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A Tribute: Jonathan P. Hughes RIP - Our Patron

Binley Woods

Jonathan Hughes first mini-ring was a 4 hung on the roof of his parents shed.

The Binley Woods Bell Tower was constructed during the end of 2004, with the first try-out being in January 2005.  (Pictures of the first try-out can be viewed here.)  The first Quarter Peal was:

Binley Woods, The Bell Tower (Tenor 1.5lb)

On Sunday 23rd January 2005
In 36 minutes
A Quarter peal of 1260 Mixed Doubles
(600 Plain Bob, 660 Grandsire)

Treble   Matthew Glasgow
2            Jonathan Hughes
3            Jo Rontree
4            Andrew Middlicott
Tenor    Jeanette Lord

Conducted by Jonathan Hughes.

First Quarter Peal on the bells. Rung open on the back 5. 

The Bell Tower is a fine teaching aid as the bells handle so well that the ringers can concentrate on the method/striking rather than bell control.

As this is a private mini-ring, visiting bands are welcome by prior arrangement and visiting ringers are asked to make an appropriate donation.  We welcome Peal & Quarter Peal bands, and outings but can't accommodate more than 20 visitors at a time.

The tower location can be viewed here or here.