The Corbett One Name Study


The following are a variety of records relating to India

The following item appears on one card on the India Index at the Society of Genealogists Library, London. It covers three generations and the family could have proved difficult to tie together because the father's birth, marriage and childrens births occur in different places. However a few details about the family have been gathered from other records and researchers whose ancestors settled in Canada.

Edmund Corbett, British. Born: 9 April 1830. Died 7 March 1870.
Parents: John Corbett, publican, Queen St, Kings Lynn and Mary nee Howes
Married: 4 January 1859 St Nicholas, Brighton also at Catholic Chapel to Marie Antoinette Josephine Masse. (She died 1 November 1869 aged 27)
Frederick Edward John born 26 December 1859 Birmingham
Marie Antoinette Ellen born 8 October 1861 Dublin
Eliza Katherine Josephine born 10 May 1863 Calin(?)
Adeline Blanche Rosa born 23 November 1865 York
Arthur George Thomas born 7 October 1868 Mubbia (?)
Brother: Thomas who received compassionate fund payments on behalf of children.
Cadet: 5 February 1858 Riding Master XI PAO Hussars
Prev. Private 12 April 1850; Corporal 1 August 1853; Sergeant 24 August 1854.
Embarked for India 25 July 1866 for service.

(1851 Census for The Cavalry Barracks, Norwich St James: Edward Corbitt Soldier U 18y Private born: Lynn, NFK.) (BK:9381)

Miscellaneous India Events

26/03/1798 William Corbet died C.G.H. Born: London 1779-80; Cadet in HEI (BK:19812?)

00/00/1807 Patrick Corbett, Infantry. Cadet: 1807; Ensign:27/05/1809; Lieut: 16/04/1812; Capt: 01/05/1826; Major:03/04/1837

09/04/1807 Miss A M Corbett married at Vizagapatam to Henry Taylor

00/00/1809 Mary Corbett married Michael Hickie

06/11/1811 Samuel Corbett died in the lepper stations. Born: 1785; Cadet: 1800; Ensign: 07/11/1801; Lieut: 13/07/1803

19/10/1819 John Corbett, esq of the Commercial Bank, died at the residence in Bottaconna Rd, Calcutta.

13/03/1822 Stuart Corbett (Sir) married to Charlotte Britten, spinster, resident of West Indies. Cadet: 1818; Lieut: 09/04/1822; Capt: 18/08/1825 (BK:3405)

15/11/1823 John Corbyn married Ahern church, Tallow to Sophia Bowles, the daughter of the late Geo.Bowles, Mount Prospect, Cork.

01/05/1824 Ann Corbett, widow, married 1/5/1824 at Nagpur to George Augustus Chichester Stewart, Lt. H.C. Ben. Europe Regiment.

04/06/1824 Frederick Corbyn married Allahabad to Miss .... Fisher, niece to Rev. Henry Fisher. (Meerut)

24/06/1825 Anthony Corbet, died at Arcut of Cholera, late merchant of Arcot aged 37 leaving a widow and 4 children. (Probably a relation of late Mr Corbett of firm of Corbett & Morison, Ranapet.) (BK:21388)

00/00/1830 Mary Corbett her will: Beneficiaries Samuel Watkins and Pat Dease

20/09/1830 James Corbett Assistant Surgeon attached to Political agency in Herowtee married at Calcutta to Miss Mary Frances Gibb, second daughter of Robert of Aberdeen, N.B. (BK:45068)

19/02/1832 Mary Christian Corbett, infant daughter of J Corbet, esq., Jahazga RH: died

00/12/1832 Edward Corbett, esq. died at Shrewsbury, formerly Lt. 40 Regt

29/04/1837 Capt. Stuart Corbett ad. E.I. & United Service

20/11/1838 Julia Mary Corbett, daughter of William, Grosvenor St, formerly of Brixton, married at St Peter's church, Walworth to L Winkley of Birchin Lane, Camberwell.

19/04/1840 Charlotte Corbett, wife of Major S Corbett, Commander Kumaon Batt. Comm. died (BK:3421)

14/05/1840 James Corbett, a son at Patna (BK:45085)

13/06/1840 James Corbett, a son, 1 month, died (BK:45085)

00/00/1854 Capt E Corbett, 88th Foot fell in Crimea. Sandhurst.

11 & 17 May 1857: Tablets in St James Church, Delhi:Sacred to the memory of the following members of a family who were murdered during the massacre of the Christians in Delhi between 11th and 17th of May 1857. Thomas McNally, 2nd Clerk Commissariat Office, Delhi; Thomas Bartholomew Corbett, Assistant Apothecary and Sub-Medical Dept; Charlotte Corbett; Harriet Corbett. Her brothers shall rise again. (BK:12750)

00/00/1865 In memory of Major General Staurt Corbett, KCB, who died here August 1 1865 aged 63 years

11/11/1873 Basil Andrew Corbett born. Comm: 17/07/1893; Lt. Col. 19/07/1919; Retired: 10/07/1923; I A List: 1939 (BK:21398)

16/08/1879 Thomas Corbet erected by fellow servants of GIP Railway Co. aged 27. MI at Wanwrie, Bahraich District

24/11/1894 Morris Corbett. MI in churchyard of St John's in the Wilderness, Naini Tal (BK:17851)

21/01/1896 Charles Clarence Corbett, 2nd Lt. in Durham Light Infantry, son of Mrs E Corbett, Greenfield, Presteign, Radnorshire, died. (BK:17819)

24/02/1897 Ida Elizabeth Corbett 19 years, spinster of Calcutta, daughter of William, married at St Thomas Mid. to Frederick John Turnage, 27 years, bachelor, accountant, Calcutta son of John (BK:17645)

24/04/1904 Robert de la Couer Corbett, Col. DSO, MDRA, MC at Lucknow, died. (BK:8559)

20/08/1914 Jenny Corbett 40 years of Canadian Baptist Teluga at Mission. Born Nova Scotia Jan 12 1883. MI at Pooty, St Thomas