The Corbett One Name Study

Miscellaneous Deaths

C to Cyril
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C Corbett I 15/03/1915 Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington LND 00y
C Corbett D 01/07/1916 France & Flanders:KIA O/S War Death #877
C Corbett D 28/04/1917 Arras:KIA O/S War Death #198
C E Corbett D 24/06/1900 Johannesburg,Transvaal RSA War Death:Boer War #252
Caesar Corbett D 00/00/1917 O/S War Death #1053
Campbell Corbett D 21/06/1948 Auckland NZ NZ Herald,Auckland
Caroline (Corbet) Hackney D 14/11/1911 Limerick City IRL 77y D.of Wm+Eliza of Rock Lodge, Castleconnell. #1246
Caroline Corbet I 06/04/1817 St Mary,Nottingham PR NTT 06y Of Pennyfoot Lane
Caroline Corbet I 00/03/1828 Wednesbury STS
Caroline Corbett D 28/05/1885 154 Coldharbour,Camberwell SRY
Caroline Corbett 18/08/1919 St Mary,Handsworth STS 58y #473
Caroline Corbett D 00/00/1886 Lambeth (of) SRY 66y See Will Index.GRO ref in Notes #789
Cath Corbut/Corbitt I 06/12/1622 Dunstable PR BDF #262
Catharine Corbet I 28/12/1761 Chirbury PR SAL #1088
Catharine Corbett D 15/12/1729 Westbury Church SAL 68y Spouse:Vincent of Newton
Catharine Corbett D 15/12/1789 Westbury Church MI SAL 68y #138
Catherine ('Katie') Corbett D 08/04/1957 QUE:Brisbane:Nudgee Cemetery MI AUS 75y6m
Catherine (Barton) Corbett D 00/00/1601 Hope SAL #941
Catherine (Corbet) Bond ? 00/00/1710 LND Smith MSS on GCI SoG #57
Catherine (Corbett) Eden D 19/05/1844 26y Bn 20/5/1818 d.of Thos & Hannah.Sp:William Eden #1096
Catherine (Garlick) Corbett ? 03/11/1787 Smith MSS GCI at SoG #104
Catherine (Marchant) Corbett I 09/04/1753 St Mary,Hampton PR MDX Spouse: Matthew/Matthias
Catherine (McKenzie) Corbett D 21/08/1945 New Plymouth NZ 85y Spouse:John Henry (Dec'd)
Catherine (O'Hara) Corbett D 19/05/1845 Bn 1818 d.of Thos O'Hara.Sp:William Eden Corbet
Catherine (Saunders) Corbet D 00/00/1608 NFK #1054
Catherine Corbet I 23/11/1727 Tarrington PR HEF
Catherine Corbet I 24/05/1801 St Mary,Osgathrope (PR) LEI 30y Dau of Robert & Millicent
Catherine Corbet W 08/09/1873 The Swan,Erdington WAR
Catherine Corbet D 00/10/1880 Chelsea MDX
Catherine Corbet W 00/00/1766 Hampton MDX
Catherine Corbett I 25/05/1757 Wednesfield PR STS 03y Daughter of Walter & Sarah
Catherine Corbett I 17/11/1761 Bobbington PR STS 31y Mrs. #190
Catherine Corbett I 15/02/1797 St Michael,Derby DBY 10m (X 7/4/1796 d.of John & Elizabeth) #1093
Catherine Corbett I 24/05/1801 Osgathorpe PR LEI #536
Catherine Corbett D 06/01/1809 Cork:James St,Cork,IRL (of) IRL Cork Mercantile Chronicle #76
Catherine Corbett I 21/10/1811 Belton PR LEI Widow of Thomas
Catherine Corbett D 03/01/1812 Quinton churchyard MI GLS 78y GCI at SoG #1055
Catherine Corbett 19/11/1814 Holy Trinity,Coventry WAR 63y Of New Buildings
Catherine Corbett D 06/04/1818 Lancashire Quakers,Manchester LAN Of Liverpool.Widof John (Tailor)
Catherine Corbett D 02/04/1827 Mitchelstown (of) IRL 23y Southern Advertiser #289
Catherine Corbett I 23/12/1834 Christchurch,Coseley PR STS 41y Of Deepfields Square,Coseley
Catherine Corbett I 12/12/1858 Bix PR OXF 08y GRO ref in Notes #213
Catherine Corbett I 02/08/1890 Castle Donnington LEI 82y GRO ref in Notes #745
Catherine Corbett I 06/12/1893 Castle Donnington PR LEI 72y Of Kegworth,Castle Donington
Catherine Corbett D 02/04/1896 NSW:Millers Forest,Hunter River AUS 65y #1220
Catherine Corbett D 14/09/1927 Auckland NZ 76y NZ Herald,Auckland #185
Catherine Corbett D 00/00/1873 Erdington:The Swan Inn (of) WAR 52y See Will Index.(On GRO) #788
Catherine Corbett D 00/00/1766 St Mary,Hampton SRY See Will Index #1051
Catherine Corbett D 00/04/1896 AUS Wife of William
Catherine Lees Butler D 05/07/1908 Burton Isolation Hosp STS 42y D.of Jos+Martha (Lees) (of Typhoid) #1236
Catherine Louisa Corbett D 22/06/1960 Bristol GLS 82y D.of Chris.Geo.+Sarah (Woodhead) #1233
Cecil Corbin D 23/03/1918 France & Flanders:DoW O/S War Death #857
Cecil Uvedale Corbett D 21/08/1944 64y S. of Richard Cecil & Susan Horatia (Drummond)
Cecilia Corbett I 09/09/1816 Dean PR BDF 09m Of Upper Dean
Charles (Sir) Corbett D 16/05/1808 St Anne,Soho,Westminster MI MDX 74y GCI at SoG #141
Charles Archibald Corbett D 23/11/1916 France & Flanders:KIA O/S War Death #854
Charles Auguste Corbett D 11/07/1866 Jersey CI S. of Jean Baptiste & Francois Felicite (le Fevre)
Charles Benjamin Corbett 22/03/1846 St Thomas,Birmingham WAR 14m GRO ref in Notes #251
Charles Braine Corbett D 29/04/1916 St Nicholas,King Norton MI WOR 43y See Will Index #60
Charles Christopher Corbin D 07/11/1915 At Home:DoW U/K War Death #388
Charles Clarence Corbett D 20/01/1896 IND #93
Charles Cobbett I 07/08/1761 Chertsey PR SRY
Charles Cobbett D 14/03/1915 France & Flanders:KIA O/S War Death #913
Charles Corbet I 20/10/1728 Tarrington PR HEF 65y Senior #67
Charles Corbet D 05/06/1769 St Mary,Lewisham KEN 02m S. of John &Mary
Charles Corbet D 00/00/1716 Greenwich LND LyS.s Environs LND:S. of Sir Roger Corbet
Charles Corbet I 00/00/1660 Clapham SRY Boyds London Burials #825
Charles Corbet I 00/00/1672 St Paul,Covent Garden MDX Boyds London Burials #825
Charles Corbet I 00/00/1751 St Dunstan in the West LND Boyds London Burials #825
Charles Corbet I 00/00/1764 St Dunstan in the West LND Boyds London Burials #825
Charles Corbet I 00/00/1849 City LND
Charles Corbet (Sir) D 10/12/1814 STS STS Advertiser
Charles Corbett D 11/06/1660 St Pauls Churchyard,Clapham MI SRY 14d GCI at SoG #63
Charles Corbett I 23/09/1690 Bobbington PR STS 03y Father:Edward
Charles Corbett I 19/04/1706 St Mary at Hill PR LND
Charles Corbett I 03/03/1707 Eastham WOR Date could be 1767.S.of Martha Corbett
Charles Corbett W 21/07/1746 Stafford STS See Will Index.Dau Margaret.Sp:Mary
Charles Corbett I 01/10/1750 All Hallows the Less PR LND
Charles Corbett D 24/02/1752 Islington LND 42y S of Thomas & Isabella (Dykes) (I:St Dunstan in West)
Charles Corbett I 07/07/1768 St John,Horsleydown SRY Inf
Charles Corbett D 05/06/1769 St Mary,Lewisham KEN (X:27 March 1769 s.of John & Mary)
Charles Corbett 30/10/1808 Wyre Piddle WOR 5y 6m #823
Charles Corbett I 28/05/1814 Wyre Piddle WOR 67y #1103
Charles Corbett 30/09/1818 Martley WOR 14d
Charles Corbett I 30/09/1818 St Peter,Martley (PR) WOR 02w
Charles Corbett I 23/07/1833 Ashperton PR HEF 47y Of Ashperton
Charles Corbett I 09/09/1845 Bromsgrove (PR) WOR 18y of Hill Top (Parents:George & Ann)
Charles Corbett D 26/09/1852 NewportPagnell:Olney:Ravenstone BKM 25y #1165
Charles Corbett I 10/01/1864 Walthamstow:St Mary (PR) ESS 46y By Robert Elliott #1260
Charles Corbett D 03/06/1884 WinS. Green Workhouse WAR 55y S. of John & Elizabeth (Phillips)
Charles Corbett I 15/08/1893 St James,Dudley PR WOR 15y of Oxford St Dy.
Charles Corbett I 25/04/1909 Uplands Cemetery,Smethwick STS 52y Of 45 Bampton Rd,Smethwick
Charles Corbett D 15/09/1912 Bronyard WOR S. of Richard & Hannah (Layton)
Charles Corbett D 07/07/1915 Coombe Hill MI GLS 87y of Elmstone Hardw'k.S.of Jn+My (Hodges) #1234
Charles Corbett I 19/07/1926 Uplands Cemetery,Smethwick STS 77y See Will Index 16/8/1922 #1120
Charles Corbett D 23/10/1941 Birmingham WAR S. of Frederick & Mary (Adams)
Charles Corbett D 00/00/1956 Whangarei NZ 93y #439
Charles Corbett D UNDATED Coombe Hill Methodist MI GLS Grave 7:+Judith
Charles Corbett D 00/00/1846 Wymeswold (of) LEI See Will Index.GRO ref in Notes #787
Charles Corbett D 00/00/1851 WAR See Will Index.GRO ref in Notes #609
Charles Corbett D 00/00/1884 WinS. Green Workhouse (of) WAR 34y See Will Inx .(On GRO) #786
Charles Corbett I 00/00/1746 Gnosall STS Of Stafford
Charles Corbett I 00/00/1786 Bobbington STS Esq. #835
Charles Corbett I 00/07/1831 Bilston STS
Charles Corbett D 00/00/1896 India IND
Charles Corbett D 00/00/1854 Old Stratford GLS Spouse: Ann JohnS.
Charles Corbett D 00/09/1859 Leicester LEI Spouse: Susan
Charles Edward Corbett I 26/05/1990 St Cadfans,Tywyn GWY 81y Daily Telegraph Death #1042
Charles Frederick Corbett D 29/01/1955 Woodbridge SFK S.of Sir John+Georgina Grace (Holmes) of Brooke,NFK Charles Harold Corbett D 13/05/1915 Ypres:KIA O/S War Death #169
Charles Henry Corbett D 30/11/1917 France & Flanders:KIA O/S War Death #906
Charles Henry Corbett I 03/01/1928 Palgrave Churchyard SFK 61y S. of William & Mary Ann (Cooke)
Charles Hodge Corbett D 23/06/1963 Ohio:Stow USA 82y S. of Hunter & Mary Campbell (Nixon)
Charles John Corbet I 00/00/1849 St Dunstan i t West LND Boyds London Burials.(On GRO) #832
Charles John Corbett D 17/05/1910 Wolverhampton STS 60y S. of John & Sarah (Allen) #1235
Charles John Corbett D 30/09/1918 France & Flanders:KIA O/S War Death #896
Charles Joseph Corbett D 24/03/1882 Thames Ditton MI SRY 58y See Will Index. GRO ref in Notes #21
Charles Joseph Henry Corbett D 20/11/1935 79y S. of Charles Joseph & Elizabeth Mary Anne (Byrne)
Charles Peake D 09/02/1844 Lewisham:St Mary MI KEN 59y Hus of Mary (d.of Jn+Ann Corbett?) #178
Charles Vincent Corbett D 16/09/1979 Clevedon SOM 72y S:of Harry Dan & Annie Jessie (Lake)
Charles William Corbett D 10/11/1917 France & Flanders:DoW O/S War Deaths #1004
Charles William M Corbett I 04/01/1927 Kings Norton:St Nicholas MI WOR 79y S.of Charles & Jane #60
Charlotte (Corbet) Clarke I 15/06/1774 Moreton Corbet PR SAL 50y SAL Arch.Society Trans. vol.4.I#29
Charlotte Ann Answorth Corbet D 04/08/1870 Cypress Hills Cem.,New York MI USA 10m #833
Charlotte Corbet/Corby D 28/09/1783 St Mary,Harrow MDX Dau of Henry & Cath. (Wood) #1216
Charlotte Corbett D 01/06/1724 Shawbury (of) SAL Dau of Andrew & Frances (Prynce)
Charlotte Corbett I 26/12/1783 St Peter,Radford PR NTT #1200
Charlotte Corbett I 19/06/1825 St Peter,Derby DBY 07m Of Nag's Head Yard, St Peter St #1093
Charlotte Corbett I 16/05/1848 Isham? NTH 63y Wife of William #25
Charlotte Corbett 22/04/1849 St Bartholomews,Birmingham PR WAR 74y GRO ref in Notes #640
Charlotte Corbett D 08/11/1876 Nottingham NTT Dau of Walter & Charlotte (Bearder)
Charlotte Corbett D 10/09/1906 Willesdon SRY See Will Index:of Willesdon
Charlotte Corbett 19/04/1940 Kumaon? IND India INX at SoG #1115
Charlotte Corbett D 02/08/1940 Auckland NZ NZ Herald,Auckland #185
Charlotte Corbett 00/05/1857 St James,Delhi MI IND #268
Charlotte Corbett I 00/07/1847 Isham NTH
Charlotte Corbett D 00/00/1860 Sweden O/S
Charlotte Eleanor (Corbett) Lane D 24/06/1973 Leeds YKS Dau of Thomas & Phoebe Eleanor (Hughes)
Charlotte Louisa Corbett I 29/09/1904 Abney Park Cemetery, Stke Newington LND 30y
Charlotte Sophia Corbett I 13/02/1922 Handsworth Cemetery STS 61y Of 37 Whatley Rd
Child Corbett I 06/06/1745 St Luke, Old St PR LND Child A 'child' of John X July 1752 at same
Chris (Mackay) Corbet 20/11/1881 Lairg SUT 40y Spouse: John (Dec'd)
Christiana Corbett I 09/09/1816 Dean PR BDF 09m Of Upper Dean
Christina Corbet I 00/00/1241 Melrose Chapter House ROX #121
Christina M J Corbett D 01/12/1961 QUE:Brisbane:Nudgee Cemetery MI AUS 89y H:Geo A J Corbett
Christopher Corbet 28/10/1909 Lairg SUT 32y S. of John & Chris (Mackay)
Christopher Corbett 00/05/1761 Brinklow:St John the Bap. MI YKS #139
Christopher George B.Corbett D 11/04/1900 Chorlton LAN 52y S of Edw'd & Margaret (Bentham) #1233
Clara Corbett I 06/09/1860 Melchbourne PR BDF 32y GRO ref in Notes #672
Clara Corbett I 23/03/1878 St Mary,Nottingham PR NTT 04y GRO ref in Notes #723
Clara Eliza Corbett D 16/05/1944 Auckland NZ 68y NZ Herald,Auckland #185
Clara Elizabeth Corbett I 12/05/1610 Rochford (PR) WOR Of the Corbetts of Newton
Clara Jane (Corbett) Norbury D 15/12/1942 Haringey:Effingham Rd 119 LND 66y #189
Clarice Adelaide Corbett D 05/04/1939 Auckland NZ 44y NZ Herald,Auckland #185
Clement Corbett D 28/05/1652 City of London LND London Magazine 92:Dr of Sprowston #89
Clement Corbett D 00/00/1642 Cheam SRY
Clement G Corbett D 1939-1945 Prittlewell,Southend ESS War Death #1056
Clifford William Corbett D 31/03/1990 Winchester:Weeke (of) HAM 87y Newspaper notice #805
Clyde Corbett D 03/03/1954 Wythall MI WOR 58y S. James Mace Corbett in same grave
Colin Corbett D 10/12/1916 France & Flanders:KIA O/S War Death #1003
Colonel Corbett D 24/01/1750 Gent's MAG v.20:Colpnel in 2nd Regt Foot Guards #1111
Colonel Corbett D 00/00/1741 Fort Lazar IND
Corbet Coleman I 22/10/1726 Sulgrave PR NTH
Corbet Corbet I 00/00/1726 Sulgrave NTH
Corbet Corbet I 00/00/1732 Eccleshall STS S. of William of Wootton
Corbet Corbet I 00/00/1798 Marston St Lawrence OXF (Enclosure 1781)
Corbet Kynaston I 21/07/1740 Moreton Corbet PR SAL #1089
Corbet Whitton I 12/04/1728 Sulgrave PR NTH
Corbet Whitton I 19/07/1798 Marston St Lawrence OXF #1249
Corbett Corbett D 00/00/1872 Brighton SSX 80y GRO ref in Notes #776
Cornelia Roddick Corbet D 13/02/1854 Cypress Hills Cem.,New York MI USA 2y #833
Cornelius Corbet I 04/05/1777 Onibury PR SAL (X 24/11/1701 Bedstone to Edward & Jane?)
Cornelius Corbett D 14/08/1917 France & Flanders:KIA War Death #361
Cornelius Corbett D 22/09/1931 Beoley:St Leonards MI WOR 81y Will:of Holywood,Wythal.Pvd:26/11/1931
Cornwall Corbett I 25/11/1772 Eastham WOR 04m
Cotterell Corbett D 16/05/1770 Quinton Churchyard MI GLS 15y S.of John & Mary (Rawlings) #1096
Cotterell Corbett D 23/10/1830 Quinton GLS 33y Spouse:Emline (Holland) #1057
Cotterell Corbett D 30/07/1877 Bromsgrove WOR Shakespeare Trust #78
Cotterell Corbett I 00/00/1821 Quinton GLS 44y Shakespeare Trust:Of Lichfield,STS.Ref:ER20/108.
Cotterell Corbett D 00/00/1806 GLS #1070
Cotterell Corbett D 00/00/1847 GLS
Cotterell Corbett D 00/00/1831 Of Honeybourne Leasow
Cotterill Corbett 00/00/1833 Gloucester GLS Will pvd Feb 1833:PCC Feb ref 70
Cyril Arthur Corbett D 13/02/1919 St John,Heath Hayes MI STS 07y #136
Cyril Brownlow Corbett D 19/05/1919 AUS 37y S. of George Frederick & Susan Ellen Mary (Kerr)
Cyril Corbett D 17/12/1900 S. of Lionel & Caroline Mary (Cochrane)
Cyril Corbett D 23/12/1992 Meriden church WAR 69y Birmingham Mail #47
Cyril Dudley Corbett D 00/00/1918 36y Wellington College 1896-1900. S. of R.S.Corbett

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