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201 Sister Ann. Sister Sarah Lathe, wife of Edward. Ann & Sarah Corbett daughters of brother Thomas Corbett (also a beneficiary). Nephew John Bayley Corbett.

202 Died 20/4/1819. Wife: Ann. Son in law John Perry of Wolverhampton, Factor; law Susannah Cotton, wid.& relict of late son John, now w.of Wm Cotton of Penkridge.dau: Catherine w.of John Perry;dau:Elizabeth w.of James Podmore; daug: Mary Watkins, wife of Benj.Watkins, Japanner

203 Sons John (elder) & Thomas; sisters Sarah & Barbara C; Margaret C. grandchild, dau of Thomas of the Marsh, son; Ann Pugh, niece; Mary C. the elder & Anne, grandchild & Jane, their mother; brothers: Thomas Pugh the elder & Thomas Pugh the younger; Thomas, Anne & Ellen Corbet, grandchildren; Anne daughter of Arthur C.

204 Died 10 Dec 1969. Admon to James Thomas Corbett of 54 Hawthorne Grove, Oswestry, Labourer. 2141.17.0. (net 2055.5.0)

205 Son: Thomas the Elder & Thomas, his eldest son & Rowland another son of Thomas the Elder; Daughter:Elizabeth; grandchild: Anne Drafgate.

206 Daughters: Ann Salmon, Mary Walton, Sarah Bennet. Son in law Ammillian Bennett, executor. Under 20

207 Sons: John, Richard, Thomas, Joseph. Son in law John Salmonds. Daughter Sarah Corbett. Wife: Ann & son Christopher Corbett, executors. Wit: John Hopkins & John Corbett. Under 110

208 Inquisition Post Mortem. William Westneys, knight and Alice his wife, daug. of William Hewett had issue: Joan who married John Cornewaille, knight. They had issue Elizabeth who married William Lychefeld, knight. They had issue Elizabeth who married Roger Corbet and they had issue Margaret.

209 Buried: Pontesbury parish church. Sons: Reginald, Edward, & Henry Corbet. Sister Eliz Stedman & her daughter Jane; Cousin: Jane, daughter of late sister Margaret; cousins: Edward Pollexfen & Hester Pollexfen, and their mother cousin Mary Pollexfen. Pvd by the 3 sons.

210 (Son of Thomas & Jane Burton) Only brother Thomas Corbet, gent. Father:Thomas Corbet. Nephew: Thomas Corbet. Sister: Mary Brooke. Jane, nephews wife. William Corbet, gent son of Lady Haughton. Her two daughters Katherine & Sara.

211 Died 5/9/1855. Brother: Richard of Bilston, Publican. Brother in law: James Thrustons of Walsall, Timber Merchant. Uncle William Corbett of Handsworth, Agent. Sister:Mary wife of Benjamin Horton. Sister: Elizabeth wife of James Thrustons, her children Henry & Elizabeth. Uncle Joseph of Chaddesley Corbett, his son Frederick. Codicil:Richard Corbett Nicholls. Aunt Eliza Pretty. Another will for John Corbett, Timber Merchant of Bilston was proved 3 Dec 1855. These are for the same person.

212 Gunlock Manufacturer.D:21/10/1848. Wife: Ann. Sons: William, John.Occupant of premises: Thomas Corbett.

213 See also entry for Southampton.

214 Sisters: Miss Eliza Corbett & Mrs Julia Wallace, both of 12 Lane Cottages, Carlton, near Bedford. Nellie Corbett of Rocklands,Maine,US 20

215 Note: entry on index under 'Place': (Hero dur)

216 Also an inventory. Granchildren: W Joseph and Mary Page, Mary, Elizabeth and Edward Smith. Daughter: Mary Smith. Daughter: Anne Bladen.

217 GLS CRO ref: 1618/206. Son: Thomas Corbet. Daughters: Isabell, Mary & Fraunces. Two youngest daughters Mary and Joane. Wife: Elizabeth

218 Thumb mark. An inventory. Daughter: Ann Walker and her daughter of same name. Daughters Dorothy & Mary Corbet. Son: Will Corbet

219 Commissariat of Glasgow 1547-1800.

220 Abstract Wootton 120: Gilbert Corbett of Spalding in the parts of Holland, co. Linc. baker - (Date 30 Sep. 1656) - Eldest son Thos. - Son John (under 21) - House & dwelling & the yard straight down to Mr John Oldfields hedge corner lying all along upon the north & from the Barn end - Wife Annis extrix - Two new cottages upon the frontage before the door with the little yards under them to the water of Wealand - House that Robert Brasby liveth in - Wm. Brasby - Widow Cooke - Thos. Wheatstrae - Dau. Annis Corbett (under 21) - (Mark) - Wits. Wm. Lambe, John Scacroft, Nich. Wilcocke X. (Adm. 18 Feb.1657-8 to Robt.Cocke & Walter Pegg tutors testamentary assigned to John & Ann Corbett minors Chn of decd. P.A. p.50)

221 Adm. 1669/PCC 1661-1670/PCC 58 Wotton. Abstract 'Wootton' 71: Edward Corbett of Gt Hasleye, co. Oxon. [Doctor of Divinity] - (Dat. 2 Jan 1657) - Buried under chancel of Gt Hasleye next to my dear wife under a stone which is laide already with my name upon it - Lands in co. Salop - Leases held of Merton College, Oxford lying in the north of England - Friend Rowland Hunt the elder and William Clagett of Grayes Inn, Co. Middx. esq. - My three children Edward, Martha and Margaret Corbett - Cousin the lady Elizabeth Butler wife to Sir Francis Butler of Hartfordshire - Sir Nathaniel Brent - Friend Doctor Henry Wilkinson principal of Magd. Hall, Oxf - Brother in law Mr Basil Brent - Brother in law Mr Nathaniel Brent (the pictures of his grandfather and grandmother the bishop of Sarum and his wife) - Sister in law Mrs Anne Brent (the picture of her mother the lady Brent) - Friend the bishop of Rochester and said Basil Brent overseers - Friend Mr Phillip Owen citizen of London - (and various legacies)
(Great Card Index at SoG: 1657 Edward Corbett of Great Haseley, OXF son of Edward.

222 SAL CRO Will Inx Ref:1931 f.266. Platelayer on railways

223 Died 12/09/1918:Admon. to widow Elizabeth

224 Birmingham Library: 1926 Wills & Admons Aarons - Cypher page 691. Corbett William of 10 Molliett-street, Dudley, Birmingham died 25 May 1926. Administration (with Will) Birmingham 14 June to Lucy Ellen Clymer (wife of Alfred Clymer). Effects 183 16s. I:29/05/1926 Uplands Cemetery 74y

225 Wife: Mary H. Children:Elizabeth & Thomas

226 Ref?: 27/10/74. Birmingham Library: 1874 Wills & Admons Cabbell - Cyples page 294. Corbett John. Effects under œ1500. 19 November. The Will of John Corbett late of the 'Lord Napier' Tavern, Hingeston-street (Kingston St?), Birmingham in the County of Warwick Builder and Retail Brewer who died 27 October 1874 at the 'Lord Napier' was proved at Birmingham by Ellen Corbett of Hingeston-street Widow the Relict and sole Executrix.

227 Son of James & Catherine (Census 41/51/71). Birmingham Library: 1900 Wills & Admons Cabell - Dyson page 166. Corbett Thomas of 2 court 4 house Sherlock St, Birmingham, died 7 September 1900. Probate Birmingham 17 September to William Corbett whip-finisher. Effects 254 15s.

228 Husband of Mary H. Children: Elizabeth & Thomas

229 HAM CRO Wills Index 1858-1941 Vol.59 page 1008

230 Inx to Prerogative Wills of Ireland 1536-1810. Dean of St Patrick's, Dublin.

231 SAL CRO Will Index Ref: 1923 folio 203

232 D:22/06/1887. mother Mary Corbett,widow.

233 SAL CRO Will Index Ref: 1936 folio 220


235 SAL CRO Will Index Ref: 1934 folio 161

236 Died 31/5/1901 London Hospital. Probate to widow Julia Corbett.

237 HAM CRO Wills Index p.1106. Father of Waterford. GRO Dec qtr 1848 Portsea I. 7 137?

238 SAL CRO Will Index Ref: 1937 folio 52

239 SAL CRO Will Inx Ref:1929 f.299.Adm with will.

240 SAL CRO Will Inx Ref:1915 f.391. (Dated 9/11/1908)

241 D:8/7/1890.Prob.18/8/1890 to widow Rosa.



244 B'ham Library Inx page 700

245 SAL CRO Will Index Ref: 1940 folio 356

246 Archdeaconry Court of MDX:AM/PW1717/25 at GLRO

247 SAL CRO Will Index Ref: 1885 folio 191

248 SAL CRO Will Index Ref: 1889 folio 282

249 Archdeaconry Crt of MDX:AM/PW1723/120 at GLRO

250 Wife: Elizabeth; son-in-law Thomas Baker; gr.dau. Anne Baker; Joseph, Elizabeth & Anne Topham (sisters); daughter Elizabeth Baker

251 PCC Sep 1711 182. Smith MSS on GCI at SoG.

252 Daughter:Mary. Mother Ann.

253 Wife: Emily. Children: William Henry, Ellen, Alfred, Laura Jane. Birmingham Library: 1925 Wills & Admons Aaron - Czogalla page 665. Corbett Alfred Henry of 202 Lodge Road, Winson Green, Birmingham died 3 November 1925. Probate Birmingham 5 December to William Henry Corbett driller & Alfred Corbett co-operative insurance society's manager. Effects 210 8s. 4d.

254 Wills at LEI CRO: Ref: 1867 R. p.353.

255 D:3/2/1882 40y.Adm to son John Builders Lab.

256 SAL CRO Will Index Ref: 1911 folio 275

257 Callender of Huntingdon Wills 1479-1652, British Record Society Ed. Noble (In Huntington Library):
Elene 1552: Vol.9 p.130
Joone 1558: Vol.11 p.226
John 1550: Vol.8 p.204
Robert 1494: Vol.1 p.148. Left 26/8 for St Neots
Church belfry
Robert 1552: Vol.9 page 115

258 Huntingdon Wills from the Callender of Huntingdon Wills 1479-1652: Original Wills in Bundles. (British Record Society Ed. Noble) In Huntingdon Library.
John 1620: Bundle No. 22 folio 21407
Charles 1626: Bundle No. 3022 folio 551
Bridget 1611: folio 212
Henry 1671: folio 54
John 1620: folio 170

259 To son Ric.

260 Will of William Corbet of Jamalpore, India dated 27 May 1877 - household effects and monies bequeathed to wife Elizabeth Corbet who was also appointed sole executrix. Probate granted to Elizabeth Corbet 2 Sep 1899. (William Corbet presumably died during 1898/99 but there is no record of his death/burial in the indexes at India House Library.)

261 Edward Travers L'Estrange Corbet of Bolt Dene, 32 Redford Rd, Wallington, Surrey, died 22 March 1943 on war service, Administration Llandudno 19 Oct 1943 to Muriel L'Estrange Corbet (wife of Edward L'Estrange Corbet).

262 Probate to Robert Mulhall Corbet, medical practitioner, effects in England.


264 LND Commissary Court 12 32

265 Essex Wills Index: 100 ER 21

266 Essex Wills Index: 161 CR 11

267 Essex Wills Index: 417 BR 20

268 Essex Wills Index: 470 BR 24

269 Adm. of Archdeaconry of Northamptonshire

270 Adm. of Archdeaconry of Northamptonshire. Died 3 July 1710.

271 Adm. of Archdeaconry of Northamptonshire. Granted. See also Note 167.

272 Admons at HUN CRO: Mary Corbett relict

273 Admons at HUN CRO: Son:John Corbit of Somersham

274 Admons at HUN CRO. Wife:Mary (Dec'd).Son:Robert

275 All to un-named children at 21. GRO Jun qtr 1838 Greenwich 5 154

276 And Inventory.

277 To brother William

278 Archdeaconry Court of MDX:AM/PW 1691/24 at GLRO

279 Archdeaconry Court of MDX:AM/PW1713/31 at GLRO

280 Archdeaconry of City of London

281 Archdeaconry of Ely ref WR3:153

282 Archdeaconry of Ely ref: AR 86

283 Archdeaconry of Ely ref: WR6:60 (also known as Harper)

284 Ardfert & Aghadoe Wills 1690-1800

285 BKM CRO Wills Index

286 BKM CRO Wills Inx Ref: D/A/Wf/39/72. Copy only.

287 BKM CRO Wills Inx Ref: D/A/We/99/145+D/A/Wf/100/145

288 BKM CRO Wills Inx Ref: D/A/We/5/156

289 Canterbury A,2,189

290 Cashel & Emly Wills 1618-1800

291 City of London. PCC 1661-1670. PCC ref 137

292 Cloyne Wills 1621-1800

293 Commissary Court of LND

294 Commissary Court of LND ref:6 173

295 Cork & Ross Wills 1548-1800

296 Court of Archdeacon of Suffolk

297 Court of Arches no. 9928

298 Court of Archdeacry of Sudbury 1354-1700 Vol.1 A-K

299 Courts of Bishop & Archdeacon of OXF. OXF CRO ref 183.259

300 Courts of Bishop & Archdeacon of Oxford 1516-1732

301 Birmingham Library: 1900 Wills & Admons Cabell - Dyson page 166. Corbett Mary of 15 Westcroft-square, Hammersmith, Middlesex spinster died 1 August 1900. Probate London 23 August to Maud Corbett, spinster. Effects 1455 14s. 1d.

302 Birmingham Library: 1879 Wills & Admons Cable - Cyples page 349. Corbett John. The Will of John Corbett late of Shotteswell in the County of Warwick Yeoman who died 13 February 1879 at Shotteswell was proved at Birmingham by George Corbett of Shotteswell Cattle Dealer the Son the sole Executor.

303 Died: 03/5/1886. Probate to widow Mary Anna: East Indies.

304 Died: 07/5/1917. Probate to husband:John Edwin Corber.

305 Daughter of John & Susannah Terry.Birmingham Library: 1872 Wills & Admons Cabry - Cuzner page 276. Corbett Selina. Effects under 100. 12 February. The Will of Selina Corbett formerly of Cheapside but late of South-road both in Birmingham in the County of Warwick Spinster who died 16 September 1871 at South-road was proved in Birmingham by Emma Moffatt (wife of James Moffat, Builder) of South-road the Sister the surviving Executor.

306 Daughter:Mary

307 Derry Wills 1612-1858
308 Died 02/07/1905. Prob. to Mary Corbett, widow.

309 Died 06/03/1879. Proved by Margaret Price.
310 Died 1799?

311 Died 19/12/1821. Nephew:John Bayley Corbett

312 Died 1958: All to a friend.

313 Died abroad.

314 Died at Sea. Nuncupated. PCC 1661-1670/PCC ref 3

315 Died at St Martin in the Fields

316 Died in Ireland. PCC Adm 1653-4 ref. 110

317 Died in Ireland. PCC Adm folio 10

318 Birmingham Library: 1900 Wills & Admons Cabell - Dyson page 166. Corbett William of 94 Upper North-street, Poplar, Middlesex died 24 February 1891. Probate London 19 February to widow: Elizabeth Corbett. Effects 572.

319 Dromore Wills 1678-1858

320 Essex & London Apr 207 /PCC ref 207 p.44 Apr
321 Father-in-law Edward Billing of Wednesfield


323 GRO Deaths Dec qtr 1864 Wortley 9c 126

324 GRO Deaths Sep qtr 1847 Wellington 18 146

325 GRO Deaths Dec qtr 1849 Horncastle LIN 14 287.

326 GRO Deaths Dec qtr 1851 Birmingham 16 190.

327 GRO Deaths Jun qtr 1894 Stratford 6d 377 41y

328 GRO Deaths Mar qtr 1861 Stratford 6d 339?

329 GRO Deaths Sep qtr 1868 Orsett 4a 105 67y

330 GRO Deaths Sep qtr 1876 Poplar 1c 386 43/45y?

331 GRO Dec qtr 1898 Stratford 6d 379 80y?


333 Gunlock Manufacturer & Retail Brewer.Wife: Ann

334 HAM CRO Wills Index 1858-1941 Vol.29 page 96

335 HAM CRO Wills Index 1858-1941 Vol.31 page 154

336 HAM CRO Wills Index 1858-1941 Vol.39 page 582

337 HAM CRO Wills Index 1858-1941 Vol.51 page 250

338 HAM CRO Wills Index 1858-1941 Vol.56 page 969

339 HAM CRO Wills Index p.1106. Type shown as other

340 HAM CRO Wills Index page 1106

341 HAM CRO Wills Index page 1106. Will/Inventory

342 HAM CRO Wills Index page 1107

343 HAM CRO Wills Index page 1107.Inv.Renunciation

344 HAM CRO Wills Index pre 1570

345 HAM CRO Wills Indexes. Inventory 1709

346 His forename may be George. Wife: Margery

347 HUN CRO Index

348 HUN CRO Inventory Index

349 HUN CRO Wills Indexes

350 Inv. Elizabeth,widow. Susannah Green,sister

351 Index to Ancient Testamentory Records of Westminster R. vi.93

352 Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland 1536-1810

353 Killaloe & Kilfenora Wills 1653-1800

354 PCC 1661-1670: PCC ref 152

355 London C.C. Admons:1733

356 London C.C. Admons:1788

357 LEI CRO Probate Index ref: PR/I/52/86.1.18s.8d.

358 LEI CRO Probate Index ref: PR/I/97/44.37.3s.4d

359 LEI CRO Probate Index ref: PR/I/62/93.60.5s.2d.

360 LEI CRO Probate Index ref: PR/I/83/194.20.9s.0d.

361 LEI CRO Probate Index ref: PR/I/48/59.123.19s.4d.

362 LEI CRO Ref: Adm PR/T/1799/44

363 LEI CRO Ref:1914 R. 286 Adm.

364 LEI CRO Ref:PR/I/54/41. 60.11.00d.

365 LEI CRO Will ref: PR/I/1750/56

366 LEI CRO Wills Index ref: 1890 R. p.535

367 LEI CRO Wills Index ref:1917 R. p.688 PAB 431

368 LEI CRO Wills Index Ref:1929 R. 181 Admon


370 Limerick Wills 1615-1800.

371 LIN C.C. Admons:(38) (1700-1724)

372 LIN C.C. Admons:1625 B1, 42 (1540-1659)

373 LIN C.C. Admons:1652 AXiii,33,B23 (1540-1659)

374 LIN C.C. Wills:1649

375 LIN C.C. Wills:1675/A/183

376 LIN C.C. Wills:1678/58

377 LIN C.C. Wills:1680/13/205

378 LIN C.C. Wills:1691/ii/205

379 LIN C.C. Wills:1705/84

380 LND Archdeaconry Court:1665 Reg.8 folio 116v

381 LND Commissary Court Admon ref. 14 98

382 LND Commissary Court ref 179.19( from OXF CRO)

383 LND Commissary Court ref 6 173

384 LND Consistory Court ref: 1498 St Brides

385 LND Register 2/Page 38

386 London Times Index 17d

387 London Times Index 1924 page 16f

388 London Times Index page 21d

389 London Times Inx p.10f (death) and 11b (will). (Died:22/9/1922)

390 Lord Bishop of Norwich. Spouse: Anne Hutton.

391 NBL CRO Wills Index

392 NBL CRO Wills Index ref: 1863 241

393 NBL CRO Wills Index ref: 1867 207

394 NBL CRO Wills Index ref: 1871 501

395 NBL CRO Wills Index ref: 1875 413

396 NBL CRO Wills Index ref: 1890 122

397 NBL CRO Wills Index ref: 1915 1193

398 NBL CRO Wills Index ref: 1917 81

399 Norwich C C 130 Surflete

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