The Corbett One Name Study

Fine Rolls

Fine Rolls contain lists of payment to the Crown for charters, writs, 
privileges and pardons and royal appointments of officials. 
Extracts have been published by the Royal Commission 
and the PRO have published many calendars.

The following are from the early years in the reign of Edward I.


November 2 1274 Luton
Order to the same (the escheator of this side of the Trent) to permit Brian de Bampton and the excutors of the will of Thomas Corbet, deceased, to have free administration of his goods, after taking security from them to pay any debts due by him to the king.
Order to the same to deliver to Peter Corbet son and heir of Thomas Corbet, deceased, tenant-in-chief, the lands late of his said father; he having done homage.

October 25 1277 Shrewsbury
Order to the sheriff of Northampton to permit Edelina Corbet to sow and till land of Henry de Dive, deceased, in the county; whereof Henry enfeoffed her for life a year before his death, as was found by an inquisition taken by the said sheriff; so that she answer for the issues thereof.

July 4 1277 Worcester
Roll of fines for services due to the king in the king's army in Wales in 5 Edward I. Nicholas Corbet 10. a fourth part of a knight's fee.

November 1 1281 Westminster
Grant, for a fine of 100 marks, to Ralph son of William and Margery, late the wife of Nicholas Corbet, tenant-in-chief, that they may intermarry.

October 7 1285 Winchester
Order to the same (the treasurer and barons of the Exchequer) to cause enrolment to be made pursuant to the king's grant to Peter Corbet that the 167 l. 13s. 4d. demanded of him by summons of the Exchequer, to wit, 67 l. 13s. 4d. for the relief of Thomas Corbet, deceased, his father, and 100. for his own relief, he render 20. on the morrow of All Souls next and there after 40. a year at Easter and Michaelmas.

(The original shows an 'l' following a sum of money. eg 10 l  - this 'l' refers to the word 'libra' which has been replaced by the sign.)