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Improve your Costume and
Design a Costume
practical workshops

Create the Mood

book a specific historic period or year 1066 - 1970

Students bring a long something they have made/bought and we discuss what is required to improve it for a specific purpose. Or, people may want to know more about the costume of a specific time and start designing one for themselves.

Become a film character:
Jane Austen
Queen Elizabeth I
Queen Victoria
Anne Boleyn
steam punk
a Duchess, merchant or a peasant
any historical period is possible after tuition from us

A general outline of the underwear to outerwear, accessories, ladies, gents and children's wear of the time is given
(as appropriate) to introduce the design concepts of the period/year in question. Pictures are analysed and originals and copies of costume are viewed. Foundation wear, hats, jewellery and other accessories can be included.

These days and half-days are suitable for groups or individuals, costume-making beginners who have basic sewing skills, or those with some experience. You may wish to make one outfit for yourself or for a group, for the theatre, re-enactment, dancing, carnival or a fancy dress party. No children under 12 due to general pointy things used in costume construction.

Participants should bring a basic sewing kit and know how to sew with running stitch, backstitch and hemming. Do also bring suitable accessories and fabrics if you already have them, together with pictures or designs you like.

The course fee includes handouts, loan of basic equipment, fabric for pattern-making. Specialist items will be available for purchase on the day.

Please contact Frances to discuss the needs of your group.


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last updated 2 October, 2011