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This page is under construction as previous sites have been closed down. Currently I am working on putting photographs of the braid and trimmings still in stock onto pages in this gallery. There are still many items queuing to be photographed.

The darkest lines on the grid behind each braid are1cm: scale varies.

For more details please contact Create the Mood by email sending a copy of the braid that you are interested in. (All prices and details were on fotopic so will need to be recalculated.)



I have loads of different styles and widths and will upload more photographs every few days. Most braids, (also known historically as 'lace'), are antique or vintage and some are pre-used: any flaws will be notified. They are of limited quantity, and when sold out cannot be repeated. There is no wholesale.

I have beaded braids and loose beads in most other colours and sizes. But my life is not long enough to photograph every single item.

Please email with a photograph of the braid you require, the length and, if it is for a costume, which historical period.
No sales under 1 metre or parts of a metre, unless only a small length remains.
Prices are plus postage, at PO rates. Sale to UK only.

loose beads

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last updated 21 November, 2012