgate PR LND 30y
Alice Corbett I 23/10/1710 Tattersfield SRY 70y (D.of George Meers & wife of John)
Alice Corbett I 13/06/1819 St Mary,Nottingham PR NTT 15y #839
Alice Corbett I 11/09/1859 Shepshed PR LEI 75y GRO ref in Notes #670
Alice Corbett D 05/06/1887 Audenshaw,Manchester MI LAN -2y GRO ref in Notes #111
Alice Corbett I 00/00/1662 St Katherine by Tower,Stepney LND Spouse:Gilbert
Alice Corbett I 00/00/1800 Darlaston STS #828
Alice Corbett D 00/00/1899 Westhide HEF Daughter of Joseph & Emma (Birt)?
Alice Corbit I 20/02/1651 Tilsworth PR BDF
Alice Emily Corbett D 05/01/1951 Rochford ESS Dau of Benjamin & Agnes Ann (Marshall)
Alice Fanny (Corbett) Davey D 00/00/1948 NZ Wife of Francis Davey
Alice Fenton Corbett D 11/01/1941 Auckland NZ 62y NZ Herald,Auckland #185
Alice Isabel Corbett D 00/00/1895 Richmond, Victoria AUS Dau of Alfred Charles & Sarah (Joseph)
Alice Mabel (Corbett) Davis D 00/00/1941 NSW Dau of JOhn & Elizabeth Grace (West)
Alice Margaret Corbett D 04/10/1891 Chefoo CHN Dau of Hunter & Harriet Robing (Sutherland)
Alice Martha Corbett D 00/00/1853 Manchester LAN 1y Quaker Monitor:PRO #1233
Alice Mary Corbett D 30/01/1865 St Marys Chyd,Leebotwood MI SAL 10y #416
Alice Mary Corbett D 27/06/1961 QUE:Brisbane:Nudgee Cemetery MI AUS 93y
Alicia (Corbet) Gresham D 01/09/1682 Titsey PR SRY Misc.& Gen.Hist. #168
Alicia (Gratewood) Corbet D 00/00/1603 SAL Dau of John.Spouse:Reginald
Alison Marshall Campbell D 08/09/1954 Glasgow:9 Grosvenor Terrace 74y Wid of John.Usually of 104 Stirling Rd, Airdrie #1238
Alison Marshall Corbett D 03/02/1925 Aidrdrie:Maternity Home LKS 11d John & Robina (Connell)(of 43 Kippen St, Airdrie) #1238
Allan Corbett I 21/10/1698 Derry Cathedral IRL Sergeant.Spouse:Jane.
Alma Ivy Evelyn Corbett D 18/02/1940 QUE:Brisbane South AUS 49y Dutton Park Cemetery MI #249
Amanda Louisa Corbett D 01/07/1906 Birkenhead See Will Index. #26
Amelia (Mailhurst) Corbet D 00/00/1296 Wife of Richard Corbet
Amelia Corbet/Corby D 08/02/1812 St Mary,Harrow MDX 1y2m Dau of Henry & Anne #1216
Amelia Corbett 28/04/1819 St Mary,Whittall St,Birmingham 1y Gtr B'ham Burial INX #509
Amelia Corbett 30/11/1884 St Mary,Bilston STS 88y GRO ref in Notes #446
Amelia Corbett D 11/03/1911 Nottingham NTT Dau of George & Amelia (Davis)
Amelia Emma Corbett D 15/06/1945 Auckland NZ 54y NZ Herald,Auckland #185
Amos Corbett UNDATED NSW:Griffith Cem.Methodist AUS #184
Amos William Corbett D 28/09/1886 USA
Amy Corbett I 08/02/1879 St Edburgh, Yardley WOR 19Ğm Of Yardley
Amy Sarah (Shotter) Corbett D 10/07/1944 Wimbledon LND also her husband Duncan, killed by enemy action #1240
Andrea Corbett D 00/00/1866 Florence ITA
Andreas Corbet D 17/04/1729 Chirbury (of) (IGI 1992) SAL
Andrew Corbet D 06/09/1645 Moreton Corbet (of) (IGI 1992) SAL S.of Vincent+Sarah (Monson)
Andrew Corbet I 07/05/1735 Tasley PR SAL 'Affidavit brought ye 8th.' of Bridgnorth
Andrew Corbet I 20/04/1771 Chirbury PR SAL #1088
Andrew Corbet I 20/11/1788 Chirbury PR SAL #1088
Andrew Corbet D 21/04/1796 Shawbury SAL Born 1720. A bachelor 76y
Andrew Corbet I 04/02/1810 Chirbury PR SAL #1088
Andrew Corbet D 25/02/1857 Moreton Corbet (of) (IGI 1992) SAL
Andrew Corbet D 09/05/1864 Rector: South Willingham LIN Gentleman's Mag.1864.#69
Andrew Corbet D 00/00/1679 Edgbaston MI WAR Vicar of Edgbaston from 1635
Andrew Corbet D 00/00/1855 Moreton Corbet SAL Spouse:Rachel Stevens Hill
Andrew Corbet D 00/00/1856 Sundorne Castle SAL Spouse: Mary Emma Hill
Andrew Corbet (Sir) I 30/04/1796 Moreton Corbet PR  76y SAL Arch.SocTrans.v.4 #114
Andrew Corbet (Sir) D 12/05/1817 Shawbury:St Mary SAL
Andrew Corbet (Sir) D 00/00/1855 55y GRO ref in Notes #260
Andrew Corbett D 16/08/1578 56y Sir of Moreton Corbet. Husband of Jane (Needham)
Andrew Corbett I 28/07/1628 Moreton Corbet PR (X 30/3/1628 s.of Pelham & Anne) #1089
Andrew Corbett I 06/02/1671 Moreton Corbet PR L S.of Vincent (Sir)+Lady Elizabeth #1089
Andrew Corbett I 19/10/1694 St Botolph,Bishopsgate PR LND 12y
Andrew Corbett I 21/04/1741 Battlefield PR SAL 32y Gentleman's MAG v.11:Esq. #107
Andrew Corbett I 25/02/1757 Moreton Corbet PR SAL SAL Arch. Society Trans. vol.4 #126
Andrew Corbett D 20/06/1824 Potsford NTH 72y #1265
Andrew Corbett D 05/06/1835 Shawbury MI SAL 69y Sir of Shawbury Park.Husb.of Mary (Taylor)
Andrew Corbett D 01/07/1916 France & Flanders:KIA O/S War Death #876
Andrew Corbett D 00/00/1793 Leicester LEI 58y
Andrew Corbett D 00/00/1850 NSW:Geelong:Newtown AUS 03y Son of John & Sarah (Collins)
Andrew Corbett (Sir) I 07/05/1637 Moreton Corbet PR 57y See Will Inx.SAL Arch.Soc.Tr. v. 4 #1140
Andrew George Corbet D 21/06/1900 Ashbourne DBY 75y DBY CRO.GRO ref in Notes #239
Andrew Richard Corbett D 16/07/1912 43y Of Adderley
Andrew William Corbett D 00/00/1856 55y Burkes Landed Gentry.GRO ref in Notes #270

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