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costume exhibitions
Create the Mood

Conjure up the life of ordinary people and of the Court, 1066 - 2000, with original
and reproduction outfits, images and artefacts. Not just dresses, but underwear, outerwear and accessories such as shoes and hats; male, female and children.

peep into the past - Historic Costume 2000 BC to 2000 AD
a general wizz through time using reproduction and original items, male and female

It's Cool
blue and green outfits 1066 to recent; reproductions with a few originals

So What Did Ladies Wear Underneath ?
outer and underwear 1066 - 1930, corsets, drawers, petticoats
 and other 'unmentionables'; original items and reproductions

The Twentieth Century
* one outfit from each decade comparing children's and ladies wear
pointing out the dramatic switches in fashion, ; mostly original items
* exhibitions on each separate decade.
* some yearly exhibitions available e g 1911

Victorian and Edwardian Unmentionables
the secrets behind how ladies achieved those strange shapes
pairs of models showing what goes on underneath and on top;
originals and reproductions

The Victorians
* from the 1830's to 1900, showing astonishing changes in ladies'
silhouettes; original and reproduction items
* also exhibitions on each separate decade.

Historic Hats and Jewellery
originals and reproductions from 1066 - 1950; (fits restricted space)

The Georgians, 1750 - 1830
indoor, outdoor, Festival and Court wear, three distinctly different styles

Regency 1790 - 1816
outfits for all weathers

1860 and 1960 compared
or any other two dates

The Elizabethans
an amusing comparison between Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II
headwear, silhouettes, underwear, fabrics, shoes and other accessories

Early Outfits, medieval to late 17th century
Court and peasant, medieval, Tudor, Elizabethan, and early and late 17
th century

Fantasy and Folk
everyday outfits from the past and the future

Lace and Embroidery from Past Eras
techniques illustrated in drawings and brought to life through clothes,
accessories and samples; original and reproduction items from Victorian and Edwardian wardrobes

Exhibitions with 15 - 20 outfits on dress models require a large exhibition space; smaller exhibitions are available to suit your venue. Contemporary cartoons and paintings can also be included; also a quiz.  For venues with limited exhibition space, or where there is less time to set up or take down, mini exhibitions can be arranged. These have more visuals and fewer clothes. During exhibition opening times a costume specialist can be on hand to answer queries, and also to wear an appropriate outfit to suit the venue. Sturdy clothes for your visitors to try on can be ordered for adults and children.

Historic venues are preferred as this lends the correct atmosphere for the public to savour, but Exhibitions may be set up under temporary cover for certain types of event.

If you can arrange for local people to bring in family items from home it adds enormously to the success of the event. Associated talks draw in additional people and provide amusing additional contemporary visuals and writings.

If you have an idea for a costume exhibition then please talk to Frances as almost anything is possible.

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last updated 12 December, 2012