The Corbett One Name Study

Extracts of Corbets which appear under other surnames

One of our members, Phillip Corbett, has recently donated the 3 volumes of Burke's  History of the Commoners 1836.  These once belonged to his mother. Various Corbets (all spellings) appear in it. The extracts which follow give only very brief details of the whole of the section. While several of the following were originally included in the above list, those shown above do not appear in the 1836 version.

Volume 1

Section: Gray of Carytyne, Formerly of Kilmarock
James Gray of Dalmarack and Cartyne (who succeeded his father, James Gray who died 27 January, 1742, married secondly Jane, daughter of John Corbett of Tollcross, sister of Colonel James Corbett, of Porterfield, and grand-niece to William, first earl of Kilmarnock. Dying without issue. He was succeeded by his brother John. 

Section: Childe of Kinlet: 
The patronomyic of this ancient family was Baldwyn. Thomas Baldwyn, born in 1546, was engaged in the business of guarding the Scottish queen, Mary, Queen of Scots. (1580) He was himself imprisoned in the Tower for three years. There is an inscription on the walls of the Beauchamp Tower made by him "He married Bertran  (this should be Gertrude), daughter of Robert Corbett, esq. of Stanwardine."  (BK:2832)

Section: Childe of Kinlet
Sir Thomas Laken, son of Richard Laken of Willey, sheriff of Salop 1477, himself sheriff of Salop in 1510, married Mary, daughter of Sir Richard Corbet of Moreton Corbet. (BK:2694)

Section: Pigott, of Edgmond
The Rev. William Pigott, rector of Chetwynd and Edgmond, married Arabella, daughter of John Mytton of Halston. One of their daughters, Anne, married John Corbet, esq. of Sundorne Castle. (BK:3876)

Section: Pendarves of Pendarves
Richard Pendarves, born 1600, married at Camborne, 13 April 1629, Catherine, daughter of William Arundel of Menedarva and had issue, 2nd son, Richard, bap 22 April 1633, who married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Corbett of London, and had a son Richard. (BK:3383)

Section: Pryse, of Goggerddan
It was from the following marriage that the estate if Ynas maen Gwyn first came into the Corbet family. Bridget Pryse of Ynasmaengwyn (only daughter and heiress of Sir James Pryse who died in 1642, and Elizabeth, daughter of Humphrey Wynn) married firstly, in 1612,  Robert Corbet, the second son of Sir Vincent Corbet of Moreton Corbet, and secondly Sir Walter Lloyd, MP for Llanfair-Clewedogan. She had 13 children between 1615 and 1636 by her first marriage. (BK: 2791)

Section: Gatacre, of Gatacre
Francis Gatacre, married Elizabeth 2nd daughter and co-heir of Humphrey Swinnerton of Swinnerton in Staffs. William, his heir, married Anne, daughter of Jerome Corbet, one of the council in the marches, and had eight sons and one daughter. (BK:2761)

Section: Adams of Holyland:
An ancient family from Pembrokeshire: The eldest son of William Adams who married Anne, second daughter  of Joseph Rickson, was John Phillipps Adams of Holyland, a deputy lieutenant for Pembrokeshire, married Charlotte (bap 1741), daughter of William Corbet of Darnhall, Cheshire. They had two sons.  William Corbet of Darnhall was descended from the Ynas maen Gwyn line. (BK:3390)

Section: Herrick, of Beaumanor
Richard, the third son of Sir William Herrick and Joan (daughter of Richard May of London, and sister of Sir Humphrey May, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster) married, firstly, Helen,  daughter of Thomas Corbet of Sprowston, Norfolk, and had one son Thomas born in 1622 (and two daughters.) (BK:8078)

Volume 2

Section: Edward, of Ness Strange: 
Robert, third son of John Edwards and Dorothy, daughter of  Thomas Barnes of Lowe, born 24th February 1670, married Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Thomas Corbet, but his male line is now extinct. (BK:50915)

Section: Nanney, of Belmont
John Nanney, son of John of Maes-y-pandy and Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of John Anwyl of Llanvendiged in Merionethshire, married Blandina )who is supposed to have been the daughter of Vincent Corbet of Ynas-maen-gwyn) and had by her issue John, his heir, Vincent and Lewis. (BK:40978)

Section: Vaughan, of Burlton Hall
John Chambre, son of Francis of Petton, had a son John who married the daughter of ------ Atherston and had three daughters, his co-heirs. Hannah, the eldest married Edward Corbet of Ynasmaengwyn, and Hannah and Edward Corbet had one daughter, Elinow who married Thomas Powell of Nanteos. (This Edward Corbet was born Edward Maurice (the son of Pryce Maurice and Anne Owen Corbett). Assumed the name of Corbet on his coming into the Ynasmaengwyn estate after his grandmother's death.  grandmother's.  The Corbett/Chambre (Chambers) marriage ended in divorce and Hannah then lived with Francis Chambre, her attorney. (BK:4724)

Section: Isted, of Acton
Anne, daughter of Isted Acton and Anne, daughter of Sir Charles Buck and sister and co-heir, of Sir Charles Buck of Hanby, Lincs,  married (as his second wife)  Robert Flint Corbet, son of John Flint and Jane Corbett .
(Jane was the daughter of Waties Corbett of Elton, Micklewood & Longnor and the estate of Sir Richard Corbett, 4th Bart of Leighton, was devised by him in 1774,to  Robert Flint (who changed his name to Corbet) , great-grandson of Waties Corbett.  
The Leighton title, however,  devolved upon Charles Corbett, great-grandson of Thomas who was an older brother of Jane. ) (BK:3717)

Section: Mytton, of Halston
Edward Mytton of Halston, eldest son of Edward Mytton of Habberley and Anne Greville, daughter od Sir Edward Greville of Milcote, married Anne (as her 2nd husband), daughter of Reginald Corbet of Stoke-upon-Tern, one of the judges in the King's Bench. (This was Sir Reginald (Sir) Corbet, Stoke and  Adderley who married Alice Gratewood. They had 13 children.) (BK:2716)

Section: Mytton, of Halston
Barbara-Letitia Mytton of Halston, married John Corbet of Sundorne. She was descended from the above Edward Mytton and Anne Corbet of Stoke. Her youngest sister married to Moise or Moses Corbet, the deputy governor of Jersey. (BK: 13254)

Section: Deane-Freeman, of Castle Cor
Frances Corbet, son of Robert Corbet and Susannah Woodward. (He had been born in 1770 Corbet Hill, Wexford, Ireland. His parents were Captain, RN: Robert Corbet of Wexford and Susannah Woodward. Robert's father was the Reverend Francis Corbet, the Dean of St Patrick's, Dublin and his mother was Anne Morris. Anne Morris was the daughter of Reverend John Morris and Anne Singleton.) (BK:5422)

Volume 3

Section: The Girdons of Lytton
Robert Girdon who married Rose, daughter and heiress of Robert Sexton of Kavenham in Suffolk. This gentleman purchased Assington Hall from Sir Miles Corbett. 

Section: Baskerville, of Rockley House:
Sir Walter de Baskerville, Lord of Combe (died c. 1318), married 1297, Sibill, the daughter of Peter of Caus and Joan de Montfichet.
Shown previously here as Baskerville of Clyro Court: Sir Walter de Baskerville, Lord of Coombe who married 26 E I (1297) Sibill daughter of Peter Corbet of Caus, and died about 12 E 2 (1318) was survived by his son Sir Richard de Baskerville of Erdesley, M.P. for the county of Hereford in 1347. Married 14 E 2 (1320) Jane daughter of Sir Richard Poyns/Poynings kt and was succeeded by his son. (BK:4789)

Section: Cooper, of Toddington
John Cowper of Besden, son of Thomas Cowper, married Grace, daughter of Sir R Corbett.  His son John died in 1507. 

Section: Powell, of Nanteos
Thomas Powell of Nanteos & Llanbadarn fawr married Elizabeth, eldest daughter and co-heir of Athelston Owen, of Rhiwsaeson, Montgomeryshire, by Ann, heiress of the ancient family of Corbet, of Ynasmaengwyn. (Ann was the daughter of Vincent Corbet and  Anne Vaughan of Corvogensall, Cardigan.  (BK:4725)

Section: Dod, of Cloverly
Margaret Dod, 6th daughter John Dod and Elizabeth Egerton (they had 7 daughters) married Robert Corbet of Chester.  (BK:25334)

Section: Halkett, of Hall Hill
Charles Halkett, son of Major Edward Halkett, killed at the Battle of Ramillies in 1706, married Margaret, eldest daughter of Brigadier-general Corbet. 
Shown previously as: Howket of Hall Hill, North Briton: Charles Howket, esq. following the example of his gallant ancestors served in the Army with high reputation, rose to the rank of Lt. Gen. and the Commander of the Scots Regiment in Holland. He espoused 1: Margaret, eldest daughter of Brig. Gen. Corbett by whom he had 2 sons and 1 daughter.

Section: Lytton, of Knebworth
Elizabeth Lytton (daughter of Robert Lytton) married secondly, Edward Barrett of Bell House, Essex. They had two daughters one of whom, Anne, Married Thomas Corbet.  (This was Thomas (Sir) Corbet of Sprowston, son of Sir Miles Corbet and Katherine Heydon.) (BK:8025)

Section: Lytton, of Knebworth: 
Sir Rowland Lytton, (who was the son of Rowland Lytton (the brother of the above Robert Lytton and so an uncle ve Elizabeth Lytton)  married Anne (relict of Robert Corbet), daughter of Oliver St John, 1st Lord Bletsoe. (Robert Corbet was Sir Robert Corbet of Moreton Corbet, son of Sir Andrew Corbet of Moreton Corbet and Ann Needham of Shavington, Salop.) (BK:2766) 
Shown previously as Lyttons of Knebworth: Sir Rowland Lytton of Knebworth, Lt. of county of Hertford, commanded the Forces of that County and Tilbury Fort. One of its representatives in Parliament in the reigns of Elizabeth and James I and Captain of Band of Gentlemen Pensioners to Queen Elizabeth)

Section: Palmes of Naburn:
Sir Francis Palmes, kt. of Lindley, (son of Brian Palmes and Isabel, daughter of Thomas Lindley of Lindley, Yorkshire). This gentleman wedded Margaret, (daughter of Robert Corbett, esq. of Moreton Corbett in Shropshire and and Anne Windsor of Linchlade, Buckinghamshire) and was the father of Francis. His successor Elizabeth married to John Aclom, esq. of Malby, living 1584. He died 1567 and was succeeded by his son Francis Palmes. (BK:2753)

Section: Hill of Court of Hill, Salop:
Richard Arden, son of Edward Arden of Longcroft, Chester, eventually recovered all their land except Curdworth in virtue and entail made upon his marriage with Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Corbett one of the Justices of the Common Pleas. By this lady he had an only child, Sir Henry Arden. (BK:2714)

Section: Hill of Court of Hill, Salop: 
Thomas Hill, son of Ralph who married the daughter of Thomas Green of Green Norton. Thomas Hill was of Soulton and was sheriff of Shropshire in 1681. He married a daughter of Richard Corbet, esq. and had a son and 2 daughters, one of whom, Ann, married in 1724 William Wycherley nephew to the celebrated dramatist. (BK:3226)