The Corbett One Name Study

The History of Myddle
Richard Gough

During the Civil War (1642-6), Richard Gough of Mydle recalled later in life that Prince Rupert had vowed that, in reprisal following the capture and hanging of 13 of his Irish soldiers by the Parliamentarians, he would hang the next 13 prisoners he took. When a number of prisoners were taken 'They cast dice on a drum head to see who should die and amongst them there was one Phillip Littleton who had been a keeper of the park of my old master, Robert of Stanwardine, Esq. (Editorial Note:Possibly the son of Thomas Corbet of Stanwardine and Elizabeth Ludlow.) This Phillip saw Sir Vincent Corbett of Moreton Corbett (Editorial Note: Probably the 2nd Baronet of M.C. who married Elizabeth Thornes of Shelvock, Salop) ride by, and said to some that stood by 'If Sir Vincent Corbett did know that I was here, he would save my life.' Upon this a charitable soldier rode after Sir Vincent and told him what one of the prisoners had said. He came back immediately and seeing Phillip he alighted from his horse and fell on his knees before the Prince (who sat on a horse to see the execution) and begg'd for the life of Phillip which was readily granted on condition he would never bear arms against the King. Phillip promised and escaped and afterwards no more Irish were hang'd.' From: By the Sword Divided by John Adair. (This is extracted from the above named book.)


by Richard Gough

'The first seat on the North side of the North Isle belongs to Mr Hanmer's farme in Marton .... Mr Hanmer's farme did formerly belong to the Manor of Walford. The family of the Hords were Lords of it and of the Manor of Stanwardine in the wood, and (issue male of Hord failing,) one of the Kinastons of Horsley marryed the daughter of Hord, and soe became Lord of Wallford, &c. The last (save one) of the Kinastons of Walford, was Phillip Kinaston, who had three sons - Thomas, to whom hee gave Walford and Stanwardine and severall other lands; Richard, to whom he gave a farm at Eyton, (which is now Tomkins his farm, Richard died without issue, and this farme reverted again to Walford;) Edward, to whom hee gave this farm in Marton, which I call Mr Hanmer's farme.

Thomas Kinaston of Wallford had two legitimate daughters and a bastard son. He left, (as I conceive,) (i) Sir Vincent Corbett of Moreton Corbett, Guardian to his two daughters. This (i) Sir Vincent Corbett was a very eminent person in this country. In his time he had the sons of Esquires and worthy gentlemen to wayte on him as his servants. Hee married the two daughters of Kinaston to two of his servants, viz. Dorothy the eldest, who was an easy, mild-natured gentlewomen, he married to Ralph Clive, a branch of that worthy family of Clives of Stits or Stich, (Editor J.N.: This family is connected to Robert Clive of India, 1725-1774) who had issue by her, Edward Clive. This Edward married the daughter and heires of Richard Lloyd of Kayhowell, and by that means added the farm of Kayhowell, and seven tenements in Edgerley to his other estate which was Walford, Wooderton, Eyton farme, and some part of Boreaton. Edward had ishue, George Clive, a very bad husband; he sold Kayhowell, and the seven tenements. He sold Wooderton and what hee had of Boreaton; he sold all, save what was settled at marriage that he could not sell itt. Hee lay long a prisoner for debt; but whether hee dyed a prisoner I cannot say. Hee marryed Judith, the daughter of --- Hanmer of Marton, and had ishue by her, Thomas Clive, who was a Collonell in the Parliament army, in the warrs, temp. Car. I (time: Charles I). He married the daughter of Mr Wareing of Woodcott, and had ishue by her, George Clive, who married Elizabeth, daughter of (ii) Robert Corbett of Stanwardine, Esq., and had ishue by her, Thomas Clive, now (1701) liveing. (Editor J.N.: I have it that she was the daughter of Thomas of Stanwardine.)

Jane, the second daughter of Thomas Kinaston, was married to (iii) Robert Corbett, son of (iv) Roger Corbett of Shawbury, Esq. descended from the Right Worship family of the Corbetts of Moreton Corbett. Hee had with her Stanwardine in the wood, and severall Lands in Hampton wood, Sugdon, Burleton, Wikey, Marton and Newton of the Hill. He built Stanwardine Hall that now is. The Hall formerly stood in a place not far distant, which was moated about. It is now converted into a Gardine, and still retains the name of the old Hall.

This (iii) Robert Corbet had ishue, (v) Thomas and (vi) Richard, and a daughter, who has married to Phillip Young (Editor J.N.: Mrs A E Corbett says it was William Yonge of Kenton) of Keinton, Esq. (iv) Richard was a Barrester at Law, and sometyme Steward to the Right Honble. Earle of Arundell; hee dyed without issue. (v) Thomas, the eldest son, inlarged Stanwardine Park, and purchased Lands in Wicherley and Bagley. Hee married (1605) Elizabeth (Editor J.N.: she is generally shown as Margaret), the youngest daughter of (i) Sir Vincent Corbett, of Moreton Corbett, and had ishue by her, (vii) Robert and Mary, and then dyed. His Widow afterward married Sir Thomas Scriven (Editor J.N.: of Frodesley); she lived to a good old age, and I have seen her read a letter without spectacles when she was above eighty years old.

Mary, the daughter of (v) Thomas Corbett, married --- Reve, Esq., steward to the Marquesse of Winchester, imediately beefore Daniel Wicherley of Clive Esq. (vii) Robert, the only son of (v) Thomas Corbett, was a very eminent person in this country, in his time; hee was Justice of the Peace and quroum Custos Rotulorum (Editor J.N: Keeper of the Rolls) of this County, and a Master in Chancery. Under him I had my education for many yeares, and served him as his Clarke; he was once chosen a Knight for the Shire, and served in Parliament, where they presented the Protector with twenty four Acts; hee was willing to sign some of them, but not all; butt the Parliament had voted that all should be signed or none. The Protector tooke time to consider untill next day, and then he came to the parliament house with a frowneing countenance, and with many opprobriouse termes, dissolved them, and gave then the carrecter of a packe of stubborn knaves.

This (vii) Robert married Elizabeth, the daughter of Sir Henry Ludlow of Clarington Parke, in Wiltshire, and had ishue by her, (viii) Thomas, and 4 daughters. (viii) Thomas Corbett marryed Mary Gerard, of Stroton in the West. They are both liveing in the County of Worcester, for Stanwardine is sold to Sir John Win, of Watstay, so called for Wat or Walter stopping here.

(Editors notes: This line is descended down through: Hugh Corbet/le Corbeau/le Norman, his son was: Roger (who held 24 Lordships in Shropshire, and who died circa 1175), his son was: William of Wattlesborough and Baron of Cause, his son was: Thomas of Wattlesborough, his son was: Sir Richard/Roger (living who married Cecilia Hadley/Hedley, their son was: Sir Richard (Died circa 1235) of Wattlesborough and Moreton Corbet who married Joanna Turet/Toret, their son was: Sir Richard of Wattlesborough and Moreton Corbet (Died 1255) who married Petronella de Booley, their son was: Sir Robert (Living 1296) of Moreton Corbet and Wattlesborough who married Matilda de Arundel, their son was: Sir Thomas (Born 1281) of Moreton Corbet who married Amicia, their son was: Sir Robert (Born 1304) who married Elizabeth le Strange, their son was: Sir Roger of Moreton Corbet who married Margaret Erdington (who died 1394), their son was: Robert (Sheriff 1417) who married Margaret Mallory, their son was: Sir Roger of Moreton Corbett (Died circa 1394) who married Elizabeth Hopton, their son was: Sir Richard who married Elizabeth Devereux (1493), their son was: Sir Robert (Died 1513) of Moreton Corbet who married Elizabeth Vernon, their son was: (iv) Sir Roger Corbet (died 1538 of Moreton Corbet, and of Shawbury) who married Anne Windsor, their son was: Sir Andrew of Moreton Corbet (Sheriff 1551 & 1570) married Jane Needham and two of their sons were: 1st son (i) Sir Vincent (died 1622) of Moreton Corbet, who married Frances Humfreston and their daughter was Margaret who married her cousin (v) Thomas (see below). Their elder son was: Andrew, born 1550, who married Elizabeth Boothby. Their eldest son was: Sir Vincent 1st Bart of Moreton Corbet (born 1617 and died 1656). He supported the King. 2nd son (iii) Robert (died 1593) of Stanwardine who married Jane Kinaston, their son was: (v) Thomas (buried 1615) of Stanwardine who married Margaret (shown by Gough as Elizabeth) Corbet (the daughter of Sir Vincent & Frances Humfreston.). He supported Parliament. and their son was: (vii) Robert (Master in Chancery died 1636) who married Elizabeth Ludlow, and their son was: (viii) Thomas who married Mary Gerard in 1660. (Richard Gough says they sold (or gambled away at cards) Stanwardine to Sir Thomas Wynne. They had a large family of four sons: Robert, Thomas, Thomas, John, Henry and seven daughters: Elizabeth, Mary, Anne, Margaret, Jane, Lucy, Martha, and Ann between 1661 and 1684.) The eldest, Robert, entered Greys Inn 1686 and died soon after, and was buried at Baschurch. There is a problem in identifying (ii) Elizabeth who married George Clive at Baschurch in 1662. Gough says she was the daughter of Robert of Stanwardine. One would imagine she was born 1637-1647. Robert Corbet (who died 1593) and Jane Kynaston had eight children but none named Elizabeth. This Robert had a grandson (but no son Robert) named Robert (son of (v) Thomas and Margaret Corbet and probably born circa 1606) who married Elizabeth Ludlow and they had two sons named Robert who were probably born circa 1630 and died 1636, and born circa 1637, perhaps just before or after the father's death, and died 1644. They do not appear to have had any daughters but it seem possible that (ii) Elizabeth might have been their daughter. Gough, who wrote the book 1700-1701, and later added further notes in 1796, appears to know the family well and it seems strange that he should make such a mistake but he was sixty six when he started writing the book and perhaps his memory was playing tricks. He also shows their daughter as Mary marrying ----- Reve whilst Mrs A E Corbet shows the daughter as Elizabeth (who married ---- Reeve.).