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Improve your Costume and
Design a Costume
practical workshops

Create the Mood

start from scratch or improve your outfit

Costume workshops suit participants who may be experienced sewers or beginner costume-makers.

Topics such as:

historical embroidery
make an Elizabethan ruff
jewellery-making for beginners
bodice or dress improving & pattern-making (almost any historical period)
Improve your Costume (
renovate an old costume, any historical or fantasy item)
braid-making the Japanese/Native Indian/African way
Victorian pleating styles (for hats, dresses and mantles)
Make a Mask (semi-permanent designs)
design an outfit (any period 1066 - 1920's)
Victorian beadwork flowers
sewing on beads, sequins, braids and found articles

Almost any other historic costume topic can be covered, 1066 - 1950.
Also fantasy and science fiction costume techniques can be requested.

Maximum number per workshop is 14 so that everyone can benefit from personal tuition. Workshops are suited to people aged 12 and above and people with disabilities, men and women, anyone who can sew with basic stitches.  Specialist materials can be purchased on the day.  Participants go home having learned the techniques needed to finish an item in their own time.  It is unlikely that any item can be completed during a workshop as hand-sewing techniques are mostly taught and everyone is slower when they are leaning.

All students will be given a 'what to bring' prior to the start of the class. Such items will include a basic sewing kit and pen and paper to make notes. Specialist materials will be available to purchase on the day, and a list of these will also be given out prior to the event so that people can bring their own materials if they wish.

Workshops can be located in south London or your venue. These workshops are popular at historic and heritage festivals, giving participants a completely different view of the social history of the times.

The workshop leader is a qualified lecturer with 20 years experience of teaching adults.
Create the Mood is fully covered by Public Liability Insurance and has been Police checked.

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last updated 7 May, 2011