The Corbett One Name Study

Corbet/t Wills Index: Notes 1 to 200

1 Norwich Cons.Crt 1370-1550:161,162 Multon. '... intendyng God willing to wayte uppon the Right Noble Prynce Charles, ETC. Duke of Suffolk into the ptiez of Fraunce'

2 Not used

3 ? Son of Frederick & Frances? Husband of Harriet Woodfield. M: 2/12/1874)

4 ----- to Eliz C., widow and relict PCC. Smith MSS vol 18 page 136. See Smith MSS Vol. 31 page 193 at SoG: Thomas Corbett of Southwark, Sugar Baker, husband of Elizabeth Allestree, died intestate in 1709.
Smith MSS Vol.18 p193 at SoG: Thomas Corbett Feb 1709/10 of St Martin Vintry, London, deceased. Admin. to Eliz. C. widow and relict PCC. Researcher: Mrs Angela Nutting, 'Heathercroft', Marlow Common, Marlow, Bucks, SL7 2QR.

5 (Adm. actually in June) July 1659. PCC Adm. 1631-48 6/7/1637 p.96. July 1659 page 228. To lady Elizabeth Corbet relict.

6 [O.W] Inx to Testamentory Records. Commissary Court of London 1626 etc: Register 27 folio 443.

7 Died 19/09/1904. Probate to widow Jane & Henry Povey. ETC

8 A complete listing of probates from Calendar of Wills at Lichfield J.R.O. for the parishes of Baschurch, Fitz, Great Ness, ETC Little Ness, Montford and Shrawardine,SAL 1472-1650. 497.1 17 Jan 1615-16 Thomas Corbett (152)

9 Address 3 Raymond Buildings,Grays Inn Road. Died: 03/01/1873 aged 50. Probate: 04/02/1873. Sole exor: John Blount Price, 24 Milner Sq. Islington. (GRO Death Mar qtr 1873 Holborn 1b 385 50y)

10 Died 19/3/1951. Formerly of (address at signing) 11 Dickenson Rd, Crouch End. Died 19 March 1951. All to wife Edith Isabel. ETC. Admon. with will to daughter Marjorie Platt, wife of Cyril Platt N.B. Born 1873 son of Benjamin (his will 1916) and Agnes.

11 Ref: 1874. Died 5/6/1874 40y. brother Thomas Edward Corbett. See also Martha (BK:12825) 00/00/1878 for mother's (Martha) will. See also 21294. GRO Death Jun qtr 1874 Camberwell 1d 374 40

12 LND Archdeac.Crt: Ref:1665 Reg.10 Folio 11v. Adm. to creditor.

13 Born 1893 son of Frederick & Emily. Died:14/6/1972. Executor: son Barry Harley Corbett of Solihull, Birmingham (now at Brentwood) to share with bro. ETC Derek John. N.B. Bn 1893 s.of Fred.& Emily.(Grandson of Benjamin (will 1916), wife dec'd. All to sons: Barry Harley & Derek John Corbet & Miss Laurie Helen Howell.

14 SAL CRO Will Index Ref: 1919 folio 389.

15 Widow: Anne of Brooke, NFK. Henry Breton, aka Corbet als Breton, Anne, widow., Brooke, NFK To Henry Breton next of kin, alias Sugar als Painter, Joan see Painter ETC (1642) PCC Admons 1631-1648 27/3/1637 p. 63

16 Admon PCC to Dame Eli Corbet, relict. Admon 1705 to John Kynaston husband of Beatrice Kynaston, dec, dau of Sir V Corbet. Smith Mss vol 15 page 23 at SoG. (For Place on Index (Bertno) is shown.

17 Admon. to Amanda Louisa C. (wife) (She died 1/7/1906.) Admon issued 12/12/1910 as Charles John had died w.o. taking upon himself Letters of Admin. of her estate. Probate granted to Helen Agnes Kidd (wife of Edward Kidd) of 42 Hollybank Rd, Tranmere, Birkenhead.

18 Died 24/08/1864. Admon to Edward Corbett of 56 Charrington St, Oakley Sq. Camden Town.

19 Admon to sister (B:Ilfracombe 1829?) Elizabeth Blackmore Corbett, spinster of 3 The Exchange, Balham, SRY. Bachelor. Died at sea 5/1/1882 56y. B:Ilfracombe.

20 Admon to son John Myers Corbet, Commercial Clerk, one of next of kin. (See her husband James will dated 00/00/1887.)

21 Admon. to Sarah Corbett, relict 1677. Admon. d.b.n. to cred. John & Gilbert Corbett s's children; Sarah Corbet dec'd 1691. Index to Testamentory Records. Commissary Court of London 1626 etc 1677 Register 23 folio 5. 1691 Register 26 folio 78.

22 Also of Woodgate, Sussex and 17 Gracechurch St,City of London. Widow: Elizabeth (nee Byrne). Executors with Charles Joseph Henry Corbett (born 1853) Barrister of 24 Old Bldgs, Lincoln's Inn, Thomas Newson of 17 Gracechurch St, Architect, & Julian Byrne of 61 Broad St, Gent. GRO Deaths Mar qtr 1882 Kingston 2a 213 59y

23 Archdeaconry Court of MDX:AM/PW1726/03. Testator died Aug 1726. Brother of Edward Corbett.

24 Archdeaconry of City of London = ACL London Commissary Court = LCC.
Alice 1369: Ref: ACL reg.1,p.1 1379/80. List of Contents.
John 1398: Ref: ACL 1 68. To be buried at Stratford at Bow.
John 1588: Adm. to Agnes Corbet, relict.
Nicholas 1604: LCC refs 5/471, 4/262.
Thomas 1632: Mary Corbett relict. Granted. LCC ref 6 92
Francis 1606: LCC ref 16 27 1606

25 BKM CRO Wills Index
Elizabeth 1789: Ref:D/A/We/113/43 & D/A/Wf/105/43
John 1736: Ref:D/A/We/72/77 & D/A/Wf/81/77
John 1745: Ref:D/A/We/80/51 & D/A/Wf/85/161
Joseph 1749: Ref:D/A/We/82/160 & D/A/Wf/87/160
Joseph 1753: Ref:D/A/We/84/205 & D/A/Wf/89/1250
Joseph 1807: Ref:D/A/We/125/94 & D/AWf/110/1420
Margaret 1726: Ref:D/A/We/62/52 & D/A/Wf/74/1800
Robert 1701 Ref:D/A/We/46/160 & D/A/Wf/60/50
Robert 1833: Ref:D/A/We/138/55 & D/A/Wf/118/5
William 1714: Ref:D/A/We/53/77 & D/A/Wf/67/17
William 1730: Ref:D/A/We/66/107 & D/A/Wf/78/220
William 1779: Ref:D/A/We/103/13 & D/A/Wf/102/130
William 1851: Ref:D/A/We/147/13 & D/A/Wf/122/126.0

26 Archdeaconry of City of London LCC Adm. ref 5 36. Adm. to Catherine Corbett relict. Wife could be either Katherine Parke 1573 or Catherine Crastone 1578.

27 Aunts: Lady Sarah Fisher, Lady Ursula Halton. Lands in Winthorpe,LIN. Smith MSS Vol. 18 page 91 at SoG.

28 Baptised at St Clement Danes 15/3/1795 son of George & Elizabeth. Of 1 Harrap St, Blackwall prev.of Melbourne, Victoria, AUS 600 to executor. (GRO Deaths Jun qtr 1874 Poplar 1c 420 68y.)
Birmingham Library: 1874 Wills & Admons Cabbell - Cyples page 293. Corbet Alexander. 1 September. The Will of Alexander Corbet formerly of Melbourne in the Colony of Victoria but late of 1 Harrap-street, Blackwall in the County of Middlesex who died 23 June 1874 at 1 Harrap-street was proved in the Principal Registry by Thomas Stokes of 3 Bessborough-street, Pimlico in the County of Middlesex Officer of Her Majesty's Customs the sole Executor.

29 By Sir Thomas Corbett of Sprowston, NFK. (Died in City of LND). Buried at Belaugh.

30 Camp's PCC Wills A with W unad, W regd Oct 1784 Salop May

31 Camp's PCC Wills A with W of Goods twice used, W regd 292 Strahan (1748) Last Gt May 1750 Salop May

32 Camp's PCC Wills A with W Pts Jul 328. with Will.

33 PCC 1605-1619 Vol.V.GCI at SoG: 30/6/1617: Robert Corbett of Lawley,SAL, yeoman, wife Eleanor. Will pvd 1617 Coll.Top. et Geneal. Tenants in SAL:Edw I (bef.regnal year 21) (1292) Place: Lawley: Robert Corbet (villande de Lawley).1672 Hearth Tax Salop:Lawley:Robert Corbet 2 hearths 2d. (Note: One PCC Wills Index reference shows his name as Thomas)

34 Original will nun.cup. LND Archdeaconry Court 1661-1700: Ref: 1665 Reg. 8 Folio 116

35 Or Aldgate. Marian Corbett, relict, renounced admon. Archdeaconry of City of London Admon ref 23

36 Only son of John Corbett late Quainton, BKM Yeoman. Father dec'd, son of Dennis C. (by William Corbett her husband) who was about 1650 only sister and heir of Richard Hawkins of Quainton, Bucks, dec'd = VERSUS William Bampton & Thos Hawkins. Chancery Proceedings: Hamilton 66 No.47 + 1707 12 Whitt 537 + TC v Eliz: relict of William Bampton. GCI at SoG

37 On Census 1871:Swan Inn Public House, Birmingham: Catherine 50y Widow Inn Keeper. Born: Hinstock, SAL. Children also listed. (GRO Deaths Sep qtr 1873 Aston 6d 238 52y.)

38 Of the ship 'Expectation' abroad. Admon PCC to father William Corbett. Smith MSS Vol. 15 page 12,14

39 Brothers: Robert & Jerome. Nephews: Robert & Richard C. Jane, Susan & Thomas (eldest) children of brother Robert. Of Oxford & Cambridge and St Clements. Smith MSS Vol. 15 page 11 at SoG. Boyds London burials:St Clement Danes. 1583 (Esq)

40 Legacies etc to following Corbetts: Nephew: William Thomas; Niece: Annie Susannah; sister in law: Amelia widow of brother William Thomas Corbett.; Niece: Emily; Brother: Thomas (executor)

41 Commissary Court of LND 1626 etc: Reg:23 f. 253r. John Corbett, haberdasher [St Bot.Bishopsgte] (Original will) 1665. Inx to Testamentory Records.

42 Islington. Formerly of Albion Grove, Barnsbury Park. GRO Death Jun qtr 1873 Islington 1b 210 69 years. Died: 06/06/1873 aged 69y. Widow: Ann. Son: William Arthur, exors.

43 Died 14/04/1916 aged 82 years: All left to daughters Agnes Caroline (Will 1929) & Alice Emily Corbet (Will 1951), both spinsters. (GRO Deaths Jun qtr 1916 Edmonton 81y)

44 Of Burton on Trent:60 Branstone Rd (previously Quarter Master Sgt M.) Retired Pensions Officer died 5/5/1936 76y. Entire assets to Minnie May (later his second wife). Probate to Minnie May ETC Corbet, widow. Born 1859 son of Benjamin (see his will 1916)

45 Of 3 St Paul Place. Died:12/06/1862. Probate: 25/09/1862 to Widow: Martha. (GRO Death Jun qtr 1862 Newington 1d 151.)

46 Probate:19/10/1886 to nephew Julian Stafford Corbett of Imber Court, Thames Ditton, SRY, Barrister at Law. Formerly of 159 Coldharbour Lane, Camberwell. (GRO Deaths Jun qtr 1886 Lambeth 1d 274 66y)
47 SAL CRO Will Index Ref:1933 f.203-205. Codicil dated 14 August 1930.

48 Married: Sarah Eleanor Glover 26/10/1870 at Knowle. Son of Fred. & Frances?

49 Margaret Corbett of Southwark, St Olave. widow: Surrey Probate Records to 1649: DW/PA/7/13 f.349 (1644)

50 Manor of Bedlington: On an inquisition taken on his death etc and and Inquisition on his death in 1337. Mother: Joan who later married Nicholas Tonstal.

51 LND Archdeaconry Court Ref: 1666 Reg:8 Folio:153v. Adm. to brother Richard Corbett.

52 Camp's PCC Wills Middx Jan 6. Camp's PCC Wills Dble Prob. W regd Jan last Middx Mar 70

53 Camp's PCC Wills 54. SAL CRO Will Index Ref: 1914 folio 266.

55 Cases in Court of Arches at Lambeth Palace Library:Testators Mary Cave v Jane Sockett 1766. Will of Thomas Corbett of Bromyard, HEF. Sentence 14/7/1767 (Hereford) A34; B 18/39, 40; D 392; E41/32; G139/15.

56 Children: Richard, John, Ann wife of Rev'd Mr John Rogers, Catherine wife of Mr Joseph Ward of Liverpool, Merchant. Son in law William Rushton (Will may be dated 24/2/1790)

57 Deed of gift. Original Will/Archdeaconry of City of London LCC Reg 2 p. 49

58 Codicil dated 13/04/1878. SAL CRO Will Index Ref: 1878 folio 494.

59 Codicil dated 26/08/1767. BKM CRO Wills Index Ref: D/A/We/94/183 & D/A/Wf/196/770

60 Codicil dated 4 May 1865. SAL CRO Will Index Ref: 1869 folio 668

61 SAL CRO Will Index Ref: 1940 folio 74. Codicils dated 17 September 1937 & 3 July 1935.

62 Courts of Bishop & Archdeacon of Oxford 1516-1732 v.I A-K & OXF Quarter Sessions 1687-1830 CC 1687 E.1. & R.I. 1704 TT. Wills Index at OXF CRO 1516-1732 Ref:1725 will 209.78; 122/2/17.

63 Died: St Martin in the Fields,LND sententia pro valore (entered twice) testator nun cupative 16 Feb 1642, 24, 30 Cambell. PCC Adm. 1631-48. Relative named in will.

64 Daughter of George Corbett of Hope, Salop, deceased. Smith MSS Vol. 31 page 108 at SoG

65 Adm PCC March 1709 to husband Sir Chas Lloyd. Daughter of Sir Richard Corbet & his wife Victoria.

66 Daughters: Elizabeth, Isabel, Cicily, Alice, Anne, Eleanor. Wife: Anne. Son in law: John Cooke the elder. Witness: Richard Corbett son of Thomas Corbett.

67 Deanery of the Arches:Adm 1678 95/442; 98/3.22v. Buried at Warwick?

68 Archdeaconry Crt of MDX:AM/PW1717/26A at GLRO. Deposition of Witnesses 31/12/1716:26B. Recog. 3/1/1716 to prepare inventory AM/PW1717/26C. Will in letter und. sent from M Corbett: Dear Cosen Fox (Susanna Fox widow of Edward Fox, of St James, Westminster, miller 'in Pell Mell' over agen the Duke Shamborks.)

69 Died 01/03/1888. Admon to daughter Jane (spinster) 19/03/1888

70 LND Archdeaconry Court 1661-1700: Ref: 1665 Reg. 8 Folio 146. Adm. to daughter Mary Corbett.

71 LND Archdeaconry Court 1661-1700: Ref: 1666 Reg: 8 Folio 151v. Adm. to brother Daniel Corbett

72 Index to Testamentory Records. Commissary Court of London 1626 etc. alias Miller alias Blyth.

73 Adm. of Archdeaconry of NTH. Inventory 162 7s 6d taken 26/12/1707 by Antony Barker & John Chard. Exhib. 30/8/1707. See also Elizabeth who appears in same Admon for 1709 and has a daughter Elizabeth. His brother William mentioned.

74 Died 05/03/1887:Probate to Matthew Ridley Corbet. (See also Anna Maria 1880 & Marianne 1898)

75 Died 06/04/1903. Prob. to John George Fountain & John Venn Yonge.

76 GRO Deaths? Jun q 1884 Birmingham 6d 143 (34y)

77 Amanda Louisa Corbett (wife of Chas.John). Died 1/7/1906, issued 12/12/1910 as he had died without taking upon himself Letters of Admin. of her estate.

78 Died 10/01/1890. Prob. 06/02/1890 to widow Agnes Caroline. Warehouse Clerk. GRO Deaths Jun qtr 1890 Lewisham 1d 803 49y

79 Died 10/09/1906. Prob. to Charlotte Emily Harrison wife of John William Harrison.

80 Died 11/1/1865, widow of Benjamin. (Oaths of Alfred Lloyd C. son, gent & Frances C. spinster, daug. (Frances the daughters will is dated 1885).

81 Died 14/01/1878 aged 82y. Admon with will. Probate to sons Thomas Edward, gent. and Robert (bachelor died 1874?) (Universal Legatee). GRO Death Mar qtr 1878 Camberwell 1d 575 (82y) Widow of Thomas.

82 Died 16/7/1880. By nephew Edward Charles Sandilands, 12 Denmark Hill, Wimbledon & Matthew Ridley Corbett of Peel St, Camden Hill. ETC See also Marianne 1898 and Alfred George 1899. (GRO Death Sep q 1880 Brighton 2b 128 73y)

83 Died 18/03/1889. Prob. to sister Mary Ann Corbett, spinster, of 131 Lewisham Rd.

84 Died 18/2/1880 52y. Cowkeeper. Widow of William (see his will dated 00/00/1875) son Joseph of same (cowkeeper), one of next of kin.

85 Died 19/06/1898. Probate to husband Matthew Ridley Corbet,esq (Her husband died in 1902). (See also Anna Maria 1880 and Alfred George 1899)

86 Spinster of Southend-on-Sea:Albion Gardens. Also Rochford,ESS. Died 1929 aged 52 years. All to sister Alice Emily Corbett (see her will 1916.) N.B. Born 1870 d. of Benjamin (see his will 1916) & Agnes. Also of Rochford.

87 Died 1958:All to wife Elizabeth. N.B. Born in Southampton area 1874.

88 Died 20/11/1887. Admon to widow Elizabeth. (See her will 00/00/1887)

89 Died 20/8/1825, formerly of Friday St, City of LND. Admon. with will, left unadministered by sons: Archibald, James Rodick, Richard & John Tole Cprbett. Wife: Ann, dec'd. Prob. Abraham Tozer, 59 Mark Lane, City of LND surv. Exor.

90 Died 21/04/1879. Proved by John Kimpton of John St, City Rd, Cambridge (Wheelwright) & Ebenezer Smith (Farmer)

91 Died 21/7/1889 57y. Probate to brother Alfred Lloyd Corbett, sister: Charlotte Corbett.(Children of Benjamin & Frances) See Frances the mother's will 00/00/1865)

92 Died 23/01/1885. Of Stroud Green:3 Bank Villas, Womersley Rd. Admon to daughter Anne Lancefield Corbett (spinster) of 2 Somerset Villas, Wood Green

93 Died 25/04/1885. Probate by John Giles of Colebrook, carpenter & Ann Towl, niece.

94 Died 25/06/1902. Prob. to widow Edith Jane. (See also Marianne 1898, Anna Maria 1880, Alfred George 1899.)

95 Died 25/12/1901. Prob. to Frederick Corbett, husband (stockbroker)

96 Birmingham Library: 1900 Wills & Admons Cabell - Dyson page 166. Corbett Mary Ann of 131 Lewisham-road, Lewisham spinster died 26 January 1900. Probate to Jane Susannah Corbett, spinster & Caroline Jane Corbett, spinster, & Frank Tertius Arnold, Solicitor. Effects 4097 0s. 7d.

97 Died 29/12/1878 aged 57y. Proved by sister Ellen Sarah Dixon (widow)

98 Died 30/01/1904. Prob. to widow Charlotte Anna & James Corbett

99 Died 30/05/1867 aged 44y. Probate to widow Amelia. GRO Death Jun qtr 1867 Islington 1b 206 44 y.

100 Yeoman & Colliers in Telford ISBN 0 85033 282 2: A List of people from the parishes of Dawley, Lilleshall, Wellington & Wrocwardine whose wills & admon.bonds are recorded in the Bishops Consistory Court of Lichfield & Coventry 1651-1750.
Robert 1725: Wife: Anne. At Lichfield & Coventry
William 1689: Consistory Court of Lichfield & Coventry 1651-1750.

101 LND Archdeaconry Court 1661-1700: Ref: 1682 Reg. 13 Folio 58 & 59v. Adm. to sister Frances Corbett.

102 Birmingham Library: 1884 Wills & Admons Cable - Cuzner page 345. Corbit Martha Ann. Personal Estate 506 10s. 10d. 11 September. Administration of the Personal Estate of Martha Ann Corbin late of 39 Balcorne-street South Hackney in the County of Middlesex Spinster who died 7 August 1884 at 39 Balcorne-street was granted at the Principal Registry to William James Corbit of 2 Red-Cross-court Borough in the County of Surrey Porter and Elizabeth Sophia Tolman (Wife of Henry Caple Tolman) of 25 Green-Bowling-lane, Clerkenwell in the County of Middlesex the Brother and Sister and two of the Next of Kin.

103 Died at Paynton in Coventry. PCC Wills Vol. IV

104 Died at Tingewick. BKM CRO Wills Index Ref: D/A/We/136/77 & D/A/Wf/116/770

105 Wills at LEI CRO Ref: Ad PR/T/1792/52. Died intestate. Nephew: William of Birmingham, carter; Stephen, Ribbon maker; Joseph of Atherstone, Plumber & Glazier.

106 Commissary Court of London Register 20 f.29.. Died overseas on ship 'Three Sisters'. O.W. 1649
107 Died Sep 1671. Children: Robert (his will dated 20/3/1680), Janet & Elizabeth. Glasgow Commissariot Testaments, Vol. 40

108 Died: 01/12/1867 aged 44y. Probate to widow Sarah.

109 Widow of Robert. Died: 17/01/1869 aged 70y. Prob.19/03/1869 to Frederick Thomas Halton, gent. of 'The Mother Redcap' & James Barrett, St James Park, Upper Holloway.

110 Died: 27/05/1862. Widow: Elizabeth Anne (See her will at 00/00/1869).GRO Death Jun qtr 1862 Islington 1b 137.

111 Birmingham Library: 1916 Wills & Admons Aaron - Cuxson page 522. Corbett Charles Brame of 247 Selly Oak-road, Kings Norton, Birmingham died 29 April 1916 at The Homoeopathic Hospital, Easy-row, Birmingham Probate Birmingham 19 July to Henry George Withers manufacturer's agent and Lilian Beatrice Withers (wife of the said Henry George Withers). Effects 450. 0s. 6d.Died: 29/04/1926, aged 43y, son of C W & Eliza Corbett. I?:St Nicholas?

112 Abstract of Wills Reg:'Wootton' 1658 ref:289. Sarah Corbitt of Beachampton, co. Bucks, widow. Father: Henry Chandler. Mother: Alice Chandler. Brother: Edward Chandler. Sister: Annie Chandler. Son: William Corbitt. Daughters: Alice & Sarah, brother Thomas's wife. Godson: George son of my brother Thomas Chandler.

113 Formerly of Stratford on Avon. Brother of Edward. of 5 Chesnut Walk S. on Avon.

114 Formerly of Waterworks Yard, Brasshouse Passage, B'ham. Husband of Martha.

115 GRO Death Dec qtr 1871 Richard Arthur Corbet Cheltenham 6a 299 31 years. Died 12 December 1871 of Adderley Hall (Small Houses), Market Drayton. Wife:R--

116 GRO Deaths Dec qtr 1878 Athelstan John S Corbet Westminster 1a 357 28 years. Died 27/12/1878. And of Wales

117 1652-3 Relict: nne. His brother was Edward Corbett, Cook, Boyds Cit. of LND: 47188. John is Boyds Cit. of LND: 47760.

118 119 Husband of Maria. Children: Robert St John, Frederick Vincent, Everard Phillip, Arthur Domville.

120 Index to Bank of England Will Extracts:1807-1845 (at SoG) Vol. 4 A-K Reg. No.986: PCC ref 611 48R. And of Wrington,Somerset. Estate 4400. Dated 7 March 1803. His wife Sarah (mentioned in the will) died & he made a third codicil.

121 PCC 1661-1670: PCC ref 21 (1662? signed?). Smith MSS Vol. 15 page 10 at SoG: Thomasine Corbett 1665 Single woman buried at Norwich. Gostling and Kemp relatives. Will pvd 1665 PCC 21 ???. Buried at Christchurch Cathedral, Norwich.

122 Inx to Bank of England Will Extracts:1807-1845 (at SOG)
Andrew 1835: ref: vol. 45 A-I Reg. No. 9612Ann 1824: ref: vol. 23 A-I Reg. No. 4995
James Jonas 1830: PCC ref 301, May 1830 and of Excise Office.
Julian 1831: PCC ref 690 Dec 1831
Thomas 1808 ref: vol. 3 A-K Reg. No. 716

123 Died 01/10/1879. Proved by Grace Cook, spinster. Sole Exec. NBL CRO Wills Index ref:1879 836 (GRO Death Dec q 1879 Newcastle T. 10b 41 87y)

124 PCC Noel 38. Re family of Pendarves, CON. 09/05/1697 Thomas Corbett: Date of his Will 9/5/1697, of London proved 26 March 1730 His daughter Elizabeth married Richard Pendarves of Malaga and Camborne. See Visitation in Cornwall (Pendarves of Pendarves.)

125 GLS CRO ref: 1587/247. 10/07/1587 Thomas Corbett of Nether Quinton,GLS (Will of): Brother: John Corbett. Son: William Corbett. Daughters Joan and Margaret Corbett. Wife: Isabell. Eldest son: Thomas. Contains an inventory.

126 20/01/1618 Thomas Corbett of Nether Quinton,GLS (Will): Thomas Corbet, son (not yet 18); Isabell, Mary & Frances, daughters; Mary & Joan, two youngest daughters; Elizabeth, his wife.

127 PCC Adm. 1631-48: 10/07/1635 page 113. To Sir John Corbett, Bt. brother.

128 PCC Adm. 1631-48: 14/01/1647 page 14. To Elizabeth Corbett, relict.

129 PCC Adm. 1631-48: 30/03/1639 page 19. To Anne Corbett, relict.

130 PCC Adm. 1631-48: 5/10/1646 page 125. To Jane Corbett, widow, relict.

131 PCC Adm.1631-48:7/12/1641. Widow. Sent pro. conf.testator 5 June 1641,79 Evelyn (W.30 Nov 1640,139 Coventry). To son Robert.

132 PCC Adm.1847 L74.Of 55 Friday Street. (GRO Death Sep qtr 1843 West Ham 12 175)

133 Admon PCC to Jn Snr? curator??? of Eliz & Robt C. children, relict Sarah C. and Sir V C -----? also 17 July 1676. Smith MSS Vol 15 page 24 at SoG.

134 PCC ref 633 63R. (GRO Death Mar qtr 1847 Wellington 18 194)

135 PCC 1676: 88 & 1679: 96. Boyds Citizen of LND 47188. PCC Wills Vol. 10 1676-1685. Citizen & Cook of London. Brother: John, a Brewer, is Boyds Cit. of LND: 47760.

136 PCC Wills Vol. 10 1676-1685. PCC ref 1676 2. Son of Robert late of Longnor, gent, dec'd

137 Son: George and his son George; son in law: Thomas Luter/Luther; niece: Jane Bruerton; grandson: George; daughter Mary (Stafford). Amongst 9 witnesses: George Corbet and George Corbett. Proved by Thos. Luter

138 PCC Wills Vol. IV. Cousins: Reginald C.of Hemptyne, Richard C. of Church Stoke, Edward Corbett of Westbury. Francis Farmer, his sister married Wm Corbett. Sole Exec: Edward Screven. Included in 8 witnesses: Francys Farmer, Wm Corbett, Richard Cresset, Thomas Hopton, gent.

139 PCC Wills Vol. IV: One of Queen's Justices,of Moreton Corbet & City.

140 Wife: Anne. Unnamed son. Sister: Mary. Daughters: Margaret & Elizabeth. Thomas Newport, brother-in-law. Pedigree of Corbett of Barton: 3: From Visitation of 1619 & 1681-2 Arms: Or, a raven sable Roger Corbett, of Morton, died 1538. Married Anne, daughter of Lord Windsor.

141 Poynter alias Corbett of Twickenham, MDX, gent. Son Richard alias Poynter. Wife: Bennett Corbett alias Poynter. Will pvd 1619 PCC? Smith MSS Vol./17 page 22 at SoG.

142 PR entry for burial: St Leonards, Bilston. Buried: St Marys, Bilston (Headstone). Wife: Dinah died 7/9/1849 70y. Buried at same and details on same headstone)

143 To Anne Corbett, widow, relict. PCC Adm. 1631-48:11/10/1639 page 70/PCC Admon 1639, 1660. Boyds Inh.of LND 9260. (Is he also of Stoke Newington?) (Son of Roger & Mary (Clark) Wife: Anne (Fowler).)

144 Probate to brother Alfred Lloyd Corbett, gent & sister Charlotte (spinster). (Children of Benjamin & Frances. ETC. See Frances the mother's will 00/00/1865). Died 23/05/1885 aged 65y

145 Proved by Martha Corbett, same address, widow and relict, sole exec. Died 01/02/1879.

146 LND Commissary Crt 1626 etc:register 20 f.10. Richard Corbett, precinct of Whitefriars, admon. 1648. Inx to Testamentory Records. See also John Corbett, bachelor, Whitefriars, died in IRL 1653-4 PCC Admons. 1649-54: Vol. I folio 10.

147 SAL CRO Will Index Ref: 1917 folio 390: A. 23rd December 1911 B. 23rd December 1911. Proved 18th December 1917.

148 Inx to Prerogative Wills of Ireland 1536-1810. See also Miscellaneous Index dated 11/08/1802: Licence for killing game

149 See Smith MSS vol 30 page 196 (1625) & 197 (1628) Citizen & Innholder of St Mildred Poultry, innholder. Wife: Dorothy. Died 20/8/1625 St Mildred. Boyds Cit.of LND:46123. Married Doritye Watson (widow) 1/5/1615 at St Katherine's by the Tower by Licence. (PR)

150 Sentence reg. 149 Juxon. Father: Sir John Corbett of Stoke & Adderley. Wife Elizabeth (Church). Brothers: Arthur & Henry. Sisters: Susanna, w.of George Spurstow, Frances. Will was disputed by other siblings. (See also Smith MSS vol. 15 page 46 at SoG)

151 Signed 1 Drake Rd, Westcliff-on-Sea. Born 1872 daughter of Benjamin & Agnes. Beneficiaries:Mabel Corbett, widow of nephew John Arthur; Nephews: Benjamin / Frederick / Sidney John; Nieces Alice Shearin, Robina Knight, Marjorie Platt (wife of Cyril)

152 Smith MSS v.15 p.41 at SoG.

153 Sons: Thomas (heir), Reginald (2nd), Richard (son), Arthur (youngest). Daughters: Gertrude (2nd), Jane (3rd), Margaret (youngest). Late wife:Jane. Bros: Walter, Jerome etc. Brother: Hieron & his wife Jane, their ch:Roger & Robert & God-dau:Anne.Sir Andrew Corbett,dec'd. S-in-Law: Wm Younge. Cousin Robert Powell

154 Son John. Daughter Sarah. Wife Mary. Mother Elizabeth. Brother Gabriel Ellington of Warboys. Cousin Sylvester Beadles.

155 Son of Gabriel who died Sept 1671. Sister:Elizabeth. Will dd 8/6/1672 Glasgow Commissariot Testaments, Vol. 36

156 Commissary Court of LND 1626 etc Register 26 folio 77v. St Giles Fields. admon. 1691.Inx to Testamentory Records.

157 Surrey Probate Records to 1649: DW/PA/7/8 f.28A i & DW/PA/5/1608/28

158 The will appears under Thomas Corbett only. (GRO Dec qtr 1872 Thomas Corbett Carlisle 10b 302 53y).

159 To brother Edward Corbet during minority of John Corbet son of dec'd. PCC Admons.1620-1630.

160 To John Mathews as executor of Lucy (widow of Owen). PCC 41 Twisse?

161 Wills at LEI CRO: Ref: PR/T/1828/51;. Wife Ann (2nd?); Daughter:Catherine wife of Daniel Harrold; brother Thomas, gun finisher of Birmingham; sister Sarah Baker, widow of Edward Baker; and nephews Baker & Chamberlaine

162 Birmingham Library: 1928 Wills & Admons Abadie - Cyster page 695. Corbett Mary Augusta of 79 Springfield Rd, King's Heath, Birmingham widow died 7 June 1928. Probate Birmingham 30 August to Jessie Marie King (wife of James King). Effects 1994 9s. 7d.
Wife of Charles Bakewell Corbett. Mother of Charles Joseph X: 3/2/1885

163 Wife: Dinah (4 x Gt Grandmother's (Eliza X: 4/10/1812) parents of Philip Cresswell).

164 LEI CRO Ref: PR/T/1838/45. Wife: Elizabeth, sons: Thomas, James, John

165 Smith MSS vol. 15 page 20 at SoG.

166 Wife:Hannah. Son: Benjamin. Grandson:Walter (son of Thomas). Sons: Joseph, Walter, John, Thomas and James. Daughter: Elizabeth. wife of Edward Bevan. Executors: Wife, brother John, younger son John. Will 12 March 1859. Probate 20 November 1861. SAL CRO Will Index Ref: 1861 folio 757.

167 Wills & Admons of NTH: Inventory 366.7.6d taken 18/2/1680-1 by John Morris. (See also Note 271.)

168 Wills at LEI CRO Ref PR/T/1833/58: Cordwainer of Broughton Solney, Notts. heretofore of Sheepshead. For effects in Leicester.

169 Wills at LEI CRO: Ref: PR/T/1846/39. (GRO Deaths Sep qtr 1846 Hinckley 15 55)

170 Wills Index 1733-1858 at Oxfordshire CRO: 109.67; 301/3/88.,ren. 78/4/69

171 LEI CRO Probate Index ref:PR/I/41A/23. Accounts of Richard Corbett, administrator œ6.9.10.

172 LEI CRO Probate Index:PR/I/60/82.144.18s.10d. Date on Inventory: 4 January 1654/5
173 Leicester: Adm 18 (parish of Market Bosworth). Date of Inventory: 13 May 1661. 60/11s/pd. LEI CRO Probate Index ref: PR/I/54/41

174 LEI CRO Probate Index ref:PR/I/70/207. Wills & Admons at Leicester 1660-1750:165 Date of Inventory 10 November 1670. Total 24.14s.8d.

175 PCC Wills Middx Apr 130. Sister: Martha Fulin?. Nephew: Thomas Smart. Niece: Ester Smart (Executrix). (Names her sister. GCI at SoG)

176 LEI CRO Probate Index ref:PR/I/42/142. Date of Inventory 3 ---- 1640. Total 155.16s.0d. Inv. by rooms. Pehm.

177 Proved at Staffs. Mother: Mrs Hannah Corbett. Brothers: Thomas, Charles and James. Nephew: Philip Corbett. Great Card Index at SoG.

178 Adm. of Archdeaconry of NTH. Granted. Letters of Adm.1709 to Wm Stanford & Wm Corbett of same, yeoman, being gr.father of mother on mother's side and uncle on father's side, guardians of Elizab.under 12,the daug. Surety Wm Dukes of same,yeoman.Inv: 221.19.6d taken by Anthony Barker & John Hensman.(Hus?:George Adm. dated 26.12.1706?)

179 Wills at LEI CRO:Ref:PR/T/1776/49/1-2+INV 404. Son of Thomas & Elizabeth?

180 Died 9/1/1879 66y. GRO ref: 1879/1 Jane Corbett of Kings Norton 6c 315 (66y) Birmingham Library: 1879 Wills & Admons Cable - Cyples page 349. Corbett Jane. Personal Estate under œ1500. Resworn April 1879 under 600. 24 March. Administration of the Personal Estate of Jane Corbett late of 85 Bristol-road, Birmingham in the County of Warwick Widow who died 9 January 1879 at 85 Bristol-road was granted at Birmingham to Henry John Corbett of 85 Bristol-road Gentleman the Son and only Next of Kin.

181 Executor:Anne, wife. Named:John, son with 3 children; Thomas, son; William, son; Anne, wife. Witnesses:Thomas Caynan, John Cooke, Robarte Horte, Thomas Jenner alias Lewis Minster.

182 Signed. Exec: John Corbett, eldest son. Trustee: Michael Corbett of Upper Quinton (good and trusty friend), Overseers:John Corbett,eldest son:All property goods corn & cattle, Cotterell, son, 21: silver cup & 2 silver spoons, 500; Michael, son, 21: 2 silver spoons, 500; Martha, wife, nee Cotterell

183 Named in will: John, Brother; Thomas, Brother; Elizabeth, Wife.

184 John, eldest son, <16 a yerling; Thomas, son, <16 a yerling; Robert, son, <10 a weaning calf; Elizabeth, daughter,10 a weaning calf; An..., Daughter, <10 a weaning calf; un-named wife R & R; William, son, debt - grandmother's gift. Witnesses: Edward Hill and John Winter.

185 Made her mark. Executor:Hannah Bishop,gr.-daughter. Overseers:Jonathan Corbett,son. Named: Sarah Higgs, Grand-daughter: chest of drawers, cupboard, fire grate; Dinah Corbett, grand-daughter:looking glass; Hannah Bishopp, gr.-daug.: residue of goods & chattels & personal estates. Witnesses:Mary Maline & Rde Stokes

186 Signed. Referred to as Jonathan, the Elder. Executor: Mary, wife. Named: Nathan, son; Susanna Neal, daughter, w.of Alexander Neal; Mary Andrews, daughter; George Andrews; Dinah Buoys, daug., w. of William; Jonathan, son; Martha Voyan, daughter; Nathaniel, son; Sarah Andrews, grand-daughter; Thomas Brown; Mary, wife; Poor of Parish

187 Signed. Executor: Grace, wife. Joan, daughter, 60; Mary, daughter, 100; Grace, wife, life interest while a widow and then to 4 daughters R & R; James Francomb, son of daughter Trifani (Tryphena?)
188 Signed. Executor: Mary, wife. Trustees: Jonathan Corbett, Father and Daniel Shipp, father in law. Overseers: Nathaniel, son <21 80; Dinah, daughter, <21 50; Mary, wife R & R. Witness: Nathaniel Corbett, Mary (X) Andrew, Jo. Sherman.

189 Made his mark. Named: Robert Corbett, son; Margaret, daughter; Ann Bullock; John Rabson; Elizabeth Daby; Frances Bullock; Youn Anne Bullock. Witnesses: Richard Godwin, Richard Kembridge, William Kembridge

190 Signed. Executor:Jonathan & Nathaniel, brothers; Trustees: William Buoy & Alexander Neal, brothers-in-law; named:Nathan, son and Henrietta, daughter. Witness:Joan Gould, Grace (X) Corbett, Jn Shellard.

191 Executor: Jonathan, son. Trustee: Richard Hall for Sarah White & in Codicil Henrietta Batt. Named:Corbett:Henrietta, Jonathan, Tryphena, Hannah; Neale: Nancy, Henrietta; Shipp:Ann, Henrietta, Jonathan, Anna Maria; Sarah Ann White; Richard Hall

192 Died:9/4/1766, widow of Matthias/Matthew. Named: Mathias, Jonathan and William Corbett, sons. Brother: John Marchant. Signed will.

193 Signed. Picture restorer. Executor: Henry Eliot Nodes. Daughters Ann and Mary Ann Corbett.

194 Bond of Obligation sworn by Mary Corbett. He died 3 March 1689. Inventory of his goods and chattels.

195 Wife: Mary; Brother: John; Sisters Ann & Mary

196 Made Mark. NCC Wills 1581 306 Moyse als Spicer. Wife: Elizabeth; Son:George: Daughter Margaret Langdon; Niece: Martha Mortoft; Brother: John Mortoft. Witnesses: Jacob Thetford, Miles Corbett, Robert Wetherell, William Middleton, Robert Crikmatts?

197 Died 18/2/1826. Son in Law: Benjamin Watkins, Japanner of Wolverhampton. Daughter Mary, wife of Benjamin Watkins.

198 Late husband: Roger; sons: Sir Andrew, Hierom, Walter, Robert; daughters: Margaret & Elizabeth. Children of her son Sir Andrew: Richard, Raynolde and Francis. Son: Palmes husband of her daughter. Executors: brother Edmund Windsor, and John Somer,clerk. Overseer:Nephew:Sir Thomas Windsor
199 Died 5/11/1830. Wife: Nancy; son-in-law Joseph Horton; sons: Joseph & William Corbett; daughter Elizabeth Heaton wife of Richard Heaton; daughter Mary Heaton wife of Joseph Horton; daughter: Nancy Corbett

200 Died Dec 1837. Made his mark. Good friend & relation: Richard Corbett of Bilston, Timber merchant. Wife: Dinah Corbett. Children: Prudence, wife of Joseph Bonell; Eliza wife of Joseph Bate; Thomas
Corbett & Maria Corbett.

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