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Historical Dancing for All
Create the Mood

historical themed dance parties

Your guests can do authentic dances from the past, medieval to Victorian times, to an authentic-style live band or even disco music. We develop the theme of your event for both the younger element and the older crowd and liven up your party after the food and drink have been consumed. If you can walk you can do historical dancing; if you use a wheelchair you can join in most dances.

Every age in the past had stately court dancing designed to show off one's clothes and one's technique. But other dancing was done by servants, workers and also the aristocrats when they were a little the worse for wear. Create the Mood demonstrates what they did back then so simply that even non-dancers find they are joining in.  All dances are 'called' so that people do not have to remember what to do next, the 'caller' tells them what to do at every stage.  Many dances do not need partners so are suitable for singles and mixed age groups.  Strangers become friends as they find new partners during a dance and then move apart, only to meet again later on. To continue the historic atmosphere the caller wears correct historical outfits, as required.

Photo opportunities for photographers of all ages are numerous - laughing faces, people moving in lines, circles, and as couples arm in arm. Historical snippets are given when dances are introduced so that the historical theme continues throughout.

As an additional element to your event, Create the Mood can organise historical dance demonstrations, with costumed characters in Court or peasant costume.

Contact Frances to discuss the most suitable historical dancing to create the mood at your event.


The Richmond Ball 2011

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