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Historic Strolling Minstrel
Create the Mood

all periods medieval to the end of Victorian times

Music on the pipe and tabor, a traditional historic entertainment, can be played in the streets or your venue. Our attendance adds to the atmosphere for adults and children. The pipe and tabor put a smile on people's faces; small children become mesmerised and babies stop crying!  Adults always comment on how good it is to hear early music rather than the usual 'pop' stuff.

The pipe and tabor was a popular combination of instruments played from at least medieval times to the end of Victorian times for dancing and annual rural celebrations.

Create the Mood adapts to suit your event.
The music is authentic 'early' music, the type that would have been played when your building was first built or the era in which your event is set.

We use
historic costumes from Norman times to the 1930's, spectacular Court to working class, to suit the venue and the weather.
In addition a clown's outfit can be used or traditional 'tatters' suitable for folk and morris dancing Festivals. These clothes are designed and made by ourselves, carefully researched from surviving examples, contemporary paintings and well-known researcher/writers. Historic techniques and appropriate materials are used throughout, underpinnings to outerwear. The public always comment on the high quality and authenticity of our outfits.

We talk informally to the public and answer all sorts of questions from adults and children. 

We explain the interesting history of the pipe and tabor, starting with the Romans, through medieval angel paintings and sculptures, to its 20th century survival accompanying Morris dancing and today's early music revival. Topics such as architecture, embroidery, music, costume, interior design, manners and etiquette of the times are all discussed as we role-play historic characters in the first person or third person, as required.

We ensure that people's toes tap at historic venues and museums; community, arts, folk and heritage festivals; craft fairs and fetes; local authority and shopping centre promotions and receive guests at receptions - in fact all places where people gather in their leisure time, indoors and out.

Create the Mood travels to events throughout the UK and is fully covered by Public Liability Insurance.

(The two larger photogaphs on this page are a tribute to my dear friend Ursula.)


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last updated 9 October, 2010