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costume crafts demonstrations
Create the Mood

watch and join in

Create the Mood can portray any period 1066 - 1930's and give demonstrations in most of the craft skills involved in constructing a reasonably authentic outfit or accessory.

All demonstrations are given against a 'period feel' setting if required by the client. Reproduction items, and sometimes original pieces, are used together with other artefacts to create the correct atmosphere of a period workshop around an authentically costumed demonstrator and teacher.

Older children and adults who want to try out a different craft are welcome to watch and try out a technique under supervision. Some compromises have to be made to comply with 21st century health and safety concerns, of course; no open glass bottles with candles in the base to provide light for close work, for example.

Frances works with you to produce an event to fit your visitor's needs.

Examples of Demonstrations, with have-a-go for older children and adults:

* costume items in the making such as corsets, bags and hats using techniques used in the past on rich and poor people's clothing of the time

* construction of headwear: historic, modern and fantasy - hats, turbans, tiaras, bonnets

* surface decoration such as braiding, cords, pleated trims, fabric flower-making, applique, stencilling and embroidery

* jewellery made and repaired - anything requiring stone/jewel replacement, theatrical styles
and every-day items

* designing and constructing masks - a basic method which is then decorated with fabric, jewels, feathers: use your imagination

* a historical minstrel on the pipe and tabor playing around the event who gives quickie lessons.


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last updated 7 May, 2011