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Create the Mood Costume Gallery

1066 - 20th century outfits

try on a costume and be photographed

for adults and children of all ages

craft demonstrations
with have-a-go


Mistress of Ceremonies & party organiser
mix & mingle character
meeter and greeter

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Online shops
se shops are offline at present
sorry for any inconveniece

The Fabric Shop - offline at present
wools, cottons, linens and fancy fabrics

The Big Button Shop - offline at present
glass, horn, leather, metallic wood, etc

The Buckle Shop offline at present
mother of pearl, French Jet, metal, wood, bejewelled, etc
vintage and modern

points / aiglettes/ tag-ends - offline at present
for finishing cord ends

Frogs for Fabric offline at present
(clothes fasteners)

The Hat Shop - offline at present
vintage and historical style hats
headwear and decorations

Vintage Knitting & Crochet Pattern Shop - offline at present

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admin at createthemood dot uklinux dot net


costume advisor for groups and individuals

heritage event advisor

costume consultant for small collections

Create the Mood's
interesting things


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costume services
at your venue or mine

Enhance the atmosphere at your event for adults and children.

Create the Mood mixes and mingles with your guests as a character, teaches easy historical dancing, chats about amusing social history and entertains.

Babies stop crying, Small children become mesmerised and adults comment on how good it is to hear early music rather than the usual ‘pop’ stuff. 


Put a smile on your visitors' faces
Create the Mood uses experienced staff in superb historic costume, court and country, all periods Medieval Elizabethan to Victorian & early 20th century to suit your event.

We go to all places where people gather in their leisure time, indoors and out: historic venues and museums; community, arts, folk and heritage festivals; craft fairs and fetes; local authority and shopping centre promotions and receive guests at receptions, weddings and birthdays.

site updated July 2012

historic entertainments
at your venue

Online shops UK only

Online shops UK only

the pipe and tabor compendium
essays on
the three-hole pipe

the pipe and tabor compendium has moved to it's own site - click on title

topics include:
UK medieval manuscript images

some world-wide traditions:
west Spain

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