The Corbett One Name Study

The Corbetts of Merrington

Janet Mackleston wrote regarding Corbet connections with the Muckleston(e) name. She is carrying out a one name study into the surname and gave me the following details regarding a connection with that name and the Corbets.

Mary Corbett married Edward Muckleston on 3 January 1616 at Preston Gubbals, Salop. She was the daughter and heiress of Thomas Corbett of Merrington. Burke's Commoners: Mary ... Thomas Corbet, Esq., by Sarah, his wife, sister and heiress of Thomas Colefoxe Esq. of Merrington. 

Thomas Corbet, her father was descended from the Stoke, Adderley & Edgmond line and his grand-parents were Sir Reginald & Alice (Gratewoode) Corbet. Her father's estate eventually came to her husband and was to become the family seat until the early 19th century.

Edward, her husband, was a gentleman and the Recorder of Oswestry. They had nine children all of whom appear to have survived to become adults.

In "Antiquities and Memoirs of Myddle (1700) it says "Edward Muckleston was a gentleman of ancient family. He had a fair house and an estate of about 120 per annum where he was born at Pen-y-lan near Oswestry. He married the daughter of one Mr Corbet of Merrington. She was the heiress of a good estate in lands in Meriton. She was a provident housekeeper if not too parsimonious, but he proved not a careful husband, for he sold part of his wife's lands in Meriton to Sir Humphery Lea and they say his wife never consented to it. However (though some suits have been brought concerning it, yet) it was never recovered."

Burkes Commoners: Edward Muckleston Esq. of Pen-y-lan, Recorder of Oswestry, became possessed of the estate of Meriton, now Merrington, in the parish of Preston Gubbals, by his marriage with Mary, daughter and heiress of Thomas Corbet Esq., by Sarah, his wife, sister and heiress of Thomas Colefoxe Esq. of Merrington. Edward died in 1638 and Mary in 1657.

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