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ladies' layers


Please note that all photographs are copyright


late 1850's crinoline skirt
[photographs taken as the outfit was being made; more will be added when/if the dress is completed]
mid 1860's elliptical shaped skirt
(in the making)

original early 1860's dress
early 1860's dress - reproduction

1860's dress
different crinoline boning pattern

1876 afternoon dress
with bustle

1870's layers

1880's style wedding dress


This dress was made by Laurie in the USA.
Please address any questions or comments directly to her.

This is a nice site to look at if you are thinking of making a corset: how to make a corset

Some really good diagrams on how to add flossing embroidery to a corset by Sydney Eileen


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last updated 3 June, 2013