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just a few of the outfits we wear
page 2 - 17th and 18th centuries

I hope that you enjoy looking at these images as much as we have enjoyed designing, making and wearing these outfits. New outfits are under preparation all the time, so ask if you cannot see something that fits in with your event. Links in the final column take you to related parts of this website.

These items are up to 'living history standards'; that is they look as authentic as possible when you are standing next to them. We do take advantage of 21st century technology, in that we use sewing machines and use polyester boning rather than whalebones, for example. But there is a great deal of hand sewing, no velcro, fabrics are generally natural wool, cotton, silk and linen and all outfits have appropriate underwear to achieve the correct silhouette for the era.

Please note that we do not hire out costumes; a few of these are available for 'try-on' events (together with other costumes and accessories not shown here), and all can be used as part of an exhibition. We can teach you how to make clothes like these yourself or you may order similar costumes from our workshops.


17th century
18th century






[add yellow with panniers]

photographs of layers worn under a pannier dress
  photographs of the layers worn under
an 18th century dress


[ed note - these photographs have been taken by many passersby. Thank you to everyone who has offered over the years.]

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