Welcome To My Westfield Build Diary

As well as following the build of my car and my stories of skinned knuckles,
there will be some galleries of various race meeting's where my friends and
I have been spectators.

I have been dreaming of a 7 type car for years now, so last year I made
my mind up to just do it, after many months of looking and reading
brochures I was torn between a DAX or WESTFIELD.

After some quick working out I realized that although the basic kit for the DAX seemed cheaper, they were both going to cost around the same to build,
plus in my opinion the WESTFIELD was the better quality kit.

I chose the basic starter kit for 2 reasons:

1. Its a cheap way to get started and I just want to build as I can afford to.(I would guess this will take me the best part of 18 months maybe more, but my reasoning is that I only plan on building it once and if it's not what I want I will be kicking my self, so it will be more how long it takes to save the money for each phase rather than the time it takes to build it)

2. I wanted to put a different engine in to what the
factory offers, along with some other changes to the standard spec.

My basic idea was:

  • Vauxhall 1600 16valve XE engine built by SBD, 190BHP. (After a long hard think and my chats with Steve of SBD I have chosen to use the 2000 16v XE 225BHP+ engine instead,I believe it will be better suited to road/track day use than the 1600, although the 1600 is ultimately the faster car round a track I have to think of road use too)
  • Quaife close ratio gearbox.
  • Extra width rear arches along with wider rear wheels,
    hopefully 10" and 8" on the front.(It could be hard to get tyre's that fit so they may need to be smaller, but I hope to get the right offset wheels to still use the wider arch's, as it makes the car look so much better in my opinion)
  • Aero screen, and to keep the weight down as much as
    possible without spending silly money.

So there it was, I put the £200 deposit down in mid April and as
luck would have it the pick up date came the Thursday before the
DTM racing at Donnington (May 19th).
My friend Ian and I decided that seen as we were driving from
Durham to Dudley in a Ford Luton box van, we would take in the
racing on the Sunday (picture's in gallery) and carry on to
Wolverhampton, have a few pint's and stay overnight.

We did that and picked the parts up on the Monday morning,
only took an hour to load up and hand over the cash,
then I was off home in the Luton van which has made me a
master of slip streaming!
It took us around 5 hours with a stop for a break.

Thank's to Ian (Evalar) Watkins for site design, Ian (Ianos) Haley for help with building the car when he's not drunk and to Matt (Foo) Cater for his HTML help.

Now it's over to my build diary.

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Stephen (Crabash) Briggs