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Rev Joseph Corbett: R.C. Chaplain to the Forces, 4th Class. Comm: Apr 1876. Services: Bermuda 1876

Rev Robert Alfred Corbett, M.A. Chaplain to the Forces, 4th Class. Appointed: July 1871. Services: Portsmouth 1871-3. Gold Coast (Ashanti Expedition) 1873-4. Woolwich 1874-7, London 1877-8, Woolwich 1878-9, Cape 1879.

William Corbett: Clerk, Lower Division, War Office. Appointed: Sep 1878


The Names of Persons who subscribed towards the Defence of the Country and the amounts contributed. SALOP: April Thomas Corbett tercio die Aprilis 5 Jerome Corbett eo dem 30


Sir Vincent Corbett's Dragoons ("Ercall Dragoon's"). Raised in Shropshire 1642, fought at Whitchurch and Nantwich, garrison of High Ercall April 1645, helped defend Moreton Corbett Castle 1645 and fought at Denbigh Green.


Daily Telegraph of 10 August. 1990 (Letters column.) Regarding those who have lost their VC: A Corbett who forfeited his Medal, appears amongst them (the names on a list). No forename is shown but the reason was 'theft and embezzlement from an officer'. It is only since King George V stated that even if a man were to be hanged 'he should be allowed to wear the VC on the scaffold' that there have been no further forfeitures. (DETAILS APPEAR on another page.)


August Patrick M. Corbett, M.D., Appointed:28.1.1862; Assistant Surgeon: 27.10.1864; Surgeon: 14.5.1867; To Rifle Brigade: 7.12.1867; Returned to R.A. 14.2.1872.


[Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Corbet] See of him ante p. 196-7, where he is 'noticed' as he then ranked in the earlier muster, a Major in the Earl of Abercorn's Horse.
page 178 REGIMENTS OF HORSE CLAUD HAMILTON, EARL OF ABERCORN'S Thomas Corbet, Major pages 196-7: MAJOR THOMAS CORBET This surname is traced in Irish record from the time of Edward the Third, in which reign John Corbett was 'Constable' of the Castle of Limerick. It is not, however, associated with the character of the achievement that marks the families of this 'List'.
In 1655, Miles Corbett, one of the Regicides, of whom a full account is given in The History of the County of Dublin, (p.194) was appointed Chief Baron of the Irish Exchequer, and was subsequently one of the Commissioners of the Great Seal of Chancery, while in 1671, Samuel 'Corbett' had a grant of 734 acres in Wexford.
The above Major Thomas Corbett rose in the war to be the Lieutenant-Colonel of Fitz-James's Regiment of Infantry; and he it was who, according to Story, "came to De Ginkell, and he proposed the bringing over Tyrconnel's and Galmoy's regiments of Horse, and out of them to make one good regiment to serve their Majesties in Flanders," provided he could have command.
Another Corbet was appointed Major of Colonel Dudley Bagnall's Infantry, as noted post.


Private T Corbett, 3rd Battalion King's Royal Rifle Corps. 5 August 1882 awarded Victoria Cross for rescuing wounded officer, Egypt.

Private Michael Corbett, 75th Regiment. 8 June 1857 severely wounded by Indian mutineers. Rescued by Sgt. Major Coghlan who received the Victoria Cross.

Lt. Col. A D Corbett, Royal Marine Light Infantry commanded a small force of Marines and West Indies Regiment on River Gambia, West Africa in 1894. (Arthur Domville Corbett)


Collector: James Edgcome, Esq. Summers Hill Grove Clerks in his office: 1st: Mr John Bowman 2nd: Mr Thomas Scott 3rd: Mr John Forster 4th: Mr John Barnet 5th: Mr John Corbett 6th: Mr Thomas Reed 7th: Mr James Methuen


Samuel Corbett (1785-1811). Lieutenant, 27th N.I. b. 21 April 1785. Cadet 1800. Arrived in India 22 August 1801. Ensign 7 November 1801. Lieut. 13 July 1803. d. in India 6 November 1811. Bapt. New Ross, co. Wexford, 23 May 1785. 3rd and youngest son of Robert Corbet, of Corbet Hill, co. Wexford, and Susannah, his wife, dau. of -------- Woodward, of Drumbarrow, co. Meath. Services: Posted as Ensign to Bengal Eur. Regt. Transferred as Lieut. to newly-raised 27th N.I. in 1804. Operations against Dhundia Khan 1807; Komona; Ganauri; Lieut. 27th N.I. Actg. Adjt. 1/27th N.I. 1810 to death. Refs: Burkes Landed Gentry of Ireland, p. 639, s.n. Singleton, of Aclare, co. Meath.


From Board of Trade records at the Public Record Office at Kew.
BT 98/70 Entry 41: Port of Liverpool 3 February 1812 Muster Rolls for the ship SUSSEX William Corbett, Master, from Liverpool and Jamaica and back. The names of 22 crew are listed with a note against the 4 seamen who deserted at Jamaica on 14 May. Time when entered is 12 March 1811 an the date of discharge is 21 Sugust 1811 which is a total of 5 months and 8 days. Signed: Wm Corbett

BT 98/70 Entry 358: Port of Liverpool 12 October 1812 Muster Roll of the ship SUSSEX William Corbett, Master, from Jamaica. The names of 20 crew are listed with a note against a Steward to say he absconded in Jamaica on 27 June and a note against an Apprentice's name to say that he absconded on 5 May. The Date of entry is 20 February 1812 and the date of discharge is 23 August 1812. This is a total of 6 months and 3 days. Signed: Wm Corbett

BT 98/71 Entry 396: Port of Liverpool 29 November 1813 Muster Roll of the ship SUSSEX William Corbett, Master, Liverpool to Jamaica and back. The names of 24 crew are listed. Two seamen jumped ship on 15 February 1813 amd two more on 22 February 1813. Time when entered is 18 December 1812 and the date of discharge is 3 September 1813. This is a total of 8 months and 28 days.

From 1813 a Certificate had to be completed by the Master or his representative for each voyage. Copies of these are filed with the record of Port entry. The Certificate for the entry 396, above, follows. I William Corbett do make oath that this is a true and correct list of the Names of the Seamen and others employed on board the Ship or Vessel called Sussex between 16 Day of Decr 1812 and the 3rd Day of Sept 1813 distinguishing the Time each Person entered, was discharged, died or deserted the said Service. And I do further make Oath, that the Wages forfeited by the Seamen or Others, who have deserted the said Ship or Vessel, have not been paid to any Person or Persons, who came from the West Indies in the said Ship or Vessel, by the Run or otherwise but are expressly and faithfully accounted for in the above Muster Roll. Sworn before Me, this Wm Corbett 24th Day of Novr 1813 Geo Blundell


ESERCITO MERIDIONALE DIVISIONE 15 9TH COMPY BRITISH LEGION BRIGATA IN NONE DE VITTORIO EMMANUELE RE D'ITALIA CONGEDO ASSOLUTO Si rilasia il Congedo assolute al Private Charles Corbett figlio di John Corbett and di Emma Corbett nato a London Provincia de Middlesex domiciliato a London Provincia di England il quale fu ammesso al survizio Militaire in qualita di volontcirio add 15 October 1860. Age 18 Ht 5 ft Cap Light Brown Soppacciglia do do Occhi Grey Front do Bocca small Visi Regular Colorito Fair Present with the army at Capua and at the action on the 19 Oct 1860 and at the passage of Volturno. Paid 162 l January 1861
The above document is the absolute discharge of James Charles Corbitt from army service with King Victor Emmanuel in the British section of the Italian Foreign Legion which he had joined as a volunteer for a limited period. (Apparently 3 months.) (He was said to 'have served in Garibaldi's bodyguard').
The Volturno is a river in southern Italy which flows into the Tyrrenhian Sea. (Map: 41N 14E = delta of river) The passage of the Volturno presumably refers to a battle engagement necessary to ensure the safe crossing of the river. There then follows the bonus, for the family historian at any rate, of details of his parents and a description of him at the time of his discharge 18 years old, 5 foot tall, light brown hair and eyebrows, grey eyes, small forehead, regular features and fair colouring. Whilst photographs were available at the time none were in colour so the description of him is of great value.
He appears in the 1861 Census at 30 Primrose St, Bishopsgate, London at the home of James Baster, a carpenter, and his wife Elizabeth (nee Clinch). He married their daughter, Hannah Baster, 18 months later. Following a move to Manchester with his family he opened a travelling bag business, making high quality leather bags and gaitors.
On a humorous note: He made gaitors for the Duchess of Rutland who was said to have an eighteen inch calf and could not get gaitors which fitted until she went to him.
James Charles (or Charles James as he preferred and in which name order he was later to have letterheads printed) Corbitt was born on 24 March 1842 at 12 pm at 3 Weston street, Somerstown, St Pancras, London, son of John Nutt Corbitt and Emma Gyles, and died on 26 September 1888 at 10 Alfred street, Manchester, aged 46 years. He is buried at Brooklands Cemetery, Sale, Manchester. His wife and two (of his seven) children are buried in the same grave.

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Reg Corbett, 1916, of St Edmunds Rd, Northampton. On active service with 7th Northampton Regiment in France/Belgium: referred to in correspondence from the Front.