The Corbett One Name Study

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Ref. 24950 Robert Corbett emigrated 1831 to Ontario, Canada,  married Lydia Crawford. (SeymourTaylor)

Ref. 40183 Patrick Corbett, father of Mary who married  Unknown Everhart circa 1861/2.) (Everhart)

Ref. 11836 Jeremiah Corbett born circa 1830 married Ruth Ann Ayers 1858 Plymouth, Devon. (Kirkham)

Ref: 43769 John Corbett m Susan (maiden name also Corbett).  Their son John Corbett born 9 May 
                   1884 emigrated to Canada and died Toronto. (Corbett)

Ref. 36591 Henry Corbett born circa 1812 co. Connaught married Catherine McDonough circa 1835. (Wren)

Ref:43106  James Corbitt went to Creston, West Virginia in late 1700's. His son James married Elizabeth  Rockhold, dau of Charles. Contact by Email: Dick Williams

Ref: 45189 James Corbett (ancestry from Ireland) born cir 1797  Va married Amanda Lee. Children George  Washington, James Thomas, William, John, Mary E., Eliza. (Some born in NC.)  (Crooke)


Ref. 15028 James Corbett born circa 1791 Belfast, cabinet   maker,married Jean/Jane Ellis 1828  (Axelson)

Ref. 30017 William Corbett born circa 1846 Belfast married Margaret born circa 1848. (Walker)


Ref. 25118 Samuel Corbet born circa 1800, married Mary. Daughter Anne Jane born circa 1824, married  Henry Flower.

Ref. 29070 John Corbett born circa 1822 married Margaret Clark circa 1854 in Ontario. (Thompson)

Ref. 13539 John Corbett born circa 1788 of Cooga Kildysert. (Enright M:38 &Simson)


Ref. 24630 Patrick Corbett born circa 1829 married Mary O'Hehir 1860 Sydney,  Australia. (Jameson)

 Ref: 43563 Johanna Corbett, born circa 1862 co. Clare, daughter  of James  Corbett & Kate O'Loughlin, emigrated to Australia 1879 and married Michael Gunning 1883. Email:  Smith

 Ref: 44796 Timothy CORBETT was born 1843 in County Clare,  Ireland.  Died  3/8/1929 Maclean NSW Australia. Catherine Jane MITCHELL was born 1/9/1861 in Ballybrannagan, Co. Galway, Ireland.  Died 16/7/1928 Maclean NSW Australia.


Ref. 5515 Patrick Corbett born circa 1828 married Jane O'Connor. (Corbett  M:48)

Ref. 8557  Richard Corbett born circa 1818 and of Innishannon and Templemichael, co. Cork, married Mary de la Cour Herrick.(Dowell)

Ref. 24699 John Corbett of Townsend, co. Cork, born circa 1790, married Margaret L'Estrange. Later family  of India. (Corbett/Perris)

Ref. 36908 Luke Corbett of Cobh, co. Cork married Bridget King circa 1840.  (C K Corbett)

Ref. 38049 Jeremiah Corbett married Julia O'Mahoney mid 19th century. All  children born Blarney parish, (Cloyne. (Margo E)

Ref. 41333 Edmund Edward CORBET marr. Jane Baylor HANAN in  Rathcormac, Co. Cork 4th July 1846   (Church of Ireland)  Additional information:  Nine children. Family settled in England (Bradford) and theabove couple are buried there. Three children migrated to Australia: Elizabeth CORBET (who marriedJosiah TUNNICLIFFE in Mt. Lachlan, NSW); oseph Baylor CORBET; Jane Barbara CORBET(who married Walter PUNCH and  then migrated to New Zealand.) the other children remained in England.  Email: Trevor W

Ref: 51825   My great grandfather was John Corbett and he married Catherine Damsey. They were both   from co. Cork and were   probably born between 1800 and 1820. I do not know if  they remained  in Ireland or came to America but their  daughter (my great grandmother), Elizabeth Corbett,  who   was born about 1841, came to America and married my great grandfather, Michael T Murphy  at St Vincent de  Paul Catholic Church, New York City on August 11 1863.  I have heard from  another relative that John and Catherine (Damsey) Corbett had another daughter named Catherine  who also came to America.  They probably had other children too but I don't know who they are. Email: Peggy 


Ref. 8561 James Corbett born circa 183542 married Elizabeth  Diver who  was born co. Donegal. (McCulloch)


Ref. 2221 David Corbett born circa 1812 co. Down or co. Antrim married Elizabeth and John born circa 1806-14 of co. Down married Sarah. (Chalmers)

Ref. 5460 Ballyward and Lina creeg, co. Down  John born circa 1793 married  Elizabeth Morrison. (PetleyJones & Creighton)

Ref. 11204 Patrick Corbett born circa 1896 married Ada Alice Quinnell in London 1922. (Corbett of London)

Ref. 44011 James Corbett born circa 1792 Kinallen, co. Down married Margaret Dennison 1830. Children: Hugh 1820  William James 1829  Isabella 1834  John   Dennison 1835  Eliza 1837.  Family   emigrated to Hastings, Ontario, Canada


Ref. 11120 Patrick Corbett born 1788 Dublin married Elizabeth Spearman 1812 Borriskane, co. Tipperary. (Corbett M:60)

Ref. 29846 William Thomas Corbett born circa 18741876, Clontarf, co. Dublin married Jane Jacobs circa 1906. (Corbett of Australia)


Cynthia has information regarding a Corbett family (not her own)   from western  Co. Galway (several tiny towns,  mainly  Clifden, Calla, Dereen,  Ballyconneely). 

 Ref:45187 George Corbett born 1825 married Margaret Hastings born 1825  co. Mayo, in 1851 in Edinburgh. (McMurray)


Ref. 42946 John Corbett married Anna S Grace about 1835 co. Kilkenny.  Son Dominic born about 1837-40,  married Mary Shea 1867. (Chicoine)


Ref. 24991 Grace Corby or Corbeat born between 1786 & 1792 Rofamore, co. Tipperary or co. Limerick, married  Alexander Thornton circa 1816. (Nicholson)

Ref. 10460 Mary Kate Corbett corn circa 1831 married John Leared 1854 Dublin? (L Maunder)

Ref. 13300 William Corbett born circa 1808 of Rock Lodge, Castleconnell married Eliza circa 1830 (Hackney)

No Ref. Newcastlewest parish, co. Limerick: Michael Corbett of 5 Maiden Street; Thomas Corbett 85 Maiden  Street; RichardCorbett 8 Bishop Street; Patrick Corbett 17 Bishop Street; John Corbett 5a Dromin Cimacturlog; Timothy Corbet 5c Dromin Cimacturlog. All on Griffiths valuation. Details of parents or children wanted. (Rev. John D Corbett )  


Ref. 8594 Sergeant Allan Corbett buried 1698 derry Cathedral married Jane and Ref. 8599 John or David  Corbett born circa 1815 Glenconway,  Derry, married Jane Anne Parkhill 1849. (MagLochlainn)

  Ref. 24735 Robert Corbett born circa 1830 of Motalee & Drumrainey, died 1891-1905 Magherafelt, married  Mary Jane Mulholland circa 1850. (Griffith)


Ref. 7473 John Corbett born circa 1804, of Drumrenagh, Currin parish, co. Monaghan married Arabella Price. (Brown)

Ref. 36411 James Corbett born circa 1778, and army major(?) married Jane Breakey circa 1800. (Norton & Corbett)


Ref. 22599 John Corbett born circa 1790 of Cappaghwhite (Kydd M:127 & Roberts)

Ref. 10458 William Corbett born circa 1820. (Corbett of VIC, Australia.

Ref. 12977 Michael Corbett born circa 1800, a farmer, married Margaret Kelly circa 1828?. (Roos)

Ref. 2499 1 Grace Corby or Corbeat born between 1786 & 1792 -Rofamore, co. Tipperary or co. Limerick, married  Alexander Thornton circa 1816.  (Nicholson)

Ref. 42962 Michael Corbett born circa 1788 co. Tipperary? married Catherine Kennedy and had 3 (possibly 4)  children. Michael?,  Mary M. 1816, Timothy circa 1817, Ellen circa 1818. Michael  was a soldier in US army for 30 years. (Walter Picker )

Ref:45105 John Corbett married Alice Flynn in Ireland ca 1850. Son James Francis Corbett was   born ca 1852 in Carricken Suir,  Tipperary, Ireland. He had immigrated to Boston, MA by the 1890's.  He married Mary Woods, who was a Massachusetts girl. (Millman)


Ref.: 42681:  James Corbett of Aghallo, co. Tyrone married Sarah Ann McMahon circa 1880 (Wasiura) Children:   Helena b.1881 (emig to AUS), Matilda 16, Robert John 15, Lucinda 13, Thomas, 11, Edward 9 May 7, Clara Sophia 5, Matthew 3, Charlotte E 1  and Bertha, William and George (who died  aged 20 in Boer War).

Ref. 5395:  Thomas Corbet OF Dunganon, co. Tyrone married Mary circa  1670. (Corbet-Singleton)

Ref: 21637: George Corbett, a farmer born circa 1824 married Lucy circa 1843. (Wilson)


-Ref. 20370 Roger Corbett born circa 1830 of Waterford married Mary Conroy circa 1854. (Kearns)

-Ref. 41457 Statia Corbett of Waterford married Patrick Walsh. (Fleming)