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The Gentlemen's Magazine, then known as the Monthly Intelligencer, began publication in January, 1731. It contained a variety of subjects including essays, news, deaths, promotions, bankrupts etc etc. The magazine ceased publication in 1868.
Complete series of the volumes can be found at the British Library and the Public Record Office.
Scanned copies (which also include name indexes) of this and other early magazines can be found on the Internet Library of Early Journals pages at
The issues to be found on this site cover 1730-50. Additional extracts have been copied by the Group.
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p.93 Thomas Corbett, Member for Saltash, Secretary to the Court of Assistants for Relief of poor widows of Sea Officers, a Place of 200 l per Ann. (BK:3377)

August William Corbett, Esq. appointed Cashier of the Navy, in the Room of Robert Byng, Esq. & Edward Byng, Paymaster of the Navy in the Room of Mr Corbet.

Nov 1731 Judith Corbet Miss. Wife of: Mawley, Thomas, Esq., Date of marriage: November, 1731

1732: No Corbet entries

August Receivers General of the Land Tax for the present year: Richard Corbet Esq. for Surrey.

February Elected Member of Parliament: Thomas Corbett, Esq. for Saltash, Cornwall. (BK:3377)

May Sir Robert Corbett, Bt., one of the Commissioners of the Customs, in room of Henry Hale, Esq., deceased.

1736: No Corbet entries

May A List of Marriages for the year 1737: May 10 Daniel Corbert, Esq. to Mrs Jane Bentley, worth 15,000

1738: No Corbet entries

1739: No Corbet entries

Marriages: February Thomas Corbett, Esq., Member for Saltash married M Lloyd of Duke Street, 30,000 Fortune. (BK:3377)

3 October Robert Corbet (Sir): Sir Robert Corbet, Bt. a Commissioner for Customs, near 80, succeeded in Honour and Estate by his son, William Corbet, Esq. Member for Montgomery.

December New Member of Parliament: Richard Lyster, Esq., elected for the county of Salop, in room of Corbet Kynaston, Esq. (BK:3222)

Marriage: 22 February 1741 James Edmonson, Esq, husband of Miss Hannah Corbett. Dowry: 10,000 pounds. Gentleman's Magazine, February, 1741

Deaths: 15 April Andrew Corbet, Esq. who lately came to a fine estate by the death of Corbet Kynaston, Esq. (BK:3222)

Deaths: Following the list of Officers killed in attack upon Fort Lazar: "Died thro' Inclemency of the Climate, Col. Corbett" (?of Moreton)

14 December 1741 Marriages 14 December Col. Corbett of the first Reg. of Guards to the daughter of Wm Kynaston, Esq, Member for Shrewsbury

Richard Corbett (Sir): Gentlemen ballotted to be Commissioner for examining Public Accounts: Sir Richard Corbett (chosen).

July Daughter of: Robert Pigot, Esq., Member of Parliament for Huntingdonshire Wife of: Corbet, John, Esq., Date of marriage: 10th. July, 1742. heir to the late Corbet Kynaston, Esq Date: July, 1742
25 September 1742 Robert Corbet (Sir) Deaths: 25 September Robert Corbett, Esq. Receiver General for the co. of Surrey.

1743: No Corbet entries

15 June 1744 Fanny
Corbet, Miss. Wife of: Hardres, William, Baronet, Hardres Court, Kent, Date of marriage: 15th. June, 1744
Address: Bourn place, near Canterbury. (BK:4226)

1745: No Corbet entries

Concerning the Court Martial of Captain George Burrish and letters from Thomas Corbett, Secretary to the Lords of the Admiralty, dated 6 October 1745 to Sir Chaloner Ogle, Knt., President of the Court Martial then sitting aboard His Majesty's Ship the London at Chatham.

1747: No Corbet entries

22 Feb 1748 Female Corbet:
Date of death: 22nd. January, 1748. Corbet, Rob., Sir. Relict

May: Alterations in List of Parliament: Ludlow Sir William Corbet, a place. (BK:2634)

June: Promotions from other papers: Sir William Corbet, Bt., by grant, clerk of the Pipe Office in the Exchequer, during life. (BK:2634)

September 15: Sir William Corbet, clerk of the pype, and member for Ludlow, succeeded in honour and estate by the Rev. Henry Corbet, rector of Atherley, Salop. (BK:2634)

October: A List of Promotions for the year 1748: Richar Arundel, Esq., clerk of the pipe in his majesty's Exchequer, in room of Sir William Corbet, deceased. (BK:2634)

December: Alterations to List of Parliament: Ludlow Orlando Bridgeman, Sir William Corbet, deceased. (BK:2634 & BK:2635)

Whitehall May - The King has been pleased to institute and appoint --- (other names) -- William Corbet -- (other names) ---to be Principal Officers and Commissioners of His Majesty's Navy.

Friday, 8 September 1749 Historical Chronicle: Stephen Theodore Janssen, Esq., alderman, and member for London and Thomas Corbett, Esq. citizen and grocer, were chosen sheriffs, but a poll was demanded in favour of William Whitaker, Esq., alderman and clothworker, against Thomas Corbett, Esq. - On closing the poll, Saturday 16, Alderman Whitaker was declared duly elected by a great majority.


Deaths: January 24 - Colonel Corbet, in 2nd Regiment of foot guards, of the smallpox. (BK:4714) (See entry for marriage in 1741)

Deaths: May 7 Rev. Henry Corbett, Bt, he succeeded his elder brother William, September 1748, and having no issue, the title descends to --------- Corbet of Shropshire, Esq. (BK:2635)

Marriages: 30 April 1751 Tho. Corbert, Esq died 30th. April, 1751. Member for Saltash. Joint Secretary to the Admiralty. (Notes: He left an only daughter.)

Deaths: May 7 Rev. Henry Corbett, Bt, he succeeded his elder brother William, September 1748, and having no issue, the title descends to --------- Corbet of Shropshire, Esq. (BK:2635)

May: T Corbett, Member for Saltash, Prior to his Death, circa May, 1751
Births: 10 August 1751 Son to John Corbet, Esq. of Shrewsbury.

Deaths: 9 September Sir Robert Corbet, Bart. of Stoke, Salop; by his death the title is extinct. (BK:3175)

November 1751 Marriage: John Corbet of Shrewsbury, Esq. to Miss Mytton of Halston, Salop. (BK:3873)

1752 :
Marriages: 7 February Sister of William Corbett, Sir, Baronet, deceased. Wife of: Davenant, Captain, Date of marriage: 7th. February, 1752, Dowry: 10,000 pounds. (BK:2637)

Appointments: January Mr Corbett, Esq, High Bailiff of Westminster, appointed in January, 1753, (Leigh, resigned).

June Deaths: 1 July William Corrbet, Commissioner of the Navy

June Deaths: 13 June 1753 John Corbett, Esq., Chief Clerk in the Admiralty at Lisbon.

July Deaths: 13 June John Corbett, Esq, Chief Clerk in the Admiralty at Lisbon, prior to his death.

November 16 Miss Corbet dau to the late Commissioner Corbet, Master Builder of Woolwich Yard to Mr Allen (Father: BK: 3379)

November Deaths: William Corbet, Esq. , a Commissioner of his Majesty's Navy, prior to his Death.



July: Marriages: 26/06/1755 Thomas Corbet, Esq., Husband of Miss Edwin, Date of marriage: 26th. June, 1755, Lincoln's Inn (BK:3385)

August 1756 Parry Corbet, Major of the 12th. Regiment, commanded by Lieutenant General Skelton, appointed on 21st. August, 1756

Deaths: 9 July Thomas Corbet, Esq died Hackney

Marriage: 29 June Miss Corbett to Dr Dawson, Hackney


05/11/1759 Reverend Corbet died 5th. November, 1759. Rector of Stoke upon Tern, & Moreton Corbet, Shropshire. Occupation(s): cleric (a) Gentleman's Magazine, November, 1759

14 December Moses Corbet, Esq, Major of the 7th. Regiment of Foot appointed on 14th. December

21 December Lady Lydia Corbet, died 21st. December, 1761. Duke Street, Westminster.

Deaths: Mrs Corbett , died 30th. September, 1764 at Charlton, Kent, Aged: 82. (BK:4222)


August: Erasmus Corbett, Cornet of the 3rd regiment of Dragoon Guards. Replaced in August 1767


May: Michael Corbett: The Affair of the 'Rose' frigate from Cadiz bound for Marblehead in which the above killed Lieut. Panton with a harpoon.

May: 21 May Marriage: Miss Fanny Avery toJames Corbet, Esquire, Welbeck street. Address: Mortimer street
August: Marriages: 21 May 1769 James Corbet of Welbeck Street, to Miss Avery, Mortimer Street.

Part 1: No Corbet entries

Part 2:
16 December. 1784 Married: Mr Corbett of Friday St, to Miss Rodick, of Wellingborough. (BK:3577)

Part 1: No Corbet entries

Part 2:
31 October 1785 Married: Major James Corbett of Tollcross to Miss Laura Gordon.

Parts 1 and 2: No Corbet entries

Parts 1 and 2:No Corbet entries


East India Intelligence: .........
By the same conveyance, the loss of the company's ship, the Ganges, Capt. Frazer, bound from Bengal to Madras, has been received, of which the following are the particulars:
On the 22nd May 1787, a leak had been discovered; but, while the vessel could be kept clear by the pumps, no danger was apprehended. In the evening, however, the pumps were rendered useless, being choaked (sic) by the rice, of which the cargo consisted. In this dilemma it was judged advisable to run the ship ashore. By two o'clock she had taken ground, and was lying on her beam-ends, when Mr Corbet, who, with his wife were passengers, went down to acquaint his lady of the danger in the tenderest manner possible, of which she was sufficiently apprised, by the noise unavoidable on such occasions, and with great composure assured him, she was prepared to meet with him whatever might be their fate: with this resolution they got into the top, where they remained sometime, till the shifting of the ship plunged the mast into the sea with such violence as to oblige them all to quit their hold, except Mr Bowen another passenger, who generously leapt into the water to save the lady, but perished in the attempt. Mr Corbett was saved by the Pilot Schooner, that took him up in a state of insensibility; but lived to experience all the horrors of his miserable situation. Out of 113 persons 43 were saved. Of the gentlemen who perished, the following are the names: Messrs. Gardener, Brown, M'Intyre, jun., Boulden and Joseph. - Lieutenants Warren ...

Part 1:
Vincent Corbett Death: Vincent Corbett, esq. Second commissioner in the sick & hurt department in the royal navy.

Part 2 :
Deaths: Lately, after a tedious illness, Mr Corbett of Darn-hall, in Cheshire.

Part 1 :
Marriage: Lately, at Chester, Andrew Corbet, esq. of High Hatton to Miss Taylor, daughter of Thomas Taylor, esq. of Lymme, Cheshire. (BK:3246)

Part 2:
26 August 1790 Obituary: James Corbett, esq. of Kenmuir.

Part 1 :
4 April 1790 Deaths: At Longnor-hall, near Shrewsbury, Mrs Corbett, wife of Robert Corbett, esq. (BK:4714) (See entry for her husband 1750 p.43)

Part 1 and Part 2: No Corbet entries

Part 1
March 1792 Obituary: Advanced in years, Mrs Corbett, of Great Russell st.

Part 2:
31 June 1792 Marriage: At Bath, by special licence, Robert Corbett, esq. of Longnor, Salop to Miss Isted, eldest daughter of the late Ambrose Isted, esq. of Acton, co. Northamptonshire. (BK:3717)

Part 1: No Corbet entries

Part 2:
8 August 1793 Marriage: At Shawbury, Salop, Morton Aglionby Slaney, esq. of Shiffnal, to Miss Corbett, only daug.of late Richard Prynce Corbet, esq. of High Hatton,and niece to Andrew Corbet,esq.of Shawbury park. (BK:3249)

Part 1: No Corbet entries

Part 2 :
The Priory of Torkington in Sussex, is said by Tanner, to have been founded, before King John's (1199-1216) time, by Lady Hadwisa Corbet who dedicated it to St Mary Magdalene, and placed therein six regular canons of the order of St Austin. (BK:2586)

Parts 1 and 2: No Corbet entries

Part 1:
23 February 1796 Obituary: In an advanced age, Thomas Corbett, esq. many years high-bailiff of the city of Westminster.

21 May 1796 Obituary: In his 77th year, Andrew Corbet, esq. of Shawbury-park, Salop; a gentleman very much respected. He is succeeded in his estate by his nephew, Andrew Corbet, esq. of Hatton House. (BK:2586)

Part 2:
Theodore Corbett: Gentleman's Magazine Vol. 66 Part 2 1796: Death: 1796 On his passage to England on board 'Minerva', Captain Smith, Theodore Corbet, esq. late civil pay-master in East India Co.'s service at Madras. (BK:16573)

18 October 1798 Stuart Corbet of Loughborough, LEI: Gentleman's Magazine Vol. 68 Part 2 1798: Marriage: 18/10/1798 At Loughborough, LEI, the Rev. Mr Corbet, vicar of Luton, BDF, and nephew to the Earl of Bute, to Miss Anne King, youngest d. of the late Thomas King of Cossington.

25 October 1798 Rev. Stuart Corbet, vicar of Luton, BDF to Miss Anne King, young. d. of the late Thomas King of Cossington.

19 February 1800 John Corbett: Gentleman's Magazine Vol. 70 1800 Marriage: 19/2/1800 at St George's, Hanover Sq. by the Bishop of Exeter, John Corbett, esq. of Sundorne to Miss Anne Pigott, 2nd d. of Rev. William Pigott of Edgmond, SAL.

22 October 1810 Elizabeth Margaret Corbett: Marriage: Rev. Thomas Gore, brother of Sir Ralph Gore,bt and above, daughter of the late Robert Corbet, co. Wexford. (BK:5421)

13 November 1810 Joyce Corbett (Mrs) of Oxford Died at her house in Magdalen parish, Oxford, aged 86y, Mrs Joyce Corbet.

3 October 1811 Eleanor Corbett Deaths: At Little Hillingdon, MDX, aged 22 months, Eleanor, youngest daughter of William Thompson Corbett, esq. of Darnhall, CHS & Elsham, co. LIN. (BK:3489)

Part 2:
Monday September 14: Mr Corbett of Lewisham, while breakfasting at a house near Spring Gardens was seized with a fit of apoplexy and being removed to the Lord Cochrane public house where he was know, died there the same evening. In his pockets were 1100 in bank notes. (BK:12354)

November 26: Marriage of Rev. Joseph Turnbull, B.A., of Ottery St Mary to Miss Mary A Corbett of Upper Thornhaugh St. (BK:25269)


June 6 1863 At Aston Hall, Salop, the wife of H Corbett, a son.

2 September 1863 Edwin Corbett: Gentleman's Magazine 1864: 2 September 1863 Marriage: At Bibury, GLS, Edwin Corbett, esq. H.M. Secretary of the Legation at Frankfurt and the Hon. Emily Isabella Constance Dutton, 2nd daughter of Lord Sherbourne.

May 5 1864 At More Place, Betchworth, Mrs. James Corbett, a son. (BK:3617)

May 16 1864 At Brooke, Norfolk, John Corbett, esq. Capt. R.N., of Aston Hall, Salop to Georgina Grace eldest daughter of George Holmes, esq. of Brooke. (BK:4321)

31 July 1864 Mary Emma Corbett (Nee Hill): Deaths: July 31 1864 At Pimley Manor, Salop, Mary Emma, widow of A W Corbett of Sundorne Castle, Salop and sister of the Visc. Hill buried. (BK:3894)

November 19 1864 At Mussorrie, the wife of Dr. Augustus P.M. Corbett, R.A., a daughter.


At Longnor, Salop, the wife of the Rev. Lionel Corbett, a daughter. (BK:4320)

January 7 1865 At Longnor, Salop, Frances Harriet the wife of Rev. Lionel Corbett, buried. (BK:4320)

10 January 1865 LND Gazette Appointments, Preferments & Promotions: January 10 1865 Edwin Corbett now Secretary to H.M. Legation at Frankfurt to be Secretary to H.M. Legation. Gentleman's Magazine 1866: LND Gazette Appointments, Preferments & Promotions: May 8 1866 Edward Corbett, esq. to be Charge d'affaire and Consul General to the Republic of Guatemala, Nicaragua etc. Central America. (BK:3474)

February 12 1865 At Aston Hall, Newport, Salop, the wife of H Corbett, esq. a daughter.

March 29 1865 At Queenstown, the wife of Capt. Corbett, R.N., H.M.S. Hastings, a daughter. (BK:4321)

1 August 1865 Stuart Corbett: Gentleman's Magazine 1865: Obit: August 1 1865 In Bengal, aged 61, Maj-Gen. Sir Stuart Corbett, J.C.B. He was eld. son of Rev. Stuart Corbett and was born at Tankersley, YKS in 1803. He entered the Bengal Army in 1824 and became Col. 16th Bengal Native Infantry 1856 and Maj. 1859 having formerly held the Comm. of the 7th Kumaon Batt. He was created K.C.B. in 1862.


John Corbett of Ynas-maen-gwyn, High Sheriff of Merionethshire

8 May 1866 LND Gazette Appointments, Preferments & Promotions: May 8 1866 Edward Corbett, esq. to be Charge d'affaire and Consul General to the Republic of Guatemala, Nicaragua etc. Central America. (BK:3474)

June 14 1866 At All Saints, Ennisnore Place, S.W. the Rev. Athelstan Corbett, M.A., rector of Adderley, Salop, 3rd son of Richard Corbett, esq., of Adderley to Julia Ellen only daughter of the late Sir Archer Denman Croft, Bt. (BK:3643)

August 10 1866 At Brooke Hall, Norfolk, the wife of Capt. John Corbett, R.N., H.M.S. Black Prince, a son. (BK:4321)

June 17 1867 At Adderley Rectory, wife of Rev. Athelstone Corbett, a son. (BK:3651)

August 19 1867 At Aston Hall, Salop, the wife of Henry Corbett, esq. a son

November 15 1867 At 35 Gt. Cumberland Place, the Hon. Mrs Corbett, a son
November 24 1867 At Acton Reynold, Salop, Lady Corbett, a daughter.

2 December At Greenfield, Presteign, the wife of Capt. F Corbett, a daughter. (BK:3482)

At Dartmouth, the wife of Capt. J Corbett, R.N., a son (BK:4321)

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