The Corbett One Name Study

Guilds, Aldermen and Apprentices

London Goldsmiths Guild Register:

Benjamin Corbett (137): Apprenticed to Charles Jackson of the Cutlers Company and turned over to John Welles, Goldsmith in Friday St, London, 17 September 1718 and subsequently to Thomas Moulden. Free 4 June 1726. Mark entered as a small worker 8 August 1726. Address: Gutter Lane. Free of Cutlers Company.

Thomas Corbet: (384): Son of Symon Corbett of St Martins in the county of Middlesex, gentleman. Apprenticed (c1692) to Matthew Gyles of the Merchant Taylors Company subsequently turned over to Peter Platel. Free 6 December 1699. Mark entered as a largeworker 12 December 1699. Address: St Martins Lane. Free Merchant Taylor. Heal records him at this address till bankruptcy in 1706.


District?: Langbourn 4s.
Thomas Corbett s. of Laurence Corbett of Pynkeriche, co. Stafford hisbandman, apprentice of James Stephyns citizen and Skinner. Served with same. Witness same James in presence of Thomas Maughen, Warden. Ad 1 December year aforesaid. Entry M. 17 April 34 Hen.viii Fee 4s. (Note Date: 17 April 1542.)


October 1695: Thomas Corbet, son of Simon Corbet, discharged of his apprenticeship to David Williams, silversmith, a Frenchman (sic) upon proof that the said Williams did unmercifully beat the said Corbet.

October 1692: Note of an apprentice (unnamed) to Samuel Corbet.


1. Dowgate Ward, June 4 1607, Alderman William Cotton, draper (died June/July 1607) nominated by H Corbett and others. (page 139)

2. Farringdon Ward Without: Humphrey Corbett, master (1603-4) merchant-taylor. October 25th 1605. Fine of œ300. (page 158) He died December 1609. Will (PCC 114 Dorset) December 18th, proved December 30th. (page 51)

3) November 22nd 1608, re Henry Vilolet, fishmonger, Farringdon without Alderman - Vice - Corbett. (page 51)

(Bibliography: Beavens Aldermen of the City of London. At Guildhall Library, London.)


9 October 1656 Richard CORBETT, son of Richard CORBETT, late of BRAILES in the County of Warwickshire, husbandman, deceased, hath put himself apprentice to Christopher Knight of St Katherines for 7 years from the 9th October.


28 November 1782 Thomas, son of William, silkweaver.

19 March 1817 Stephen, son of Stephen, apprentice to his said father in Ribbon Weaving.
(One of Stephen's sons was married aged 75 years. He was a widower. The marriage certificates were damaged by fire.)

6 February 1817 Joseph, son of Joseph, weaver to his father.

1563 - 1665

1590 7 May Henry, son of Henry, mariner of Yarmouth to John Sowles, mariner of Yarmouth. 8 years from last Easter.

1664 22 August Robert, son of Robert Lattine, seaman, deceased, to Sebastien Corbitt, mariner and wife Mary. Aged 10 to age 24.


Harrow Apprentices: 1718 Number: 181
'a poor child of the parish (with consent of two of his majesty's of the peace) [above entered under 'Parent'] Domicile: Harrow Bound to George Corbett, Fisherman, Chiswick. Age: 7. 3.3.0d


Seen at Society of Genealogists, London

The names in brackets is that of the parent. This was not shown on all records.

1741 Richard (Vincent) to Wm Heighway of Ponstont, SAL, tanner
1727 Hugh (James,Merchant) to Thomas Dollar, Mason wright in Stirling
1752 Richard to Ric Gillman of Liverpool, attorney
1730 Robert (John) to Laurance Dunwiddie of Glasgow, Merchant
1732 Robert (Thomas) of Worthington to Henry Minion of Breedon, LEI, smith
1718 Thomas to Roger Downes of Madeley, SAL brassfounder
1775 Anna to Dan Kirkus of Beaverly,YKS Weaver
1717 Chas (Chas of SAL, tanner,dec'd) to John Barker of same, Mason
1736 Elisha (John of N.Waltham,Soton) to Rob Smith, of Broom Condover, Taylor
1715 Eliz (Dan of St G in Flds,Taylor) to Ann Lowe of same, childs coat maker
1747 Eliz to Thomas Vize of Studley, WAR Needlemaker
1754 Geo to Geo Williams of Doncaster,YKS ropemaker (Corbette)
1731 Henry (Henry of Westham,ESS) to Jas Wicks, Cit/Needlemaker
1721 James to Wm Smallwood of Birmingham, Baker
1715 John (John of Lewisham) to Nic Roundhill of same, Kent House, Carpenter
1718 John (John of E.Barnet,MDX) to Thomas Hardy cit & merch.taylor
1719 John to Avery Phillips of Bearley, WAR Smith
1720 John to John Bowlers of Halesowen, SAL Naylor
1720 John (Henry of Chiswick, Gardener) to Th Thomas Cit/Carpenter
1720 John (John cit/innholder dec'd) to Wm Jones cit/cooper
1723 John (Thomas of Bridgnorth,SAL) to Fran Jefferies of same ship's carpenter
1724 John (Joseph dec'd) to John Doney of High Wycombe, BKM Joiner
1725 John (John) to John Ambrose cit/brewer
1743 John (John) to Edward Powys of SAL draper
1746 John (John) to Henry Holder cit/joiner
1748 John (John) to Nath Hedges cit/haberdasher
1752 John to Ric Gillman of Liverpool attorney
1755 John to Wm Meeds of LND cooperJohn to Jas Davis of LND cordwainer
1761 Matthew to Th Banks cit/weaver
1741 Michael Henry of Hammersmith to Jas Richards of Hanover Sq barber/c
1752 Michael to Michael Merry of Astley, WAR taylor
1753 Moyer (Charles) to Thos Parkes cit/stationer
1723 Oswald (Thomas cit/needle) to John Earle cit/joiner
1717 Ric (Wm of Whitechapel, victualler) to Ric James cit/leath.s
1730 Richard (Thomas of Bridgnorth, SAL, gent) to Ric Golden of same grocer
1717 Robert (Edward, deceased) to Job Beckerton, citizen/carpenter
1716 Samuel (Robert of SAL:) to John Hyde citizen/draper
1718 Samuel (William, deceased) to Isac Wilson citizen/barber
1728 Samuel (John of Waltham) to William Blinden of Easton Soton, wheelwright
1756 Samuel to Edward Blowers of Beccles, locksmith
1716 Simon (Simon of St. Martins in Fields), gent, to John Jesse, citizen/clothworker
1712 Thomas (Thomas of Oxford City printer) to Andrew Bignell of same taylor
1713 Thomas (Mary widow) to Edward Blaney of Newton, MGY shoemaker

1746 Thomas (William) to Thomas Stanyford of Inner Temple, attorney


Richard Corbett: Son of John Corbett of Adstock, yeoman. Apprenticed to John Blake of Winslow, baker. 18 March 1802.


William Corbett alias Cooper, son of Hannah Cooper of Desford. Apprenticeship indenture: to John Cooper of Earl Shilton, framework knitter. Civil Index at Leicestershire CRO. Ref: Desford: DE 64/20/63.


Indenture held by group which bound John Griffiths, "a poor child", aged thirteen years, until he reached the age of twenty one, as an apprentice to John Corbitt of Darlaston, Gunlock Filer. This Indenture was arranged under the Poor Law by the churchwarden and Overseers of the Poor of Bushbury."


All under CORBET:
John Year bound 1439
Thomas Year Free 1488 Living 1495
Germyn Year free by gift or purchase 1512 Living 1522
Anthony Year bound 1512
John Year bound 1554
John Year bound 1555
William Year Free 1572*
John Year Free 1576 Living 1591
John Year bound 1615* (See below)
Richard Year bound 1626 Living 1641* (See below)
Francis Year bound 1638* (See below)
Henry Year bound 1648*(See below)
William Year bound 1659 (See below)
Richard Year of freedom by patrimony as son of a draper 1668
Richard Year bound 1676*
John Year bound 1678*(See below)
Thomas Year bound 1702* (See below)
John Year of freedom by patrimony as son of a draper 1721
Samuel Year bound 1716 Year Free 1725* (See below)
Edward Year bound 1779


10 Jan 1615 John, son of Thomas of Stamvay,Essex, clerk
19 Apr 1626 Richard,s.of Th. of Presbury, GLS, yeoman dec'd
4 Jul 1638 Francis, son of Robert Corbett, of Humfreston, Salop. Arm.(Armiger)
13 Dec 1648 Henry, son of Andrew and Elizabeth of Morton, Salop, mil. Bt. deceased.
8 Sep 1659 William, son of John Corbett, cit. & Merchant Taylor
13 Jun 1676 Richard, son of Cornwall Corbett of St Saviours, Southwark, yeoman.
3 Mar 1678 John, son of William of Lukenor, OXF.
14 Jul 1702 Thomas, son of Thomas of Hammersmith, MDX, gent.
28 Nov 1716 Samuel, son of Robert of Shrewsbury, innholder.


Coachmakers & Coach Harness Makers of London
01/06/1727 William Corbett, son of Edward of St James, Westminster,
coachman to Sarah Ferryman (widow) Carpenters
09/10/1656 Richard Corbett son of Richard, late of Brailes in the co. of WAR, husbandman, dec'd, hath put himself apprentice to Christopher Knight of St Katherine for 7 years from 9 October.

Presenting of apprentices 1561:
Received of John Robynsone for presenting of Thomas Corbett for vij (7) years binding at Mydsom (Midsummer) in ad 1561 ijs. ijd.