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Historical Characters
Create the Mood

any era 1066-1960's

Historical and other characters to meet and greet, mix and mingle and entertain.

You require Queen Elizabeth I to lead processions, give speeches and hold court? or a maid to behave badly?
Maybe an eighteenth century lady ready to go to the carnival in Venice or a clown? Does a homeless Bag Lady fit the bill? How about a mistress of ceremonies for a traditional festival or a 16th century middle class stall-holder? Do you need Victorians for a magazine photo shoot or some Napoleonic people ready for a ball.

As a Tudor servitor at a Castle, a cook ordering the servants around and being hospitable to the guests, the Lady of the house at a eighteenth century mansion or one of the peasants outside, Create the Mood is much appreciated and photographed by visitors.

Speech may be in first the person, as though we belong to the times being portrayed, or in the third person, explaining what is going on around us, or what is about to happen. All Create the Mood characters work well with all other entertainers at your event.

Meeter and Greeter

Create the Mood sets the success of the event from the start. Our friendly characters introduce your guests if the venue entrance is not easy to find or it is an evening event. In deserted streets we provide a point of reference and feeling of safety where visitors may otherwise enter feeling somewhat hesitant. At balls the evening begins as soon as our gowns are seen and exclaimed over during the welcome. Outside masked carnivals your guests will automatically put on their masks before entering.

Where appropriate the pipe and tabor may be played to guide your guests to the entrance. At weddings and significant birthdays we welcome and we entertain.

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last updated 20 June, 2011